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Wounded Warriors Deploy in Surf  Sherryl L. Parks

EDITORIAL:  Del Mar Foreign Policy

Art Pulsing  Anthony Corso

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Super Voting

Political Scuttlebutt
Who’s Backing the Candidates?

Dave Druker


What’s at Stake
Pam Slater-Price, Third District County Supervisor

Born to Connect  Virginia Lawrence

Fair Affairs

Good Neighbor Policy Adam Day, President 22nd DAA; and David Watson, Director 22nd DAA.


Walking the Talk?
Bud Emerson

Council’ s Nuclear Challenge  Nancy Fisher

Village Specific Plan

Citizens Speak
Kathy Garcia, Planning and Community Development Director


Merchants Mind  Dave Druker


Del Mar-only Ballot  Bud Emerson


Butcher, Baker, and Starbucks  Ann Gardner

Kilroy Plaza

One Paseo Opposition Swells
Diana Scheffler


It’s a Mall!
Diana Scheffler

Recycling the Tough Stuff  Sherryl L. Parks

Courting Decoys
Brian Foster, PhD., Contract Biologist

Who are We?
Interesting Del Mar Factoids from 2010 Census
  Bud Emerson

Mahalo Jake’s!  Nancy Fisher

Summer Traffic Tactics  Sherryl L. Parks

Try it My Way
Arlene Lighthall

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Wounded Warriors
Deploy in Surf
Sherryl L. Parks

For four years our Del Mar Lifeguards have been hosting hundreds of wounded warriors at their “Surfing and Kayaking” program which takes place every Thursday morning from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. Dramatically disabled active military (double and triple amputees) are brought to Del Mar from the Navy Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) as part of their Wellness Program initiated by medical staff and physical therapists.

At first, the military did not believe it would be possible to tend to extremely wounded troops in the surf, since double amputees would have to contend with the shifting sands and would require a beach chair to deliver them to their surfboards.


Wounded Warriors Correction

In the June print issue we gave incorrect contact information for Wounded Warriors.  Unfortunately, it is too late to correct the error in print.  However, the website and the online pdf have been corrected. For more on Wounded Warriors go to: the Naval Medical Center Public Affairs Office at
(619) 532-9380
To become a volunteer contact Erin Lester at
(619) 532-8156

The Sandpiper regrets the error.

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posted 06/28/12

Beach Safety Center

A huge crowd turned out yesterday afternoon, June 27, to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Beach Safety Center.  Seen from the balcony after the ceremonies: Carl Hilliard, Mayor, in a Hawaiian print; Barbara Harper, President of the Friends of the Powerhouse, in pale blue with a purple lei; Pat Vergne, Lifeguard Chief, in red; John Kerridge, Del Mar citizen, in gray.  Click on photo to enlarge.  Photo Virginia Lawrence

Pipe Up
posted 06/24/12

Safety Center Online Preview

What a treat to see it this way – and especially as a way for so many others to see as well. [.....]

We, are so proud of each one of you lifeguards, and you Pat Vergne for taking the lead role through all these years to keep those as “Friends” involved and energized.  How exciting it is to see it all together!   

As one who “has seen it all from the 50s," my best, Chiquita Abbott

posted 06/23/12

Beach Safety Center
Sneak Preview 

On June 21, one week prior to its scheduled Grand Opening, Pat Vergne, Lifeguard Chief, treated Nancy Fisher and Tom Nelson to a private tour of the new Beach Safety Center.

In the pictures below you can see that most of the new rooms appear to be empty.  Pat assured our reporters that the rooms will be furnished in time for the celebration, due to take place next Wednesday, June 27, at 3pm.  We hope you enjoy the sneak preview.   Click here.

Pat Vergne, Lifeguard Chief, at the opstairs observation deck.
Save the Date
posted 06/18/12

Beach Safety Center
Grand Opening  

from the Friends of the Powerhouse  details>>
Save the date
posted 06/17/12
June 23


Del Mar Lifeguard Association is proud to announce that it will be hosting its annual fundraiser on June 23rd, from 7:00-10:00 pm.  The event will be held at the Power House Community Center located at, 1658 Coast Blvd, Del Mar, CA, 92014. Live music will be performed by Classic Chrome, and food will be catered by Rudy’s Mexican Food.  There will be lifeguard highlights, raffle prizes, and silent auction items.  Entrance tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door with a no host dinner and bar. Those interested in purchasing tickets in advance may do so at the 20th Street Lifeguard Headquarters, or from any Del Mar Lifeguard Association Member.  details>>
Save the date
posted 06/04/12

Independence Day Parade

Celebrate Independence Day With the Del Mar Foundation

Come join the fun at our annual Independence Day parade on Wednesday, July 4th at Powerhouse Park.  Decorate your family and your bikes, scooters, wagons, baby strollers and leashed pets and be part of the parade led by the Mayor and City Council Members of Del Mar.
  • Date:  Wednesday, July 4th
  • Time:  9:00 AM
  • Place:  Powerhouse Park
  • Event:  July 4th Decorated Bike Parade
  • Music:  By “Hullabaloo” and Shawn Rohlf
  • Featuring:  Awards for best decoration by age category ~ Snacks and lemonade ~ Tour of Del Mar’s Fire Engine
posted 06/06/12

Torrey Pines Bridge reconstruction Progress

Torrey Pines Bridger restoration progress as of June 3, 2012. 
Photo Larry Brooks
posted 06/05/12

Expect snarled traffic!
The 2012 San Diego County Fair
starts this Friday, June 8th.

Increased traffic and traffic delays throughout Del Mar, surrounding areas, and I-5 are very likely. Events on the following dates may bring additional traffic to our area:
  • Friday, June 8th - Opening Day & $4 Admission Day
  • Tuesday, June 12th - $4 Admission Day
  • Every Tuesday - Kids Day (kids 12 and younger are admitted for free)
Wednesdays and Thursdays (through June 28th) - Pepsi One Price Ride Days

For more information click here. 
june 27
posted 05/27/12

Beach Safety Center
Grand Opening in a Month

Sunday, May 26, 8am  Photo Virginia Lawrence
posted 05/23/12

Extra Copies

We expect the print issue to appear in your mailboxes next week by Thursday the 31st, but that will depend on the USPS.  Before then, however, there will be copies of the print issue at the Library, perhaps as early as Sunday the 27th, and on Tuesday the 29th at City Hall, the TV Station, the Powerhouse, and the Gym. 

In additon, you can also find copies at the Carmel Valley Library, and in Solana Beach at City Hall and the Library.


Flag Holidays upon us

to appear in
July Print Issue

Flap Over Flags
Nancy Fisher

Flags.  Photo Mike Salt

The flag holidays are upon us…Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July are right around the corner, and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing all of those American flags, pennants, and wind socks festooning beach front homes and the rest of the city – but what were those pesky rules again?   At the request of some beach colony residents, we checked into the U.S. Flag Code and offer these answers to the flag etiquette questions that have been keeping you awake at night.   more>>

Sherryl Parks

to appear in
July Print Issue

City Council received and approved the annual report and proposed budget for 2012 from the recently organized non-profit Visit Del Mar.  As the name implies, this group of six hoteliers in town aims to attract overnight visitors to Del Mar.   more>>

Del Mar Foreign Policy

June Print Issue 

The Perigee Moon on Cinco de Mayo, taken through the Torrey Pines
of east Crest Canyon.  Photo Paul Haydu
more about DM Foreign Policy >>
Super voting 
A 2-Part Spread

June Print Issue
Summer Traffic Tactics for the Fair and the Beach
Sherryl L. Parks
June Print Issue

Kilroy PlazA 
A 2-part Spread

June Print Issue
Kilroy PlazA Pipe Ups
2 Pipe Ups

June Print Issue

Fake Locals in Favor

...  The big developer is waging an astroturf campaign. They are pretending they have grassroots support but it is phony.   Michael Durkin, Caminito Beso, Carmel Valley      more>>

Dear Editors:  posted 05/11/12

This attempt to urbanize the north county coast will be the single biggest detriment to the quality of life that Del Mar, Solana Beach and Carmel Valley have ever seen.    Drew Cady, Stratford Court    more>>

One Paseo Traffic ALERT!
posted 05/12/12

Kilroy Plaza Will bring 27,000 cars to  carmel Valley every day

Try it My Way
Arlene Lighthall

June Print Issue

How many of you have even looked at the 101 bus schedule, let alone ridden the bus? It passes through town every half hour during the week, stopping at 15th, 13th, 11th, and 4th Streets. You’ll be excited to see how many places you can go. All kinds of people ride the bus: students, professors, nurses, some homeless and ordinary people like me.





Born to Connect
Virginia Lawrence
June Print Issue

When asked what single word would best complete the three-word title Born To ... for a hypothetical autobiography, Dr. Kalina replied instantly, “Connect. Born to Connect. It’s all about community!”


Fair Affairs 
A 2-Part Spread

June Print Issue
Courting Decoys
Brian Foster, PhD, Contract Biologist
June Print Issue

It’s May and that means it is nesting season for the endangered California Least Tern. As these birds return from their migration they will have four newly reconditioned sites waiting for them just across the river from the Del Mar Fairgrounds and overseen by the 22nd Agricultural District.


Council’s Nuclear Challenge
Nancy Fisher

June Print Issue

On May 9th, in preparation for a presentation to Council at the upcoming June 18th Del Mar City Council meeting, representatives from SDG&E and Southern California Edison (SCE) gave a briefing/presentation on the current status of the troubled San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) to interested Del Mar Council Members and staff.   more>>

Village Specific Plan 
A 4-Part Spread

June Print Issue
Garden Club Rocks

June Print Issue

Once again the Del Mar Garden Club has stepped up to the plate to give back to the community. With the help of a grant from the Del Mar Foundation, the Garden Club has just completed the additional rockwork and plantings in front of the Post Office. The first phase of this project was completed in 2004.
The Garden Club was established in 1988 and their very first fundraiser was to raise money for a garden at the Post Office. With the completion of the recent rock work the garden is finally complete. The Garden Club still maintains the Post office garden on a weekly basis along with many other gardens around our village.

Mahalo Jake’s!
Nancy Fisher

June Print Issue

You’d think a restaurant as popular as Jake’s Del Mar would be too busy putting umbrellas in mai tais and serving their famous Hula Pie to become a role model for civic involvement,


Waste Management
Shred Event & More

June Print Issue

Saturday, June 9
8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Shred Recycling

Drop off location is upper lot of City Hall
Included: papers, household batteries and cell phones CFL bulbs and no-controlled medications


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readers' comments

05/01 ... Just curious ... Is the article by Art Olson published on April 1, 2012 an April Fool’s Day joke or is it real?  Claudia Job Kennedy    more>>

05/01 ... Such a manifestation of a “Del Mar Correctional Center” is certainly a “brain #@*&” of huge proportions... simply ghastly!  Richard White.  more>>

04/08 ... Since Camino Del Mar acts as an alternative bypass when there is an accident or similar  blockage on I-5, how will the increased traffic be handled through Del Mar?   Don Coordt   more>>

04/08 ... Ostensibly, the "revitalization" of the commercial area has been relentlessly pushed over the past 10 years by various interests, many of which are not even community residents.  Ralph Reisner  more>>

03/30 ... Configure Camino del Mar as a one-lane one-way road with the direction changing every two hours  Bruce Astarita  more>>

03/30 ... I wonder why you keep publishing garbage like that “Ask Dr. Rich” column. Come on, his answers seldom seem to have anything to do with the questions.   Dick Silsby  more>>

03/30 ... I recently attended a City Council meeting where the Planning Director made a presentation on the development standards that are being proposed for the Village Specific Plan. Mark Stuckelman  more>>

03/30 ... Kudos to the Del Mar Garden Club for donating Frank Mando’s ‘Flock of Birds’ sculpture to the City.  Virginia Lawrence  more>>

02/01 ... In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School.  Katherine White more>>

01/14 ... Reading the Sandpiper editorial (here) you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true. ... Carl Hilliard   more>>

12/23 ... To borrow words from The Economist editorial writers, the idea is "barking mad" from their standpoint. ... Bob Ringland more>>

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