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Extra copies of the Sandpiper are available at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, the TV Station, the Library and the Powerhouse.


Haydu Harmony by Bud Emerson

Del Mar Way Better EDITORIAL

FBC Formats Council Meeting by Bud Emerson

If We Form It Will They Come? by Ann Gardner

Locals Know Views by Ann Gardner

Benicia Charrette No Charade by Anthony Corso

Yesterday’s News by Peter Kaye

Voters Rule by Dave Druker

$pectacular Balboa Lots by Bud Emerson

Coast Watch by Jon Edelbrock

Fireworks at the Fairgrounds? by Sherryl L. Parks

Fairgrounds Truth by Jacqueline Winterer

TEDxing by Sherryl L. Parks

Paddle Out by Gus Kriege

Sounds of Summer by Jill Weitzen MacDonald

Words of Summer by Sherryl L. Parks

Del Mar Greening
Anthony Corso

Flatfoot’s Day at the Races by Virginia Lawrence

Delushious! by Shanti Mayberry

Kilroy Wants Here by Jerry Mailhot





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Form-Based Code

Del Mar Way Better  EDITORIAL

FBC Formats Council Meeting

If We Form It Will They Come?

Locals Know Views

Benicia Charrette No Charade

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Update.  August 10, 2010

Four Del Mar residents join forces to conduct medical clinics for at risk & orphan children in Nepal

At the end of next month, Dr. David Monahan, his wife Sally, retired Nurse Carol Kerridge and Ingrid Hoffmeister leave Del Mar to travel to Kathmandu, Nepal. Under the direction of Dr. Monahan and with the help of local Nepalese residents working with Chhahari, a non-profit home for at risk & orphan children, they will conduct Medical Clinics in the Kathmandu area. Their focus will include the 21 children of Chhahari, students attending a local high school and children working in a brick factory in the mountains.   more>>


The 3 pieces below did not appear in the print edition.

One Man's Perspective on the FBC
by Dwight Worden

Memo to the City Council

Impediments to Downtown Revitalization

Why the City Council should hold a public vote on Form-based Code


update July15, 2010  CITY OF DEL MAR

The City of Del Mar invites its residents to volunteer for community service.  The City is currently soliciting for interested persons to fill the following committee vacancies:

Communications Technical Advisory Committee – Three Vacancies
Design Review Board – Alternate Ex-Officio Member – One Vacancy
Energy Issues Advisory Committee – Two Vacancies
Finance Committee – Two Vacancies|
Parks and Recreation Committee – Two Vacancies
San Dieguito Lagoon Committee – Three Vacancies
Traffic Parking Advisory Committee – Three Vacancies

Interested citizens may pick up a “Citizen Interest Form” at City Hall, 1050 Camino del Mar in the City Clerk's Department, or download the Citizen Interest Form from the City’s Web Site:  Please check the City’s website or call the City Clerk’s Office for filing deadlines. 


latest update July 16, 2010

07/16 ...  I applaud you for your emphasis on "revitalization" and the DRB's role.  I especially appreciate your survey ...  more>>

07/15  The November elections can be a very pivotal election for Del Martians.  The city is running on financial fumes and there ARE solutions to make our city more fiscally sound.  ...  more>>

07/02    The results of the Sandpiper's survey to its readers on Del Mar's revitalization plans (Sandpiper, June 2010) has the potential of being seriously misleading. ... more>>

06/15  I watched the Del Mar Council meeting on TV last night, and what I heard was not quiet approvals, but emphatic disapproval of a proposed Form Based Code. ...  more>>

06/13  ... [with reference to the FBC presentation to the Council on June 14] not only do I believe there should be a vote prior to any such CC action but that vote should PRECEDE any expensive EIR by the City. ...    more>>

06/10 ... Continuing the effort to establish a Plaza food market, let alone one offering products at competitive prices, will fail. ...  more>>

06/07 ... the proposed Form Based Code, [...] would take zoning away from voters and put it in control of un-elected people. ...  more>>

06/06  ... The entire council agreed that all tourists in Del Mar should be treated the same way without regard to their choice of lodging. ...   more>>

06/05  I was disappointed with the Prop J flyer included in your June issue. Not because I expected the Sandpiper to oppose this new tax, but because of the blatant dishonesty of the graphic. ...  more>>

06/03  Huzza!  Thanks for all the effort  ...  more>>

Fireworks at the Fairgrounds?
Sherryl L. Parks

In May the 22nd Agriculture District Association was put on notice that permits are required for their annual 4th of July fireworks display into the San Dieguito Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. The letter was sent by non-profit Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation (CERF) – a group organized by surfers in North San Diego County to advocate for the protection and enhancement of coastal natural resources and to help protect the quality of life for coastal residents.   more>>


Balboa Lots for Sale



Del Mar Newcomer Guide

The Hospitality Committee of the Del Mar Foundation has prepared a Newcomer Guide for new residents of Del Mar. The printed Newcomer Guide included in this Sandpiper edition is an abbreviation of a much longer online Guide found on The Del Mar Foundation website: Please fold the printed Guide in thirds for a handy reference to local telephone numbers.

Download and print the Newcomer Guide at

Sherryl L. Parks

The first TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Conference was held at the Powerhouse Community Center on June 2. At TED Conferences speakers are invited to give short, 18-minute talks focusing on new ideas in science, business, the arts and the many global issues that are facing our world.


Kilroy Wants Here
by Jerry Mailhot

The last large parcel of vacant land in North City West (Carmel Valley), at the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Rd and El Camino Real, is the site for a proposed development twice the square footage of University Town Center. The location is one-quarter mile from the Del Mar Heights exit on I-5, going east.


Political Scuttlebutt
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Two seats for the Del Mar City Council will likely be vacant in November as incumbents Crystal Crawford and Richard Earnest are not expected to file. The only declared candidate for one of those seats is long time civic activist Lee Haydu, Chair of the Design Review Board. Other names speculated about in the rumor mill include T Pat Stubbs, Howard Gad, Steve Mcdowell, and Richard Levak


Paddle Out
Gus Kriege



Flatfoot’s Day at the Races
Virginia Lawrence

It’s Concert Day at the Races and the spectators are snaking through Security. “Gotta look in your backpack,” says Bob Berman to a young fan. Bob, a retired peace officer, has been hired by the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club for the racing season. The young man pulls out his wallet and a package of methamphetamine falls on the ground. ...


Summer Twilight Concerts
Sponsored by the Del Mar Foundation

Tues, July 20 | 7pm - Rockola
Tues, August 17 | 7pm - The UK Beat
Sun, September 12 | 5pm (note the time change) - Atomic Groove

School Board Blow Back
Piper Underwood | Rimini Road

Sharon McClain, former Del Mar Union School District superintendent, filed a claim on June 10th against the DMUSD paving the way for a future lawsuit. McClain was fired with cause back in March. McClain’s claim cites breach of contract and failure to pay wages. She also targets board trustees, Easton, White and Perkins who created the majority vote to fire her, claiming that she did not receive a fair due- process upon her termination.

In a time of program cuts and teacher layoffs, a lawsuit could translate into more cutbacks for the district.

No Sales
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

For the first time Del Mar’s contingency reserve has dipped below 10% to 9.84 percent. The main culprit is sales tax revenues which have declined 22% in the last three years and 4% so far this year, even including an unusual slight decrease in restaurant tax revenues. Other revenues have increased slightly so the dip into reserves is not as great as it could have been. Staff continues to proactively streamline operations and find cost cutting strategies, while pursuing revenue enhancement opportunities. All of this underlines the consequence of voters rejecting the Prop J tourist tax.


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