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EDITORIAL: Civility Works

Civility Facilitator
Shirley King

Traffic, Transit, and Taxes
Dwight Worden | Del Mar Councilmember and SANDAG Alternate

Dr Rich
Rich Simons

Coming Around
Jeff Barnouw

Undergrounding Pole Tax
Dan Quirk

City Hall | Shores | Climate Action Plan | Watermark

Rail Rights - Our Wrongs
Jeff Barnouw

Who Done it?

Dave Druker

CERTified Response to Crash
Charles Pinney

Neighborly Transparency:
Ad Hoc Committee Report

Art Olson

Rental Regs Review:
Short Term Solutions

Ann Gardner

PASEO Skips Planning
Ann Gardner

The Way We Were

Ann Gardner

Farm to Shores
Farmers Market Finds a New Temp Home at Shores Park

Leslie Robson

Rising Tides
Shirley King

Fiscal Flaws
Fairgrounds Study Challenged

Will Holliday

Roving Teen Reporter:
What High School Taught Me

Leah Gans

What the Kids Are Saying!
Wouldn’t It Be Fun...

James (8) and Liam (9)

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Dave Druker

The Gift of ESP
Carol Kerridge

Jo On the Job
DMCC’s New Program Director

Shannon Hogan-Cohen

DMF June 2016
Julie Maxey-Allison

DMCC June 2016
Pat JaCoby

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Breaking News
Project Approved 8 to 1
Monday, June 28

Ann Gardner | Via Latina

The New One Paseo project was approved by a vote of 8 to 1, with Sherri Lightner the one member voting against it.

Many members of the public spoke in opposition to a project that is still much larger than allowed by the original community plan. Many more favored approval, in some cases requesting a greater percentage of housing to be affordable, or for monitoring by City staff to guarantee emergency services that meet City standards.
Sherri Lightner had some pointed questions for Kilroy. Kilroy committed to work with the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board on the 10-intersection synchronized traffic signal system beginning in that community. However, they declined to restore the larger system originally proposed covering 45 intersections and similarly declined to increase the affordable housing level above10%.

Marti Emerald spoke forcefully about the failure of the City to provide an adequate level of emergency service, noting that at least two additional fire stations are needed in Torrey Hills and Torrey Pines to bring service up to national standards. She urged Kilroy to coordinate with City staff who are testing GPS pre-emption systems to see if in fact they really make a difference in public safety.

Other Council members all praised the process of community involvement, noting that no solution is perfect.

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Readers' page

Re: Possible Sales Tax Increase
Jim Benedict, Christy Lane

We have over 5 million visitors to Del Mar each year -  3 million to the fairgrounds, and 2 million to our beaches.  And a frustration is that these visitors do not pay their fair share of the costs of public services that they use.

Example – over 85% of all beach rescues are visitors.  Our lifeguard budget is over $1 million annually, and visitors pay, effectively, zero.  Not fair.

Crime in Del Mar goes up in the summer with the impact of beach goers and fairground users.  The visitors pay zero for our increased costs.  Not fair.

With 5 million annual visitors our streets take a beating.  Our costs of beach and street maintenance increases.  The visitors pay nothing.  Not fair.

How can we attempt to recoup some of these visitor costs for our city ? Find a revenue source that has a visitor focus - increase our sales tax by 1%.   Over 85% of all sales tax collected in the city of Del Mar is paid by visitors.  Approximately 40% of all sales tax collected comes from the Fairgrounds.

A good solution to a nagging problem.

Re: Possible Sales Tax Increase
Tom McGreal, Stratford Court

We’ve all been told that the City of Del Mar is in good financial condition; the City can afford a $16 million Bond for the new City Hall and our ten-year Capital Improvement Plan is funded. So, why do we need to increase Sales Tax?

At any given point in time the City has a list of projects that are important to the community, but must be scheduled for completion over an extended period of time when the money will be available.

Right now Del Mar has three projects that are important to most people, but funding is not available in the current budget.


City of Del Mar Lifeguards
Saturday, June 25th 5-10 pm
at the Powerhouse

Graphic courtesy Friends of the Powerhouse.
Click to enlarge.
Live Music by Surfs Up Beach Boys Party Band
Silent Auction || Dinner included || No host bar
$40 advance purchase online on the Friends of the Powerhouse website
$50 at the door 
Short term rentals:
Community Workshop

Development of Regulations for Short-Term Residential Rentals
Monday, June 13th
from 5:30 to 8:30 pm
at the Powerhouse

This interactive and collaborative workshop will engage the community to prioritize potential solutions for the regulation of short-term residential rentals in Del Mar. Categories for discussion will be as follows:

* Occupancy limits 
* Length of stay limits 
* Frequency of stay limits 
* Governance for STR operators 
* Location/geographic restrictions

Please contact Associate Planner Rick Casswell at (858) 755-9313 or with any questions.

Council Members and Mayor Win First Game of 2016 Del Mar
City Hall World Series

on June 11 at 10am on the patio in front of the "old" City Hall
Photos Virginia Lawrence
Counclmember Mosier first at bat.
Click on photos to enlarge
  Councilmember Mosier observes Councilmember Corti from dugout.
Deputy Mayor Sinnott at bat.   Mayor Parks bunts.
Councilmember Worden knocks it
out of park
  Winning team at end of first game of
City Hall World Series.
June Print Issue

Civility Works

Click on image to enlarge.

The City of Del Mar has a lot of issues to deal with: construction of the new City Hall, short term rentals, policing in town, the Watermark project, planning the new Shores park, reviewing the Design Review process, a sales tax increase for utility undergrounding, among others. Of course there are differing opinions on all of these issues, and Del Marians are not shy about stating theirs. What we hope, however, is that differences of opinion do not turn to rancor, and that we can all respect our differing views.


1) Promote inclusion --Share and respect diverse perspectives.

2) Listen to understand -- Be attentive, ask questions to clarify and confirm our understanding;

3) Show respect --Value all perspectives and look for common ground;

4) Be clear and fair -- Explain our positions and our reasoning; and

5) Focus on the issue -- Embrace the facts and avoid personalizing debate.


complete editorial:

June Print Issue
Civility Facilitator
Shirley King
Eric Sandy at an NCRC training session.
Source: National Conflict Resolution Center.
Click on photo to enlarge.

Marrying “civil” with “discourse” is an everyday request for Officer Eric Sandy, Lieutenant with Del Mar’s Community Services. He can be called upon even before the start of his work day. Recently he had to deflate the heightened anger and frustration of a city contractor who couldn’t begin his day’s work because a parked car blocked his street construction machinery. Defusing this high-pitched emotion while simultaneously fact-finding and enlisting the appropriate resources demands Eric’s acute ability to step back and listen intently. He becomes almost meditative while relying first upon his ears then his mouth to formulate the key questions and to assess the mutual interests and benefits for everyone at hand.


June Print Issue
Poet's Corner
Joanne Sharp | Umatilla Street


Showing us a thing or two
about dressing up a morning,
clouds puffed themselves in
massive competition
to see which ones could boast the win
for whiteness and rotundity,
squeezing the sky so tight
it made the blue cry uncle.


Photo Bill Morris.
Click on image to enlarge.
June Print Issue
Baby Birds on my Balcony
Virginia Lawrence

Finch family on May 12th nesting in an out-of-season
holiday wreath. The babies fledged on May 16th four days after this photo was taken. Both parents scrambled to escort each baby (there were five)
to a safe landing.
Photo Virginia Lawrence.  Click on image to enlarge.
June Print Issue
1948 Ford Woody Spotted
on 13th Street

1948 Ford Woody spotted by Library. Photo Larry Brooks.
Click on photo to enlarge.
June Print Issue
2016 Summer Twilight Concerts
Presented by the Del Mar Foundation

All concerts are held at Powerhouse Park

Sensation Show Band
Tue, June 21, 7:00PM
The Zel’s Opening Act the Flounders will start at 6:00PM

Hotel California "A Salute to the Eagles"
Tue, July 19, 7:00PM
The Zel’s Opening Act Lee Coulter will start at 6:00PM

The Mighty Untouchables
Tue, August 9, 7:00PM
The Zel’s Opening Act John Bennett & Chris Torres will start at 6:00PM

The Heroes
Tue, August 23, 7:00PM
The Zel’s Opening Act The Setting Sons will start at 6:00PM


Public Safety Tips
from the Joint San Diego Sheriff/San Diego Police Department Public Safety Meeting
On Tuesday, May 31st representatives from the North Coast Station of the San Diego County Sheriff and the San Diego Police Department presented a joint public safety meeting at the Del Mar Television Studio.
Summary of the meeting
in PDF Format

prepared by Ira Sharp with Sherryl Parks

National Gun Safety
Awareness Day

Del Mar Gun Safety demonstration Thursday, June 2, 2016, for National Gun Safety Awareness Day, which took place at the intersection of Camino Del Mar and Del Mar Heights Road.
Photos Art Olson.
Click on images to enlarge.


Public Safety Tips
Summary of the meeting
in PDF Format

prepared by Ira Sharp with Sherryl Parks

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