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Community Conversation Consensus  Ann Gardner

Dot All the “I’s” ... EDITORIAL

City Hall: Keep It Simple  Jacqueline Winterer

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Hosting a Million  Sherryl L. Parks

So Long, Garry!  Art Olson

Garry Shirts Remembered  Art Olson

I Remember  Garry Shirts first published by the Sandpiper in December 2005

INVISIBLE LINES: Who's In, Who's out?

San Diego  Dennis Ridz

San Diego County  Dave Druker

Altered States   Art Olson

Good Energy Reading Fred Duttweiler

Go Stop Go  Sherryl L. Parks

Help Kids Eat Well  OPINION: Lee Yen Anderson and Yana Mohanty

Who’s King of the Hill?  Ann Gardner

Traveling to 2050  Dave Druker

Independent Living  Nancy Fisher

What Price Main Street?  Jerry Mailhot

New View Volunteer  Anthony Corso

Sales Cycles  Dave Druker

Legislators & Lawyers  Bud Emerson




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June Print Issue

Community Conversation Consensus
Ann Gardner

Have you voiced your opinions on downtown revitalization? Participants at the third of five neighborhood gatherings found it pretty easy to agree on what they wanted to see downtown: below street level parking at the south end of town with a continuous sidewalk into the center, more pedestrian crosswalks along Camino del Mar and a change in zoning to allow residential units in the village center.


Dot All the “I’s” ... EDITORIAL

The City Council is making a good start in “community conversations” trying to engage the entire community in planning the future of our downtown. Our Community Plan is very clear in its vision of a viable, pedestrian, resident-serving business community.


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Nussbaum, Burt, and Hardage Removed from Fair Board
posted 06/13/11

Union Tribune June 10 Article

2010 enlargement
Powerhouse Fashion
posted 06/08/11

The Sandpiper has been unable to persuade Parade Marshall Tom McGreal to divulge what he plans to wear to the Independence Day Parade this year.   So the suspense will remain high until July 4th when the citizens of Del Mar will at last be able to view McGreal in his 2011 Powerhouse fashion ensemble.

McGreal's Styles from Previous years

2004  2005  2006   2007  2008  2009

June calendar
posted 06/07/11

Del Mar Foundation’s July 4th Decorated Bike Parade 2011

Come join the fun for an Independence Day Parade on Monday, July 4th, 2011 at Powerhouse Park beginning at 9:00 AM. The Del Mar Foundation invites the families of Del Mar to decorate their bikes, scooters, wagons, baby strollers and leashed pets, and become part of this annual tradition. So dress in patriotic colors and stroll down to the Powerhouse at 9 AM to see the parade and enjoy the music.

Shawn Rohlf: “An Americana Singer-Songwriter” will provide live music for the marchers plus a brief concert after the parade. Del Mar’s elected officials will award ribbons to some of the best parade entrants in various age categories and the Del Mar Fire Department will have one of their trucks on display and will be passing out junior fire hats for the children.

Everyone is invited to enjoy the music and cold lemonade. The event is free of charge. Adult supervision is required for all children.

June calendar
posted 05/30/11

City of Del Mar Newsletter
May 31, 2011

Please join the Del Mar Lifeguard Association on Saturday, June 25th from 7PM to 10PM, for the annual Dance Party fundraiser. For more information, please click on the link below.
Lifeguard Dance Party Flyer

City of Del Mar E-Newsletter
City of Del Mar

June calendar
posted 05/31/11

Del Mar History walk
with third graders from the Del Mar Heights School on May 20th.

Del Mar History Walk from Del Mar TV on Vimeo.
posted 05/30/11

Wayside Horn Project

Dear Editor and Residents of Del Mar,

As you might have heard, due to the efforts of the Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee, the Wayside Horn Project was unanimously approved at the May 23rd meeting of the City Council.  This intent of this project is to stop the honking of train horns as they travel through Del Mar.  The wayside horn will sound only at the intersection of Coast Boulevard and the at-grade railroad crossing, thereby reducing the horn noise throughout Del Mar.


posted 05/31/31

Lagoon Day April 21, 2001

Del Mar Lagoon Day from Del Mar TV on Vimeo.
June print issue

Jerry Finnell Memorial Walk Saturday, May 21

Photo panorama Art Olson
June Print Issue

Hosting a Million  Sherryl L. Parks

It is fun to read the history of the fair with the early beginning of agriculture shows in the fall, 1936. Due to heavy rains the annual show was moved from the fall to late spring and this year it will kick-off on Friday, June 10 and continue through Monday, July 4. Historically the final weekend draws the biggest crowds, in fact on July 3 in 1998, 101,867 people attended! When you are planning your 4th of July weekend and errands around town you might consider the 4th as a time to avoid using Jimmy Durante.  more>>

June Print Issue

Garry Shirts Remembered  Art Olson

Garry Shirts was the kind of neighbor we all wish for. His dry, self-deprecating sense of humor made him easy to converse with, and his love of the community showed through in all that he did. On Avenida Primavera Garry initiated and sustained the yearly street party on February 10, the day each year that the sun sets directly at the foot of our street. Neighbors gather to catch up with each other, have some snacks and drinks, and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. With Garry gone, it is up to us to carry on that neighborly spirit.  more>>

June print issue

Altered States Art Olson

Patrick Kennedy is on a mission. His medical marijuana dispensary at 1105 Camino Del Mar remains open, in spite of the fact that the City Council declined to hear his appeal of the denial of his application for a Del Mar business license and in the face of $2000/day fines for which he is now subject. Kennedy’s dispensary is a small shop with frosted windows outside, and no indication of the nature of the business it houses.   more>>

June print issue

Good Energy Reading
Fred Duttweiler | Luzon Avenue

There’s a new collection of magazines and books in the Del Mar library concerning environmental sustainability and CO2 issues. I (Fred Duttweiler) currently subscribe to several peer reviewed technical magazines, and just realized that rather than throw them in the recycle bin when I’m done, I could “throw” them at the library for general consumption. Included are Nature, Science, and Nature Climate Change. I will also take the time to mark with “stickies” the articles on sustainability or CO2, since I imagine not everyone wants to thumb throw articles like “Enterotypes of the human gut microbiome” to find the sustainability or CO2 articles.

I’m also a fool for books, so I’ll include the books I’ve recently read on both of these topics. These have been donated to the library, so you can check them out.

So wander over to the library, mosey into the California Room, and enlighten and entertain yourself.

June print issue

Independent Living  Nancy Fisher 

As an enthusiastic volunteer, I’d like to thank Del Mar Community Connections for introducing their newest program “In-Home Connections.” The pilot program, which launched in January, is designed to enable Del Mar’s senior residents to live independently, in their own homes, for as long as possible.   more>>

June print issue

Help Kids Eat Well
OPINION: Lee Yen Anderson and Yana Mohanty

Why does a top-ranked district such as the Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) continue to serve unhealthy and over-processed food for lunch? Why are frozen, reheated corn dogs with added nitrites and waffle grahams with high fructose corn syrup still on the menu? Is it that difficult to bring healthy food to our children? We find this hard to believe.  more>>

June print issue

Summer Sunset Celebrations
The 2011 Summer Twilight Concert Series, sponsored by the Del Mar Foundation, will soon begin. Grab your beach blankets and chairs, and pack your picnic baskets. The series begins on Tuesday, June 21st, 7:00 p.m. at Powerhouse Park with Atomic Groove. Following will be a local favorite, Rockola, appearing July 19th starting at 7:00 p.m.

Atomic Groove September 2010

Our third concert will bring Mrs. Robinson on August 16th at 7:00 p.m. In September, the final concert will be on Sunday the 18th, featuring Sensation Showband, with more great dance music. They take the stage at 5:00 p.m.
So gather your friends and neighbors and join us at Powerhouse Park for some great music and beautiful sunsets. As all locals know, you will want to arrive early to get your favorite space on the grass. Further information may be found at the Del Mar Foundation website:

June print issue

What Price Main Street?  Jerry Mailhot

A Draft Environmental Impact Report on Kilroy Realty’s two million square foot project known as “A Main Street at Carmel Valley” proposed for the Southwest corner of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights may be released as early as late summer 2011. This massive development will likely transform the character of Carmel Valley, as well as have a direct impact on Del Mar residents with increased traffic on I-5 at Del Mar Heights Road, shopper traffic to and from Del Mar and diversion of shoppers from Del Mar’s downtown revitalization.  more>>

June print issue

Viva Los Romeros!

Recognized worldwide but based here in Del Mar the Romero Classical Guitar Quartet will perform a benefit concert on June 4, at 7pm, at St. James Catholic Church in Solana Beach in celebration of the Centennial of St. James. The quartet was founded 50 years ago by the legendary Celedonio Romero with his sons Celin, Pepe, and Angel. Today, the quartet consists of the second generation Celin, Pepe, and third generation Celino and Lito. The Romeros have performed multiple times at the White House, have appeared at the Vatican in a special concert for Pope John Paul II, and in 1986 gave a command performance for the Prince of Wales. His Majesty, King Carlos I, of Spain, knighted Pepe and Celin into the Order of “Isabel la Catolica” in the year 2000. The concert will be dedicated to the memory of Caledonio and his wife, Angelita. Tickets are $60 per person and include a glass of complimentary wine during intermission. Proceeds benefit the St. James Music Ministry and St. James Academy Scholarship Program. For sponsorship and ticket information, please contact: Maria McEneany 858-759-2620.

June print issue

Slow the Flow

On June st, June 2nd, and June 5th, Del Mar TV is airing a film commissioned by the California Water Resources Control Board called Slow the Flow: Make your Landscape Act More Like a Sponge. 

This film was also mentioned at a recent Del Mar City Council meeting as being very educational and interesting to the community.


June print issue


Senator Kehoe’s bill to balance CALTRANS freeway widening plans with alternate forms of transportation has been amended based on a compromise reached between Kehoe and SANDAG, San Diego’s regional planning agency. If the bill is passed as amended, it would clear the way for I-5 to be widened to 12 lanes, and the “transit first” requirement would be removed. Funding of additional public transportation would come from tolls on the additional freeway “express” lanes that would be dedicated to buses, car pools, and low pollution vehicles. The proposed bill will be addressed in public hearings and by the entire board of SANDAG soon. The Sandpiper will follow the bill and try to alert readers when and where you can participate in public meetings. 

June print issue

Surgical Corrections

Plans to connect two seating areas with steps and handrailing between the Plastic Surgery Center and Starbucks at the corner of 15th and Camino del Mar were approved by the City Council on May 9. Fifteen outdoor chairs will also be added to the Center’s north patio area, providing the pedestrian environment envisioned in the original exemption from Del Mar’s requirement that first floors in the City’s commercial core be limited to retail only.   

June print issue

manager Moves

City Manager Karen Brust has resigned to take a position as City Manger of San Juan Capistrano.  The City Council has appointed the mayor and vice mayor, Don Mosier and Carl Hilliard, to manage the replacement process. They will attempt to recruit an experienced retired city manager to serve temporarily, beginning in July after Brust’s departure. They will hire a talent recruiter to manage the process for finding qualified candidates for permanent repacement, probably later this year. Of course, all decisions will require approval of the full Council.   

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readers' comments

05/09 ....   The following comments are not about Pot.  They're about the reckless use of computer technology in the name of creativity.   David Arnold  more>>

04/28 ...  I am requesting the “Sandpiper” alter the letter I sent to you [ on April 8, 2011 ] for publication.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

04/09 ... My intent in the upcoming city council meeting is not to detract from the sense of place or pedestrian flow.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

03/27 ... Read your article “ASSEMBLYMAN GARRICK’S FAIRGROUND SURVEY DISCREDITED BY EXPERT” with interest. I’m shocked to hear that a politician is being deceptive!  Preston Vorlicek  more>>

03/06 ... It was noted in a recent news article that our new Planning Director was gearing up to proceed with the possible change to Form Based Code zoning for the revitalization of the Del Mar commercial district.   Ralph Peck   more>>

03/06 ... I wish she would buy a new iPad and continue writing about her e-reading experience.  Julia Ponomarenko  more>>

02/25 ...  Nice article in the Sandpiper about roofs. However, the photo shown is a composite roof that was installed a year ago or so?  Jill Coughlin  more>>

02/25 ...  I read your "Fair Market Value" article with interest. I wonder if you will have the editorial courage to publish a quick reply?  Preston Vorlicek  more>>

02/11 ...  The picture of the paper bin has “trash” underneath it.  Just to clarify, it is really a picture of our mixed paper collection bin we send to be recycled.  Nancy Strauss  more>>

01/29 ...   It was truly gratifying to have a Council member publicly recognize the value of and show appreciation for the work done by Del Mar volunteers.  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike  more>>

12/20 ...   I’m surprised that no one in the press or City Council has mentioned that the 22nd DAA (Fairgrounds) has been losing money for the past 3 years.
Preston Vorlicek.


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