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JUNE 2015
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Killjoy For Kilroy
Ann Gardner

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EDITORIAL: Make Short-terms a Memory

COMMENTARY: Strangers in the Night

Peter Sertic

Ask Dr. Rich

Rich Simons


Design Redo Board
Art Olson

City Hears Citizens

Andrew Potter

COMMENTARY: Digestion Suggestion

Shirley King

Civic Center Design: Design Progresses

Kathy Garcia

Civic Center Design: Architects Take Note
To the People of Del Mar, May 6, 2015

Miller Hull: Mike Jobes, Caroline Kreiser and Kurt Stolle

Fourth Quarter of Life:

Anthony Corso

Fourth Quarter of Life:
Stay or Go?

Nancy Fisher

Fourth Quarter of Life:
Resilient Rachel

Rachel Reed

Beg, Borrow & Steal

Shannon Hogan Cohen

Hola, Ana

Helen Kaufmann

Book Corner
White Gloves and Collards

Virginia Lawrence

Drought Discipline

Scott Huth

Shaping Shores

Ann Gardner


Helen Kaufmann

DMTV Presents: Del Mar Viewing

Luana Karr

River Park Lands McKernan

Marc Ochenduszko

“Lone Ranger” Rides Again

Anthony Corso

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Park and Recreation Committee to Meet
Wed, July 1 - 4:45 at Annex
Please note change of date.

Del Mar’s Park and Recreation Committee will review and discuss the draft Phase One Report for the Shores Park Master Plan Wednesday, July 1.  The meeting will be held at the City Hall annex, starting at 4:45 p.m.  Residents are welcome to attend.  A copy of the draft is available online and summarizes the results of extensive community outreach to determine what residents want to see at the 5.3 acre site.

SkY Flyers at the Fair
Sky flyers.  Photo Bill Morris.
Click on image to enlarge.

Thank You, Del Mar!
We are impressed with the progress that has been made toward creating a dynamic new Civic Center for our Community.  We salute the current and recent Council members and staff members Kathy Garcia and Scott Huth for their persistent, wise leadership in bringing our Community together in support of this worthy endeavor.  My daughter, Kit Leeger and I have spent countless hours creating a design vision for an exciting grand plaza for a variety of community, civic and social events, Del Mar’s own Village Square.  We know that future decisions are yet to be made about other potential uses of the site, perhaps public or private.  We stand ready to continue offering our professional services to help the Community and its leaders in achieving this important goal and we thank all those who have contributed so much to bring us to this point.
Jim Watkins, Camino Del Mar
Kit Leeger, Solana Beach

Brush-off at Beach
City of Del Mar
A new brush-off station at the beach is
replacing the showers,
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Park and Recreation Committee Meeting
06/29 - City of Del Mar
Sky Flyers at Fair

06-27 - Bill Morris
Thank you, Del Mar

06/26 - Watkins/Leeger
Brush-off at Beach

06/25 - City of Del Mar
Cartoon Corner: Cute Couple

06/24 - John Dempsey
Community Conversations

06/23 - City of Del Mar
Hotel California: Summer Twilight Concert

06/22 - DMF
Heal the Bay: Beach Report Card

06/21 - Heal the Bay
Fourth of July Parade

06/20 - DMF
"Fraternity Houses" in Beach Colony

06/19 - Pipe Up: Glenn Warren
Reversing PASEO

06/18 - Pipe Up: Bob Fuchs, Founder WhatPriceMainStreet
First Summer Twilight Concert

06/17 - Bill Morris
Peter Kaye 1928-2015
06/16 - Sandpiper
Sea Level Committee Vacancy
06/16 - City of Del Mar
Architects recommend concept design

06/16 - City of Del Mar
Blue Highway Band
06/14 - Bill Morris
Stroller-Pushing Alert

06/13 - Cartoon John Dempsey 2001
Bike/Walk Del Mar
06/12 - Al Tarkington, 11th Street
Watermark Invites Dialog
06/11 - Letter to the editor
Countdown to Zero Waste 2020
06/10 - Sandpiper
Keeping Tabs on Your Telomeres
06/09 - DMF Talks
100% Correct!

06/08 - Pipe Up: D.B.Shelton, Seaview Avenue

06/07 - Pipe Up: Mark Stuckelman, Luneta Drive
Summer Book Club:
06/06 - DMF / DM Library
Eve Selis Slip-Sliding into Summer
06/05 - Bill Morris
Shores Advisory Committee to Meet
06/05 - Sandpiper
Duck Stops Traffic on Carmel Valley Road
06/04 - Virginia Lawrence
Lifeguards to Celebrate 50th Anniversary
06/04 - Friends of the Powerhouse
Outdoor Watering Limits
06/03 - City of Del Mar
Print Goes to the Movies:
06/02 - Del Mar Library

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Cartoon Corner
John Dempsey
"Cute couple, isn't she?"
Click on cartoon to enlarge.
Community Conversations
June 25th and June 30th
City of Del Mar
  Thursday Tuesday
  June 25 June 30
  6pm 6pm
Host Scott MacDonald Tracy Martinez
Address 373 Luzon Ave 2142 David Way
On June 4th and 16th City Council members and staff held the first two of four "Community Conversations" with residents.  These meetings allow City representatives to share information on upcoming projects and initiatives, and to gather feedback from residents regarding issues in their neighborhood.  The remaining dates are as follows.
2nd Summer Twilight Concert
Hotel California: a Salute to the Eagles
sponsored by the DMF
Google images.  Click to enlarge.
Tuesday, July 7, 2019
Hotel California
"A Salute to the Eagles" 

at 7pm,

preceded by Zel’s Opening Act
at 6pm
the Clay Colton Band
Heal the Bay 2014-2015
Beach Report Card
Source: Heal the Bay

Each week, over 450 beaches are graded A to F based on bacteria analysis. The higher the grade a beach receives, the lower the risk of illness to ocean users. 

Nearly one in four monitored beaches in California received F grades for wet weather.  The marked seasonal difference in water quality is why Heal the Bay recommends that ocean-users avoid the water for at least three days after a storm.

The severe drought now impacting California appears to be a major contributing factor to generally strong water quality at beaches statewide. With record low rainfall reducing the amount of polluted runoff funneled into our seas, beach grades across the state are consistently outperforming their five-year average.

Wet weather
Year round
DM: San Dieguito River Beach       A A A+
DM: Projection of 15th Street       A+ --- A
Torrey Pines/ Los Penasquitos Lagoon Outlet     A A+ A+
Solana Beach/Del Mar/La Jolla report card here
California Coast report card pdf format here
Fourth of July Parade
sponsored by DMF
Photo Bill Morris.  Click on image to enlarge.
Saturday, July 4, 2015
Arrive by 9:15 AM   
Parade begins promptly at 9:30 am
Powerhouse Park.

Bring your DECORATED bikes, scooters, wagons, strollers, electric golf carts and leashed pets. Join the parade from the park on a loop up Coast Blvd.  Free lemonade compliments of Jake's Del Mar 

Due to street closure for the parade, parking will be limited. Please plan accordingly.

"Fraternity Houses" in Beach Colony
Pipe Up from Glenn Warren, 27th Street, in reponse to several letters and commentaries in the Sandpiper about short-term rentals in Del Mar.

In the past couple of months, there have been several commentaries and letters in the Sandpiper dealing with the adverse effect of short-term rentals in Del Mar on the quality of life of Del Mar residents.  While short-term rentals have long-existed in Del Mar, the problem has become particularly acute in the past couple of years, perhaps because a reviving economy has allowed more and more affluent individuals to buy second homes and rent them out.

Parts of Del Mar, particularly the Beach Colony in summer, resemble an upscale commercial hotel zone and some residences seem like fraternity houses. 

continuation here

PIPE UP in response to Ann Gardner's article Killjoy for Kilroy - Sandpiper June 2015 here
I have to congratulate the Sandpiper in publishing one of the most complete, accurate, and mildly congratulatory [pieces] ... for the many people who put in untold hours to accomplish the reversal of what people across the county, and even the country, have called “a done deal."  I thank you for giving me a platform early on to try to raise awareness of the debacle that was in front of us in the form of One Paseo. Keep up the good work.

Bob Fuchs, Founder of WhatPriceMainStreet coalition of concerned community residents.
First Summer Twilight Concert
on Tuesday, June 16
presented by the DMF
Mark Wood and the Parrot Head Band 
preceded by Zel's opening act Charlie Imes and Rob Mehl
Photos Bill Morris.
Click on images to enlarge.
Peter Kaye

the Sandpiper
The Sandpiper is sad to announce the passing of Peter Kaye on Monday, June 15, 2015. We are planning a tribute to him in the July print issue
Sea Level Vacancy
The City of Del Mar
Sea-Level Rise Stakeholder-Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
One (1) vacancy.
Open until filled

The City of Del Mar
Miller Hull, architects, to recommend concept design this evening
The Miller Hull Partnership, architects for the new City Hall/Town Hall/Civic Plaza will present their recommended concept design at the Monday, June 15, 2015 City Council Meeting (meeting starts at 6:00 pm at the Del Mar Communications Center 240 Tenth Street).  They have formulated their concept based upon the input heard at the June 1, 2015 Open House.  For more information on the City Hall/Town Hall project, please visit:
Bluegrass & Beyond
Blue Highway Band
Presented by DMF at Powerhouse on June 13
    Doubleheader at Powerhouse on Saturday, June 13.  In the photo: Rob Ickes playing his dobro.
Photo Bill Morris

Click on images to enlarge.
Del Mar Seaside
Stroller-Pushing Couples
Cartoon John Dempsey, May 2001
Click on cartoon to enlarge.
Bike/Walk Del Mar
Al Tarkington | 11th Street

You may have noticed Del Mar has recently become more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. There are new marked  bike lanes in town and new sidewalks in town.  The City has added a number of bike racks in the downtown area.  There is even a bicycle pump with repair tools next to City Hall.

TPAC (Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee) has made bicycles and trails a priority.  The City is in the planning stages to add new crosswalks and new bike lanes.  The City recently applied for  an $80,000 grant for a cycling and trails master plan. But, there is much more to do.

Would you like to help?  A group named BikeWalk Del Mar has been formed as a citizens group to assist the city.  BikeWalk Del Mar will be part of the San Diego Regional BikeWalk Alliance that includes Carlsbad, Coronado, Chula Vista, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, San Diego, and Solana Beach.

continuation here

Watermark INvites Dialog
What do you think?
Letter to the editor from Watermark Del Mar from Tony Cassolato and Don Glatthorn,
Watermark Del Mar

As representatives of Watermark Del Mar, we are excited to announce that our project website has been launched! At you can learn more about this residential project proposed at the intersection of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and San Dieguito Drive – read about the project and its history, view a video and images, review documents, sign up for our e-newsletter, and submit comments and questions. We invite you to visit the site and let us know what you think.

The review process for Watermark Del Mar is just beginning. We have submitted plans to the City of Del Mar, and are working to provide additional information to complete our application. The City has initiated the environmental review process, and we have convened an internal Community Advisory Group. We plan to hold several public workshops, and these will begin once our application is complete.

We would also like to extend an offer to meet with any member of the community who would like to learn more about our project. Submit a comment on our website or email us at indicating that you would like to meet with us, and we will be in touch to schedule a time.

continuation here

Countdown to
Zero Waste 2020

Liquid Laundry Detergent Bottles: Choose white or opaque bottles with HDPE 2 Label. Colored liquid laundry detergent bottles with the HDPE 2 label are NOT recyclable.  

Margarine Tubs: Choose margarine sticks in paper cartons.  HDPE 2 Margarine tub lids are NOT recyclable.  Source: Cal Recycle

Plastic bags:  While it is a good idea to recycle your plastic grocery bags, not every recycling facility accepts them. Recycle these bags at the grocery store from which they came. Most grocers have their own bag recycling program. Each bag, whether it is a type 2 or 4, will have a different melting point, and even though they look the same they aren’t. Locations for plastic bag recycling: Albertson’s, Smart N’Final, Sprouts, Vons

Source: Waste Management

Prescription Medications or Sharps Drop-Off
San Diego County Sheriff’s Encinitas Station 175 North El Camino Real, Encinitas 92024. Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm
Keeping Tabs on Your Telomeres

How Chromosome Ends Affect Aging and Disease
Dr. Jan Karlseder of the Salk Institute, June 8

The blue things are chromosomes and the yellow dots are telomeres. The theory is that 80% of our health care dollars are spent in the last few years of our lives, and telomeres play a key role in what happens over those years.
Click on image to enlarge. 
100 % Correct!
PIPE UP: D.B.Shelton
PIPE UP in response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue: Air Assault. 
Sandpiper May 2015 article here


I think [Scott Renner] is 100% correct. I won't go into the details with my experience because I know and like the owners of the home involved.  Suffice it to say that with the owners living elsewhere this was a years long series of one and two week rentals. The main problem being overflowing trash/garbage cans that often failed to get to the street for pickup and additional noise.

Incidentally, you may find that some owners consider that they "can rent to anyone they damn well please" - whenever they please.

D.B. Shelton, Seaview Avenue

PIPE UP: Mark Stuckelman
PIPE UP in response to Ira Sharp's Commentary in the May 2015 issue:
Cycle Citation - Sandpiper May 2015 article here


We don't need more sign clutter.  We don't need separate signs telling cyclists to stop at stop signs.  As a long time cyclist, I'm well aware that it is illegal to run a stop sign on a bike anywhere in California.  Having ridden with many local groups, I can also convey that local cyclists are well aware that the stop signs in Del Mar are well patrolled by sheriffs who love to hand out tickets to cyclists.  I'm not adverse to slowly rolling through a stop sign when I have great visibility in all directions and see no potential hazards.  It's a pain to constantly stop, click out of your pedals, click back in and start up again.  But you better believe I fully stop at every sign in Del Mar and I'm fine with that.

I do however have a problem with the inordinate amount of attention and resources that are being dedicated to this issue.  There are much greater risks to public safely than cyclists rolling through stop signs.  Crossing Camino Del Mar at 12th Street crosswalk is a near death experience.  I would estimate that cars fail to stop 80% of the time I cross despite having pushed the button to start the flashing lights.  I would love to see more enforcement resources dedicated to ticketing cars that fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.  It's only a matter of time until there is another tragic accident.

Mark Stuckelman, Luneta Drive
Summer Book Club
3 Books 3 Months 3 Meetings
A DMF/DM Library Collaboration

Click on image to enlarge.
On Saturday, June 27, at 10 am in the DM Library Karen Wilson will lead a discussion of The Rescue Artist by Edward Dolnick (non-fiction).  It's open to all, but you must register to attend this meeting.

Karen explains why she chose this title: 
"While living in Berlin, Germany, and married to an art dealer, I experienced the art world “up close and personal,” sparking a lifelong interest in a most fascinating field. What I learned included, of course, an appreciation for art within context of its culture and period of creation, but I also learned just how colorful the people are who live off this industry. From high end art dealers to flea market scavengers, this world lives by the motto "knowledge is money." 
The Rescue Artist by Edward Dolnick brings the art world to life in all its glory and corruption. It is a romping good tale that astounds all the more as it is based on real life incidents – thievery and fraud – that will forever change the way you view art. A highly amusing and educational read…perfect for summer!"

This event is free, but registration required.  Click here to register.

Eve Selis SLip-Sliding Into Summer
Eve Selis and her band closed the DMF 2014-2015 First Thursdays season on June 4.
Photo Bill Morris
Click on photo to enlarge.

Shores Advisory Committee to Meet
June 10 - 8am - Annex

On June 10th the Shores (Park) Advisory Committee will discuss the major themes from the Phase One information-gathering activities.  Everyone welcome!

Additional agenda items will be:

  • findings related to the site;
  • methods to evaluate ongoing costs to operate and maintain each scenario based on the amenities included;
  • and an outline of the next steps in the master plan process.

Meeting starts at 8 a.m. June 10th at the City Hall Annex, 225 11th St. Confirm and check out agenda at

Duck stops Traffic
on Carmel Valley Road

Last Saturday a duck waddling back and forth in the intersection of Grimaldi and Carmel Valley Road stopped traffic in three directions for five minutes.  Finally, the man who had come down Grimaldi stepped out of his pickup and shooed the duck back into the grass next to the lagoon, where she rejoined her anxious babies. reported by Virginia Lawrence.
Lifeguards to Celebrate
50th Anniversary

Printable signup form here.
Click on poster to enlarge.

Del Mar Limits Outdoor Watering
to Two Days per Week

Del Mar, CA (June 2, 2015) - On June 1, 2015, the Del Mar City Council approved an urgency ordinance, effective immediately, responding to Governor Brown's call for mandatory water cutbacks, limiting outdoor landscape irrigation using potable water to two days per week, as well as other water waste prohibitions.

Effective immediately, the irrigation schedule in Del Mar is as follows:

  • Homes with street addresses ending in an odd number: Sunday and Thursday
  • Homes with street addresses ending in an even number: Saturday and Wednesday
  • Apartments, Condos, and Businesses: Monday and Friday

full press release

Print Goes to the Movies

The Del Mar Library has a new club - “Print Goes to the Movies” - where members read AND watch the same titles.

Participants are expected to read the books and see the movies before the discussion group meets under the tutelage of Assistant Branch Manager Pat Selkowitz. Coffee and snacks are served. See library staff for copies of the book and/or DVDs. for info call: 858 755 1666

The award-winning films scheduled for this summer are:

1) “The Thin Man”
at 2 p.m., Friday, June 12.
2) “Being There”
at 2 p.m., Friday, July 10.
3) “No Country for Old Men”
at 2 p.m., Friday, Aug. 14.

June Print Issue

In response to the Sandpiper’s eBlast Thursday evening, May 21st, announcing that the San Diego City Council had repealed its approval of the One PASEO project.
Thank you. Watching your professional attack on this monster of a project has been heartwarming.
Dave Ulrey, 13th Street - May 21, 2015
June Print Issue

Standard of Living
Del Mar, CA is 126.7% more expensive to live in than San Diego, CA You would need $113, 351 in Del Mar, CA compared to $50,000 in San Diego, CA to maintain the same standard of living.
Housing in Del Mar is 270.3% more expensive than in the City of San Diego.

Source: Council for Community and Economic Research

June Print Issue
In response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue:
Air Assault

We also live next to a short term vacation rental house. After paying the price of admission to live in Del Mar by actually purchasing our home, we discovered that a house directly adjacent to us was owned by an absentee owner who had, we understood, “inherited it from a relative” and was owned and operated solely as a short term vacation rental.

We realize the vacationers are paying good, in fact VERY good money for the privilege of renting this house for the few days they are here, and we also appreciate that the owner of the home has the right to do what he wishes with his property. However, for nearly two decades, this house has been the subject of many a sleepless night, not to mention run ins with with the visitors, rental company and absentee homeowner for us, as well as our neighboring homeowners. The vacationers are, as Mr. Renner states, in “vacation mode,” and we are in “this is our home” mode. Is it fair to either party to have “vacation village” smack dab in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood? Perhaps the answer is to make a minimum stay requirement. Two weeks... Thirty days...?
Debra Mills, Ocean View Avenue.

June Print Issue
In response to Scott Renner’s Commentary in the May 2015 issue:
Air Assault

I feel the same as Scott Renner does about short-term rentals. I also live next door to an airbnb (hotel) property. Not knowing your neighbors and strangers checking in routinely is disruptive. I don’t like the short-term rentals because you don’t have a sense of community and familiarity.
Gale Darling, Wesley Lane

June Print Issue
Take a Turn
City Advisory Committee Vacancies June

The City is currently soliciting for interested persons to fill the following committee vacancies:
  • Ad-Hoc Development Review Process Citizens’ Advisory Committee
    One (1) vacancies
    Applications due: June 5, 2015
  • Planning Commission
    Two (2) vacancies
    Applications due: June 5, 2015
  • Sea-Level Rise Stakeholder-Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)
    Nine (9) vacancies
    Open until filled

If you wish to volunteer, please contact City Hall.

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