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Trust your Eyes, Not your Ears by Dwight Worden

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Pipe Up

Assessments Under Stress by Art Olson Update: Feb 2

Love Letters in the Sand by Sherryl L. Parks

A Boatload of People by Virginia Lawrence

Big Cut in River Park Funding by Richard Earnest

Pedestrians Rule by Anthony Corso

Equal Pay for Visitors by Bud Emerson

Form-Based Questions by Anthony Corso

Short-Sighted Closure(s) by Joel Holliday

Micro-Management by Martha Cox

“Just right” for Goldilocks by Piper Underwood

Pay Per Parcel by Shelly Atkinson

The Buck Stops Here by Piper Underwood

Birds Come for Christmas by Ed Mirsky

Caltrans PLAGUE by Ann Gardner

Please STOP Me! by Sandi Weaver

Mother Nature Sends Rain at Last! Photos of the STORM 

Artists in our Backyard by Virginia Lawrence

Branding Del Mar by Bud Emerson

Rescuing Lifeguards by Piper Underwood

There You Go Again! by Mark Whitehead

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School Shuffle Sparks Debate

Five of our articles this month deal with the Del Mar Union School District and the fact that it is considering closing the Del Mar Hills Academy, moving its administrative offices and maintenance/operations facilities to that site and moving the Hills students to the Del Mar Heights School.

Short-Sighted Closure(s) by Joel Holliday

Micro-Management by Martha Cox

“Just right” for Goldilocks by Piper Underwood

Pay Per Parcel by Shelly Atkinson

The Buck Stops Here by Piper Underwood

Trust Your Eyes, Not Your Ears by Dwight Worden.

The Fair Board's Master Plan is currently undergoing environmental review. Can we rely on what Mr. Nussbaum as spokesperson for the fair tells us about their “environmental bona fides” as they ask us to review their proposed new project? You be the judge.  more>>

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Late Breaking news from Council Member Carl Hilliard.

According to published reports, an agreement has been reached to settle a lawsuit filed by the unsecured creditors against Magna Entertainment Corp. (MEC). If approved by the judge, MEC will exit from bankruptcy and be able to continue racing operations at Golden Gate Fields and Santa Anita race tracks. Hilliard thinks this improves the prospects for the Del Mar race track to attract enough horses to continue its operation.



To celebrate its 10th anniversary Del Mar Community Connections has given its website a spiffy facelift.

Love Letters in the Sand by Sherryl Parks

Dylan wooed his Valentine in December, but not with roses or chocolates.


  Artists in Our Backyard by Virginia Lawrence

Mac McMillan and Don Coordt


The opinions expressed by individual writers in this journal are not necessarily those of the Sandpiper.  The Sandpiper invites you to send in your own ideas.
Disappointing Report about Undergrounding
letter received January 30, 2010 | Anne Farrell | Via Alta
Scratch Rash development
Drew Cady, 9th Street
Fishy smell at Fairgrounds
Steve Rothe, Stratford Court
More density for del Mar?
Ralph Peck, 11th St
Don’t sink River Park!
Stu Smith, Board Member, Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley, Rimini Road
Please say yes!
Freda Reid, Cuchara Drive


On January 7th First Thursdays presented “The Keeling Family Hour” at St. Peter,s church to a most receptive audience of Del Marians. The Keeling siblings, children of long-time Del Mar residents Dave and Louise Keeling, went to Del Mar schools, K-12, and had been active in St. Peter’s church. It was a wonderful evening of classical and eclectic music. First Thursdays is produced by the Cultural Arts Committee of the Del Mar Foundation.

Photo Lynn Gaylord

Keeling Family Hour
at First Thursdays


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