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Tasty Trucks Trial Ann Gardner

EDITORIAL: Community Unity?

GUEST EDITORIAL: When Life Gives You Lemons: Where do we go from here?  John Kerridge

Roving Teen Reporter: Political Newbies  Leila Zein-Phillipson

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Shopping List  Ann Gardner

Parking Plan  Tom McGreal


Fair to All  Bud Emerson

Vanishing Valitar  Bud Emerson

The Votes Are In  Dave Druker

Workin’ on the Railroad: Verne Yates, Local Switchman  Sherryl L. Parks

Virginia Igonda
March 10, 1935 - Nov. 7, 2012
 Carol Mason

A Lot Has Changed
Dave Druker

Paseo’s Drafty Draft:  Time to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS!  Bob Fuchs

Thanks, Danny!  Nancy Fisher

Curtains for the Floodplain  Ann Gardner

Neighborly Negotiations  Anthony Corso

Florence Stevens 1915-2012

Designs on Downtown
Art Olson

Grannys for Grants
Bud Emerson

Seeking Hosts  Nancy Fisher





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"Reduced" Paseo plan is still 3X larger than current zoning allows

1,454,069 square feet of development planned; only 510,000 SF allowed

posted 01/10/13

The “reduced” One Paseo plans call for 1,454,069 square feet of development, which is still nearly 3X greater than the current entitlement of 510,000 SF and would generate more than 4X as much traffic.

The “reduced” plan will still require amendments to the City’s General Plan, Carmel Valley’s Community Plan and Employment Center Precise Plan.



One Paseo
public meetings
on Jan 10 and Jan 24

posted 01/09/13


Thursday, Jan 10 from 4 to 7pm

Thursday, Jan 24 at 7pm

Two public meetings to present information on the proposed larger-than-zoning-allows One Paseo project at the corner of Del Mar Heights Rd. and El Camino Real are scheduled for Thursday January 10 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Kilroy Centre, 3579 Valley Centre Drive, Suite 150 and on January 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Canyon Crest Academy Auditorium, 5951 Village Center Loop Road.   One Paseo plans call for a 1,454,069 square foot multi-use development where zoning allows only 510,000 square feet, and would require a change in the community's Precise Plan.  Both the Torrey Pines Planning Board and the Carmel Valley based "What Price Main" are asking residents to attend and get specific information on the size, traffic generation and community scale.  The January 24 presentation will be before the Carmel Valley Planning Board. 

See our article in the Sandpiper December
print issue:

Paseo’s Drafty Draft:  Time to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS!  Bob Fuchs



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 2013 Del Mar Recycles
Drop Off Event

Saturday, January 26

  • Document Shredding
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Used Batteries
  • Sharps
  • Medications

This event is open to City of Del Mar residents and businesses only.


 Scoping the Replacement of the Wooden Railway Trestle

Tuesday, January 22

Plans for replacement of the 96-year-old wooden railway trestle over the San Dieguito River with elevated double tracking between 21st and 27th streets in Del Mar and a special events platform at the Fairgrounds will be presented to the public Tuesday, January 22 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Del Mar Hills Academy, 14085 Mango Drive.

The public meeting provides an opportunity for residents to get detailed information about the project and to provide input on what should be studied as part of the Environmental Review Process.  The project will add 1.1 miles of second mainline track south of Solana Beach and add a platform at the Fairgrounds for North County Transportation District COASTER and Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains.  The meeting is organized and sponsored by SANDAG. The project is a component of their regional transportation improvement program.


The Del Mar Library Wall Mural

A Perfect Valentine!

Our beautiful Del Mar Library wall mural needs your help. Are you wondering what to get that special person who has everything and loves Del Mar! How about a commemorative brick to help restore the Library Wall. Due to water damage, the wall needs to be waterproofed in the back and repaired on the front. Work began December 1 and should be completed March 2013.

Please return this form with your check or credit card information to: Del Mar Foundation, P.O. Box 2913, Del Mar, CA 92014


Swearing-in ceremony for Supervisor-elect
Dave Roberts

WHO: Supervisor-elect Dave Roberts; Supervisor Greg Cox; Supervisor Dianne Jacob.

WHAT: Swearing-in ceremony and reception. Dave Roberts is the first newly-elected member to join the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in 18 years.

WHEN: Noon January 7, 2013

WHERE: County Operations Center, 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego

WHY: Dave Roberts and incumbents Cox and Jacob must take oaths of office before beginning their four-year terms.




Happy 94th Birthday. Rachel!

Happy 94th birthday to longtime Del Mar resident and celebrated
Meals On Wheels volunteer Rachel Reed!  Photo Nancy Fisher.

Torrey Pines Bridge closing
January 5 and again January 12-13

The City of Del Mar’s bridge contractor, Flatiron West, Inc., will be relocating equipment along North Torrey Pines Road on Saturday January 5th. North Torrey Pines Road will be closed during the day from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, from the southern Torrey Pines State Park parking lot (Torrey Pines Park Road) to the intersection of Camino del Mar and Carmel Valley Road. Roadway detours will divert traffic to I-5 via Genesee for northbound traffic, and to I-5 via Carmel Valley Road for southbound traffic. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be diverted around the closure via Carmel Valley Road and the Torrey Pines State Beach parking lot. Pedestrians are not to use the North Torrey Pines Road Bridge or cross the railroad tracks in the area of the bridge.

Flatiron West, Inc., will also be demolishing the North Torrey Pines Road Bridge girders over and adjacent to the railroad tracks on the weekend of January 12th-13th. North Torrey Pines Road will be closed during the day from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM on both Saturday January 12th and Sunday January 13th.

The demolition work will also require the closure of all rail traffic from Saturday morning January 12th at 12:00 AM to Monday morning January 14th at 5:00 AM. This will affect all rail traffic, including COASTER and Amtrak trains.


Danzin Za Zumba
Joanne Sharp | Umatilla Street

A few months ago I wrote an article about Villa Musica, the local non-profit community music center and school located in Sorrento Valley. Since then I have not only joined the Villa Musica Community Chorus, but also started taking the Zumba class offered by VM as part of its Creative Aging Program.

This class is so much fun! It’s a “Gold” class, which means the movements and routines are geared to those of us who maybe can’t move quite as fast as we used to. Our instructor, Jocelyn, really knows what she’s doing and is very mindful of creaky joints, carefully demonstrating the proper way to execute the movements without hurting yourself and explaining everything as we go along.

For those of you who don’t know, Zumba is a form of dance exercise done to upbeat music. If you would like to improve your balance, posture, and strength by dancing and laughing a lot (and get a good cardiovascular workout as well) come join us! The class meets every Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and lasts about 45 minutes. And best of all, IT’S FREE!

The next class will be held on January 9th, 2013.   For details check here:

Villa Musica
10373 Roselle Street #170  San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 550-8100


Thresher Shark feedback from Tuesday's SANDPIPER readers
  • That's probably better than coffee to get your morning going!  It was not there yesterday afternoon.  LB

  • Holy moly!!!  NF

  • Holy Cow! Eat shark. Live long. FC

  • It's good to remember that these magnificent animals are at home in their ocean, which we visit from time to time.   PH

  • Better on the beach than in the water when you are swimming.  MM
  • Too bad you didn't let us know earlier -- thresher shark is DELICIOUS!  JK


Thresher Shark on North Torrey Pines Beach
A thresher shark washed up on the North Torrey Pines Beach on
December 18 at 7am.  It was about 6 feet long, with a tail accounting for
half that length.  Its teeth were VERY small - like baby teeth. 
But the rangers said small teeth were the norm for a thresher shark. 
Photo Virginia Lawrence

Learn more in Wikipedia

Coastal Commission adopts 22nd DAA Restoration Plan

The Coastal Commission Staff Report has been posted on the Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley website. Click here to view the Friends writeup and the Coastal Commission report.

SOL Restoration Area
Map above from page 27 of the Coastal Commission Staff Report

Corbin Taylor
Adam Kaye

Taylor’s parents owned a beach home at 23rd Street, called Luce Ends, which young Corbin visited often before his family moved to Del Mar permanently.

As a grade-schooler, he gravitated to the ocean and by an early age became a skilled surfer.   more>>


Lawsuit against fairgrounds finally settled

Del Mar, Solana Beach, the River Valley Authority, and the Fair Board today signed the settlement agreement after negotiating for more than a year over the fairgrounds expansion plan.

The Fair Board made a number of concessions: the giant electronic billboard is gone; roof top lighting will be limited; the proposed hotel is gone for at least five years; a cost/benefit analysis will be done to pin down the level of services supplied by both cities.

A series of mitigation measures are called for concerning traffic, noise, lighting, and wetlands protection.

A design review committee will be established with two reps from each city and one from the San Dieguito River Park JPA. Its findings and recommendations on each activity will be presented to the Fair Board for decisions.
The proposed parking structure will be relocated on the northwest side of Jimmy Durante Boulevard.

The Sandpiper will print a more detailed explanation of the settlement agreement in our next issue in February.

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December Print Issue

Thanks, Danny!
Nancy Fisher

After eighteen years of service with Del Mar’s Public Works Department, Dan Peters will be retiring on Friday, December 28th.

He will be missed by his co-workers, especially during “Public Works Week,” where he was a big hit at the barbeque, and by residents who appreciated his competence, great attitude, and quick smile.

We wish Dan the very best as he shifts his attention from keeping Del Mar running smoothly to fishing, attending Padres games, and spending time with his large and beloved family, and we hope he won’t be a stranger!

For more on Dan Peters, please see our March 2012 profile at

December Print Issue

Tasty Trucks Trial
Ann Gardner
On a recent early evening young families, some with grandparents, plus soccer players and their moms made up most of the clientele at Del Mar’s new Coast Blvd. food trucks. “I can’t go into a restaurant with these cleats on,” one soccer player grinned when I asked his mom if they would otherwise be going to a nearby restaurant. His mom added, “These kids are coming to eat at their favorite food trucks. They go online to track them," she explained. She was driving three players home from a nearby soccer practice and each one went for a different truck, or I should say given their mom-described “ravenous” appetites, each went to several different trucks. Mom also picked up a meal for herself: “I must admit the quality of the food is really good.


December Print Issue

Rich Simons

Q: Is there a Santa Claus? My live-in boyfriend says that if I read it in the Sandpiper it might have half a chance of being true – V.L.

Dear Virginia (somehow I sense that is your name):

I believe it is you who queried me last year about the existence of the Green Flash and I told you the truest thing I know: that so long as there are adults willing to stare out to sea at sunset grasping long-stemmed glasses bearing a light golden fluid with overtones of walnut and blackberries and a nice buttery finish, there will always be a Green Flash. Now I will tell you the raw truth about Santa Claus.


December Print Issue

Parking Plan
Tom McGreal

During the course of the Village Specific Plan discussions, we were again reminded about the importance of having a parking plan for Del Mar that will accommodate the many visitors, beachgoers, employees and residents. To address the parking issue, the City Council included the creation of a citywide comprehensive parking management plan as an “immediate action” in the Village Specific Plan. On October 22nd the City Council kicked off the Parking Plan discussion and reviewed a new staff report that offered recommendations as to how the City should proceed.

Hopefully, the City will continue this effort despite the fact that Prop J did not win voter approval on November 6th.


Florence Stevens


Florence Stevens, fifty-two year resident of Del Mar, died in her home on November 17, 2012.  She was 97.  Florence was born in Idaho and moved to Los Angeles at age 13 to attend the Marlborough School.  She graduated from Pomona College where she met her husband Bob.  They settled in Los Angeles, had three children, and moved to Del Mar in 1960 when Bob got a job at Nonlinear Systems.  After renting a home for a year on Stratford Court, they moved up the hill to Sea View. more>>

December Print Issue

Workin’ on the Railroad
Sherryl L. Parks

Verne Yates, Local Switchman 

SP: Why did you decide to build a garden railroad at your home?
VY: I have a lifelong love of trains. When I retired, I decided to build a garden railroad so I could indulge my childhood interest in model trains on a larger scale. I joined the San Diego Garden Railroad club to learn about the hobby.


December Print Issue

Curtains for the Floodplain
Ann Gardner

Del Mar Councilman Don Mosier, representing the San Dieguito River Park’s Joint Powers Authority (JPA), joined others at a recent press conference to protest the development of an oversized project on Via de la Valle north of the polo fields. Appearing before the San Diego City Council, the group’s presentation prompted a supportive comment from First District Councilwoman Sherri Lightner: “We are still working on (getting a legal opinion) and will be partnering with you going forward.”


December Print Issue

Seeking Hosts
Nancy Fisher

Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) envisions our comfortable new Community Building as a gathering spot where Del Mar residents can drop by to have a cup of coffee, play a board game, read the paper, or work on their laptops – and they’re looking for some special volunteers to make that happen.

To ensure that the building, which they share with the Del Mar Foundation, can remain open and accessible during their office hours, DMCC is looking for residents to act as “Community Building Hosts” who will greet and visit with guests, prepare refreshments, set out board games, restock supplies, and do some light cleanup.


December Print Issue

Paseo’s Drafty Draft
Bob Fuchs

Time to ask the right questions! 

The One Paseo project found seemingly common ground across party lines with candidates seeking to represent Carmel Valley and Del Mar Heights in the recent election. Most said that the proposed project was “too big for Carmel Valley” and that critical questions relating to traffic needed to be answered. Others said they would not support any new project requiring a change in the Community Plan that was not endorsed by local community planning boards. (No community planning board in the area has endorsed the proposed project!)


Virginia Igonda
Carol Mason
March 10, 1935
November 7, 2012
In her garden the morning after her mother died Virginia told me, Marguerite “had moved to another address.” I feel that my dear friend, Virginia Igonda, has done the same.  She is just across the freeway perhaps, or vacationing in Spain or visiting family in Sonoma or enjoying the recent life she made for herself in Ecuador at Montesuenos, a cultural conference center in Vilcabamba.  Her life force was so powerful that everyone who knew her felt affirmed or comforted or strengthened or encouraged.


December Print Issue

Fair to All
  Bud Emerson
Governor Brown has asked for recommendations on how to reorganize the state’s 54 agricultural associations in order to achieve more local control and involvement.


December Print Issue

Vanishing Valitar
Bud Emerson

On November 21 the Sandpiper learned that the Fair Board had posted a notice on their website announcing the cancellation of Valitar due to poor ticket sales. Refunds were to be issued through Ticketmaster for those who had bought tickets. 


December Print Issue

Shopping List
  Ann Gardner

New owners of the Del Mar Heights shopping center at the corner of Mango Drive and Del Mar Heights just west of I-5, have completed their online and “on-site customer intercept” survey getting 500 responses to the question: “what (do) you want to see happen?”


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