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jULY/August 2015
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Who is Kaaboo?
Jeff Barnouw

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Editorial - Power to the People

Caskets Not End Solution
Don Mosier

Commentary: Speculating in Old Del Mar: The Transformation of Old Del Mar
Anthony Corso

Commentary: Speculating in Old Del Mar: Fraternity Row on Beach
Glenn Warren

Getting to Know You:
Scott MacDonald

Harold Feder

Appreciating Peter Kaye
Carol Mason

Dreams on Track: E is the Ticket
Jeff Barnouw

Dreams on Track: Park Plan Proceeds
Ann Gardner

A More Permanent Park
Jeff Barnouw

Commentary: Scrub Coastal Sage
John Gillies

Short Takes on Film
Ben Nyce

Al Tarkington

Locavores’ Delight:
Grilled Vegetable-Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

Valerie Fanning

Roving Teen Reporter:
See You in September!

Leah Gans

MOPping Up Paseo
Diana Scheffler

Lanes or Trains
Ann Gardner

Living in Traffic
Karen Lockwood

Urban Forest Debated
Shirley King

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Book Corner: Summer Book Club
Karen Wilson, Sandra Hoyle, and Jill MacDonald

Water Academy
Robin Crabtree

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Possible New Look for the Sandpiper Print Issue
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The Editorial board decided to test out a different format with a redesigned cover for the print issue that highlights a featured story inside its pages.

What do you think?

Is this a welcome change?  Or should we revert to the more familiar format? Send us your feedback.


now online FOR SEPTEMBER


Take a Turn
City Advisory Committee Vacancies
The City of Del Mar

San Dieguito Lagoon Committee.  One vacancy.

City's Traffic & Parking Advisory Committee. There are currently three vacancies (one current vacancy and two upcoming vacancies). 
For more information, please visit:

The deadline to apply is August 28, 2015.

08/19/15 - Jan McMillan

Dear Sandpiper,

Thanks for letting everyone know, and thanks to TPAC for scheduling a forum.  Unfortunately, it appears that everything has already been decided, with the event only weeks away.  My question is:  Why didn't the City hold a forum a year ago, or whenever the discussions with the Fair Board began? 

Jan McMillan, 12th Street  

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Beach Cleanup after Kaaboo
08/20 DMF Special Events

New at Library for Kids

08/14 - Del Mar Library
Beach Cleanup Another View

08/10 - Letter from Dave Sykes

Plan Your Park Save the Date

The City of Del Mar
The Mighty Untouchables
08/18 - DMF
Destructive Kelp Rake
08/04 - Email Thread
Destructive Beach Policy
08/03 - Steve Denyes
One Paseo comments closed

07/26 - Ken Farinsky
Railroad Bridge Repair

07/24 - City of Del Mar
Summer Twilight Concert July 21

07/23 - DMF
Crest Fire Averted

07/18 - Pipeup Linda and Frank Chisari

DMF Talks on Vimeo
07/18 - DM Foundation / DM Library
Lagoon Committee 07/15 - City of Del Mar
Valet Parking Downtown
07/10 - DMVA
Hotel California

07/09 - DMF
Committee Vacancies
07/07 - City of Del Mar
Fourth of July Parade
07/05 - DMF
Print Goes to the Movies
07/-04 - Del Mar Library
Alvarado House

06/03 - Pipe Up: Larry Brooks
Praise for Progress

06/26 - Pipe Up Jim Watkins and Kit Leeger

Save the Date
Beach Cleanup
Scheduled for KAABOO Closing Day
DMF Special Events Committee

Sunday, September 20
1 to 3pm, Powerhouse
DM Foundation - Special Events Beach Cleanup with
the Del Mar Rotary, and L'Auberge

Kaaboo had also planned to partifcipate, but due to their other work schedules
has dropped out.
New for KIDS at Library
Starting in September
Del Mar Library

Toddler Art Class.  Ages 16 months—3 years.  Thursday, September 3 & 10, 3:15pm.  Paint, glitter, glue & more - smocks or “messy clothes” recommended.

WonderWorks.  Ages 3—4. Explore science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) through play (& books!).  Thursday, September 17 & 24, 3:15pm.

STEM & M.  Kindergarten—6th grade.   Practice magic while learning about the math & science that make the tricks possible. Wednesday, September 30, 3:15pm. 

Pipe Up
Another View of Beach Cleanup
Letter from Dave Sykes, Ocean Front


Beach cleaning has been and should always be a top priority for Del Mar.  This includes as much kelp removal as possible from the river mouth south to 14th street.  Keeping the beach clean, odor free and groomed is pleasing to the locals and tourist alike. 
How about the fact that a large portion of the city's revenue comes from tourism, tot taxes and sales tax from the tourist plus all the parking tickets issued to the tourists. Tourist and locals don't like beaches that are covered with kelp, flies and trash or smell from decaying debris.   Pretty straight forward stuff.
Dave Sykes, Ocean Front

Save the date

"Plan Your Park” workshop
Sunday, October 18 from 2-4 pm
City of Del Mar
The second phase of the Shores Park Master Plan process will get underway with a “Plan Your Park” workshop on Sunday October 18 from 2-4 p.m.  The event will be held at the Winston School Auditorium at 215 Ninth Street.
Residents are encouraged to review the summary of public input gathered in phase one by going to the City’s website at  The website also has information about the Shores Advisory Committee (SAC), its agendas and minutes and an opportunity to sign up for all future notices regarding planning for the 5.3 acre site purchased by the City in 2008.  At the Workshop residents will get together to envision how and where potential park amenities could fit on the site.  Sample park designs that feature concepts favored in Phase One will be provided.  Preferences will be complied by the City’s Park Consultant Schmidt Design to develop three concepts for the next step.  The Master Plan is expected to be completed in winter 2016. 
Next Summer twilight Concert
The Mighty Untouchables
Sponsored by DMF

Tuesday, August 18, 7:00pm
Opening Act 6pm - Jeff Moore and Daryl Johnson
Photo Bill Morris.
Cllick on image to enlarge.

Pipe up
Environmentally Destructive Policy on Del Mar Beaches
Steve Denyes, 19th Street

Dear Mayor Al Corti, Del Mar City Council Members and City Manager Scott Huth,

I am a lifelong Del Mar resident and an avid beach-goer. This Friday, after a morning surf, I was deeply dismayed to see that Del Mar has begun an extremely destructive beach grooming/kelp removal program on our beaches.

As you know, Del Mar has used a beach-cleaning machine for decades. This machine skimmed the top layer of sand to remove trash and debris. The machine was not capable of processing large amounts of kelp so the operators typically maneuvered around it. Because of this, its negative environmental impact was far less than what is now in place.

On Friday, a new machine was introduced that is specifically designed to remove kelp, also known as “wrack,” from our beaches. It rakes and grooms the sand, digging 6-8 inches deep leaving a groomed, lifeless trail in its path.

full letter in pdf format

Virtual Design Comment Form Closed
Ken Farinsky - What Price Main Street

In order for our design team to consider everyone's comments in a timely manner, the Virtual Workshop comment form is now closed.

Currently there is no designed project to review. Once Kilroy has taken the community input, they will design a project and present it at another community workshop (later this summer).

San Dieguito
Railroad Bridge Repair

Project Starts Monday, July 27
City of Del Mar
Photo Stu Smith.
Click on photo to enlarge.
The North County Transit District (NCTD) will begin work on July 27, 2015 to repair "Railroad Bridge 243.0," a timber train trestle that crosses the San Dieguito Lagoon and is adjacent to the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

The work generally involves excavating portions of the channel and backfilling it with larger rocks (riprap) in order to armor the bottom of the channel surrounding the bridge pilings. Once the riprap has been installed, native sand and silt will be used to cover the rocks and void spaces.

The project is expected to be completed towards the end of 2015. Rail traffic will continue as normally scheduled during the construction. Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive will experience intermittent increased construction traffic. A pedestrian trail near the south end of the bridge will be temporarily closed during construction.

For more information, please visit
3rd Summer Twilight Concert Powerhouse Park July 21
Three Bands - Exceptional Music
- Christopher Dale - Berkley Hart Selis Twang -
- Tim Flannery - Photos Bill Morris

Sponsored by DMF
Christopher Dale.  Click on image to enlarge.

More concert pictures
Fire in Crest Canyon Averted
Thank you to the Del Mar Fire Department
PIPE UP: Linda and Frank Chisari, Crest Road

Here’s a shout out to the Del Mar Fire Department who responded so quickly and effectively to the fire in Crest Canyon this morning. 

Within minutes of the bright flash and immediate thunder crack that startled us as we were fixing breakfast in our Crest Road kitchen this morning (July 18), several fire trucks were racing south past our house and gathering at the intersection Crest and Hoska.  

From the road, it was easy to see many courageous firefighters scrambling down to the flames at the bottom of the Canyon, drowning them with water shot from a huge firehose and cutting brush to prevent the flames from spreading up the hill. A few minutes later, the fire was out and our canyon and our homes were safe. 

We are very lucky to live in a beautiful but wild-fire prone community that’s blessed by a Fire Department that responds so quickly and professionally to threats such as this that put our canyon, our community, and our lives at risk. Thank you to all the brave firefighters who did that for all of us this morning and every day of the year.

Linda and Frank Chisari, Crest Road

DMF Talks
Now available on vimeo
Del Mar Foundation / Del Mar Television Foundation
Dr. Jan Karlseder, of the Salk Institute, presents "Keep Tabs on Your Telomeres: The Role of Chromosome Ends in Aging and Disease,"revealing the newest research on longevity and healthy aging. According to Karlseder, the goal is not immortality, but rather living longer without age-related diseases.  This talk was orginally given on Tuesday, June 8, 2015.
click here to view the vimeo.
Lagoon Committee Opportunity
Deadline extended to Friday, July 24
The City of Del Mar
The City of Del Mar is recruiting for a volunteer to serve on the San Dieguito Lagoon Committee. For more information, please visit:
Valet Parking downtown
sponsored by DMVA
From June to September
Fridays & Saturdays - from 5pm

Drop-off location on Camino del Mar, in front of the Stratford Square Building.
Hotel California: a Salute to the Eagles
2nd Summer Twilight Concert.  sponsored by the DMF

Photo BIll Morris.
Click on image to enlarge.

more Hotel California
pictures here


Take a Turn
City Advisory Committee Vacancies
The City of Del Mar

Sea-Level Rise Stakeholder-Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
One (1) vacancy.
Open until filled


  • Finance Committee Three (3) vacancies
  • Parks & Recreation Committee One (1) vacancy
  • San Dieguito Lagoon Committee One (1) vacancy now
  • San Dieguito Lagoon Committee One additional (1) vacancy (September)
  • Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee Two (2) vacancies (September)
4th of July Parade pix
Bill Morris and Mike Salt
Parade sponsored by DMF
more parade pix here
Click on image to enlarge.
Print Goes to the Movies
"Being There"
book by Jerzy Kosinski - film with Peter Sellars
2pm, Friday, July 10th
Del Mar Library
Participants are expected to read the books and watch the movies before the discussion group meets under the tutelage of Assistant Branch Manager Pat Selkowitz.  See library staff for copies of the book and/or DVDs. for info call: 858 755 1666
Alvarado House
Pipe Up: Larry Brooks, President DM Historical Society

Last Sunday, a man named Arturo visited the Alvarado House in the garden section of the fairgrounds with his wife and two young children.  They spent many minutes going from room to room with one of the docents, as the docent explained the various rooms and answered questions for the family.  This prompted many lengthy conversations between Arturo and his children.  As the family was leaving the house, Arturo, in broken and halting English, thanked the docents for having the house available for him to share with his family, particularly his young children.  He told of how he grew up in a similar very Spartan environment and how he tried today to give his children a better life than he had experienced.  Soon he had tears running down his cheeks as he thanked the docents yet again, and then he quietly left the house.  

The Alvarado House was the first house sold in Jacob Taylor’s Del Mar in 1885.  It was on the lot that became 144 10th Street and was lived in for 100 years.  The house is known by the name of its first owner, Don Diego de Jesus Alvarado, one of the last “Silver Dons” who ruled the great land grant ranchos that once covered large areas of San Diego County.  As the Del Mar Historical Society works to return Alvarado House to Del Mar, the community is reminded that there is more to Alvarado House than just its age and its contents.

Search our website

On Website Only Book Corner - Summer Book Club
Karen Wilson, Sandra Hoyle, and Jill MacDonald

Click on image to enlarge.

Saturday, July 25
A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richtel
host Sandra Hoyle
A riveting read all the way through that blends a real life tragedy, interesting personal histories, and the science behind why technology is so attention-grabbing. This book places at the forefront the dangers technology presents in our day to day life (texting while driving is like drunk driving). The book also offers insight into our own behavior and how we relate to technology. The antagonist finds redemption in the end, but it was at a grave cost - - two rocket scientists lost their lives.

Why I chose the book -- I think it’s self-explanatory, but as the parents to children (ages 2 to teen) who live and breathe all things technology, my husband and I have spent the better part of 2015 debating and discussing the dangers vs. the benefits of technology in our family’s life. This book struck a huge chord with my husband, and he encouraged me to read it also. 

This event is free, but registration required.  Click here to register.
the two other reviews
On Website Only
Water Academy
Robin Crabtree

A new brush-off station at the beach is
replacing the showers,
Click on image to enlarge.

..... After watching for several days I noticed people using the showers for rinsing beach toys, boards, chairs, and themselves, as well as bathing their dogs. I also noticed surfers rinsing themselves with their own containers of water by their cars. All this made me want to learn more about our water; where it comes from, how and where it is treated, and what plans are available for emergencies.
The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) Citizen Water Academy was recommended to me. I attended this Academy and learned all I was looking for and so much more.


July Print Issue Who is Kaaboo?
Jeff Barnouw
Main page of the July print issue.
Click on image to enlarge.
Scrolling through the website, I was moved to consult my Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, which defines “boodle” as “a collection or lot of persons,” a meaning intensified by the prefix “ca-” as in “the whole kit and caboodle.” So that’s what’s coming to town Sept 18-20, with predicted daily attendance of 40,000.


July Print Issue Urban Forest Debated
Shirley King
Last page of the July print issue

Click on image to enlarge.

To rate the potential fire hazard of a stand of Blue Gum Eucalyptus trees along the southern end of Stratford Court, fire officials used urban fuels mapping models developed by scientists at the U.C Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach. Captain Brian Barkley, Fire Captain with CalFire Land Use Planning, along with Fire Marshal Anita Pupping assessed the plant and tree materials of this specific coastal locale at the request of an attorney representing the Del Mar Woods Home Owners Association to our City Manager and City Council.


July Print Issue
City of Del Mar Population 3 years and over enrolled in school 587
Per Cent in Public School 54.2%
In Private School 45.8%
Nursery school, preschool 67
Kindergarten 26
Elementary: Grade 1 to Grade 4 28
Elementary: Grade 5 to 8 93
High School: Grade 9 to 12 89
July Print Issue
The Sandpiper's DM Calendar Keeper
Thank you, Shelby, from the Editors
We say many thanks and congratulations to Shelby Weaver who graduated with Honors from Torrey Pines High School.  Shelby produced the Sandpiper’s Calendar page each month for the past two years.  She collected the monthly timetables of the 12 Del Mar organizations that have regular announcements of their activities in the Calendar page.  This job is one requiring many hours to assemble the growing number of meetings and events that occur in Del Mar.  She balanced this work with her busy high school schedule that also included Cheer and Associated Student Body - each for four years. Shelby will attend Cal Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo as a Nutrition major.  Her very proud parents are Sandi and Tracey Weaver.  The best of luck Shelby!
July Print Issue
Praise for Progress
We are impressed with the progress that has been made toward creating a dynamic new Civic Center for our Community.  We salute the current and recent Council members and staff members Kathy Garcia and Scott Huth for their persistent, wise leadership in bringing our Community together in support of this worthy endeavor.  My daughter, Kit Leeger and I have spent countless hours creating a design vision for an exciting grand plaza for a variety of community, civic and social events, Del Mar’s own Village Square.  We know that future decisions are yet to be made about other potential uses of the site, perhaps public or private.  We stand ready to continue offering our professional services to help the Community and its leaders in achieving this important goal and we thank all those who have contributed so much to bring us to this point.
Jim Watkins, Camino Del Mar and Kit Leeger, Solana Beach


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