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A Mini-Perfect Storm
Bill Michalsky

What Now?  Editorial

Fit to Print
Sherryl L.Parks

Drops for Dry Days
Dolores Davies Jamison

Knock It Off! Jim Benedict

Undergrounding: Different Views  Art Olson

Undergrounding: Helps
Garry Shirts

Undergrounding: Hurts
Brook Eisenberg-Pike

The Bucks Stop Here
Teresa McBroome

Public Talks Back
John Graybil

Lewis AlternativeUPDATE 03/08/10    Powerpoint Presentation
Bud Emerson

Conservancy Alternative Ann Gardner

Back to the Hills
Piper Underwood

FBC Summit Howard Gad

Thor Bud Emerson

Human Smuggling
Jon Edelbrock

Sharp Designs
Virginia Lawrence

The Millionaire Next Door?  Greg Allen





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ISSUES in the March Issue


Undergrounding: Different Views
Undergrounding: Helps
Undergrounding: Hurts
Opinions: Pipe Up!

Fair Board DEIR

Editorial: What Now?
Public Talks Back
Lewis Alternative UPDATE 03/08/10    Powerpoint Presentation
Conservancy Alternative
Kehoe Introduces DM Greenway Bill


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Bud Emerson

THOR may be coming to our Del Mar beach depending on the outcome of negotiations between City Manager Karen Brust and Paramount Pictures.

Del Mar's Lifeguards to Welcome Thor


A Mini-Perfect Storm
Bill Michalsky

We haven’t experienced a major rain event in many years. Are we prepared when a high tide, large surf and a torrential downpour collide?   (to the right: Valley Ave at 6:30pm on January 20th, 2010)



The Friends of the
San Dieguito
River Valley

The FSDRV has worked for over two decades to protect the beauty and natural resources of the river valley and the lagoon.
Please visit their new website at

Back to the Hills
Piper Underwood

The Del Mar Hills Performing Arts Center was packed with concerned parents the night of February 10th. On the School Board’s agenda was whether or not to close Del Mar Hills Academy.




Used Book Sale To benefit 21 at risk and orphan children living in Nepal.

Sunday March 28th at Stratford Court Café 8am – 12 noon



Sharp Designs
Virginia Lawrence

Even as a child Joanne Sharp knew she was destined for a career in the Arts - but which one? It wasn’t until she was 12 and had realized she lacked the hands of a concert pianist, that she cast her vote for the visual arts over the performing arts. The best way to support herself, she decided, was to become a “commercial artist.”

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Disappointing Report about Undergrounding
letter received January 30, 2010 | Anne Farrell, Via Alta
Undergrounding: Reply to Ann Farrell  (Web Exclusive)
Art Olson, Avenida Primavera
Deaf to Debt
Mark Whitehead, Santa Fe Avenue
No, Please!
Don and Susan Instone, Crest Road

Powerful Fall
Ralph DeMarco, Avenida Primavera

Undergrounding: Reply to Ralph DeMarco  (Web Exclusive)
Art Olson, Avenida Primavera
Measure for Measure
Susan Schneider, Luneta Drive

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