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Extra copies of the Sandpiper are available at: City Hall, the Library, the Del Mar Community Buildiing, the Powerhouse, and the Carmel Valley Library; at The Gym at Del Mar and the Vet's Clinic on Jimmy Durante Blvd; at the  Solana Beach Library and the Solana Beach Community Center.

Keeping on Track
Nancy Fisher


Roving Teen Reporter:
Turn That Down!

Leila Zein-Phillipson

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

OPINION: Revitalization Revisited II: A 4-step Program  Sam Borgese

Real Estate Rumble  John Wilcox & Tracy Weaver

Who Are We? :
DM Demographics II

Bud Emerson

Snarl on Main Street
Ann Gardner

Fairgrounds Focus
Bud Emerson

OPINION: In a League of His Own
Shirley King

History Secedes Itself  Bud Emerson

Kick Up Pick Up
Sherryl L. Parks

Short Takes on Film
Ben Nyce

Plaza’s Giant Hole
Richard Earnest

Pickles and Pickets:
From Ceremony to Controversy
  Anthony Corso

DM International:
Who should Del Mar be?

Art Olson

DMTV Peace Play
Pete Glaser and Kristen Druker

Rita Rules  Nicole Holliday

Follow the Money
November 2012 Election

Dave Druker

Occupy Del Mar  Dave Druker

Confusing Confucius  Nancy Fisher








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Keeping on Track
Nancy Fisher

Committee members Bill Michalsky (co-chair with Nancy Fisher, not pictured) Betsy Winsett, Robin Crabtree, Alexandra Veen, Bob Zizka, Hershell Price, Jacqueline Winterer, and Maureen Dime. Residents Pam-Slater Price and Tom Nelson. Photo Nancy Fisher

Del Mar’s new ad-hoc committee, the San Dieguito Double Track (SDDT) and Fairgrounds Platform Committee, met for the first time on February 19th at the Powerhouse. Designed to ensure that the community and environmental issues associated with SANDAG’s San Dieguito Double Track and Fairgrounds Platform project are adequately disclosed, studied, assessed, and mitigated, the SDDT Committee will meet regularly during the first stages of this project review.   more>>

History Secedes Itself 
Bud Emerson

The Del Mar Historical Society (DMHS) has decided to reconstitute itself as a separate organization instead of being the History Committee of the Del Mar Village Association (DMVA). A spokesperson for DMVA agrees that ownership of all books, historic photographs, and monies will be transferred to DMHS. Details of this transaction are being negotiated by both parties, with an expectation that the final agreement will be consummated by March.



On the afternoon of February 28 the DMVA voted to approve the final separation agreement of the DMHS from the DMVA.  The DMHS is once again an independent non-profit organization.


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remembering John Kerridge

On Monday, March 25, 2013, John lost a short, but valiant battle against Mesothelioma. A long-standing Del Mar resident and community leader, John was a well-known outspoken environmental activist. With a twinkle in his eye and a wisp of his wry British humor, he gave many fellow residents the encouragement they needed to be involved in the political process at all levels. He served as an Editor for the Del Mar newsletter, Sandpiper, for 5 years.

John's career as a Geo-chemist, spanned over 50 years mostly working in the field of Space and Planetary Science. He held a position of Associate Professor at London University, UCLA, and UCSD. He was also instrumental in planning future missions to Mars while working as a consultant with NASA in the 90s.

After retirement in 1999, John was able to realize his passion for antique cars by re-building, and racing his 1926 beloved Frazer-Nash.

John's spirit of community and activism will be sorely missed by many. He is survived by his wife, Carol.  

text printed courtesy DMCC


Laura's Law
Nancy fisher
County to Weigh Laura’s Law Against Current Mental Health Strategy


Supervisor Dave Roberts discusses mental health services with 10 News reporter Jennifer Jensen.
At the urging of supervisors Dianne Jacob and Dave Roberts, the Board of Supervisors agreed unanimously on Tuesday, March 19th, to study Laura’s Law as they look for additional ways to help the severely mentally ill.

Laura’s Law, based on New York’s successful Kendra’s Law, was approved by state lawmakers in 2002 and allows for court-ordered outpatient treatment for the mentally ill who refuse medication and are unable to make rational decisions.  The supervisors plan to weigh the law against the county’s current voluntary approach.

“It is important that the county examine our care options to make certain we are doing all that we can for the mentally ill, their families, and for the protection of the public,” Roberts said in a recent media release.  “We must have the ability to keep someone from harming themselves or others.”

Del Marians who are interested in this issue, and would like to speak directly with Roberts, are invited to attend one of his monthly open houses held at the Del Mar Community Building from 3-5 on the third Friday of each month.


DMCC receives Grant from
Del Mar Healthcare

Donald Ambrose, president of Del Mar Healthcare Inc.,
presents $15,000 grant award to Nancy Weare, center,
and Beth Levine, representing DMCC.

A $15,000 grant has been awarded to Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) through the San Diego Foundation’s Our Aging Society program for a new socialization outreach project.

Beth Levine, chair of DMCC’s new project, named The Lunch Club (TLC)-TOO, said the funds “will enable us to explore for one year the feasibility of offering semi-monthly lunch/interactive programming opportunities at the new Del Mar Community Building location.” She noted that the grant will provide 360-480 meals a year at 24 luncheons, with a program director, van driver and volunteers implementing the activities. The goal, she said, is getting more homebound older adults out of their homes and interacting with others.

The luncheons will be hold  the first and third Tuesdays of the month, with an anticipated April 16 start date, Levine said. For further information call 858 792-7565.   


Q & A
one Paseo traffic impacts

Questions about the controversial traffic impacts of the proposed One Paseo Project will be answered by the City of San Diego's traffic engineers at a:

Special Meeting Time and Location of the:
6:30-9:30 P.M.

Ocean Air School Multipurpose Room
11444 Center Heights Drive


Remembering Paul Haydu
Virginia Lawrence

Pelican Patrol.  Photo Paul Haydu July 2011

Among the many hats worn by Paul Haydu was that of wildlife photographer.  Over the past several years he has tirelessly documented the San Dieguito Lagoon.   A vast number of his bird pictures appear on the website of the Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley.  A smaller number have also appeared on the Sandpiper website, as for example the Brown Pelican above.  Two were winners in the Lagoon Day Photo Contest in April 2011.  About 3 weeks after his bone marrow transplant in September 2011, and only hours after he returned home from the hospital, he was back on the job for the Sandpiper, creating a photo essay of the Grand Opening of the San Dieguito Lagoon.  

more of Paul's photos inside>>

Save the Date

 Lagoon Day 2013

SUNDAY, APRIL 21 at 11 a.m.

Come to the Powerhouse to enjoy Del Mar’s San Dieguito Lagoon Day 2013.  Our featured presenters are Del Mar residents Howard and Michelle Hall, award winning filmmakers. They will be showing their underwater film, 100 Miles.  Come and see what lurks beneath our sea.

In addition, a River Park Ranger will be present with information on River Park trail improvements and activities.

Light refreshments will be served.
Lagoon Day 2013 is presented by the Del Mar Lagoon Preservation Committee.

Visit the Lagoon Day website at:
Save the Dates

 2013 Blood mobile schedule

The San Diego Blood Bank will be hosting blood drives with the City of Del Mar and the Rotary 4 times in 2013.  The blood mobile will come to 1050 Camino Del Mar between 10th and 11th Streets on:

  • Thursday, March 28th,  8:30-2.  You can make an appointment online at
  • June 13th
  • September 12th
  • November 7th

The SD Blood bank hosts 135+ blood drives a month 360 days a year, and is challenged with meeting the needs for local area hospitals.  Did you know:

  • 36% of the population is eligible to donate….only 3% do. 
  • Blood expires every 42 days.
  • 1 car accident victim could use 50 pints upon arriving at the emergency room, the average blood drive collects 27 pints
Pipe Up


Letter to the Editor:

I read with interest Sam Borgese’s opinion regarding “Revitalization Revisited II A 4-step Program.”  I wanted to correct his statement that “there is an alley that exists from 9th Street to Stratford Square on the west side of Camino Del Mar” suggesting that the city can convert the alley to a landscaped “pedestrian only” walkway. The alley along the commercial property on 9th Street at 240 9th is not a public alley. It is a private easement. There have been two signs on either entry to the alley stating “Private Driveway” for many years. I have allowed people to walk through and park for the Farmers Market (while my office is closed) in the spirit of goodwill. It concerns me when suggestions are made that my property could be public. I just wanted to clarify since public perception and views can at times create a legal precedence.  Thank you for publishing this clarification.

Richard W. Levak, Ph.D.
240 9th Street

March Print Issue

The Oldest Tree in Seagrove Park
Photo panorama Art Olson
March Print Issue

Roving Teen Reporter:
Turn That Down!

Leila Zein-Phillipson

Music is one of the oldest art forms; the English name “music” comes from a Greek term meaning “art of the Muses.” The evolution of music from prehistoric times to now is evident to all, especially parents.

“My parents call the music I listen to garbage. They don’t even refer to it as music,” said Bradley, a freshmen at Torrey Pines High School, who calls his favorite music genre “drum and bass.”  more>>

March Print Issue

Plaza’s Giant Hole
Richard Earnest

The community is now well aware that the Harvest Ranch market at the Plaza is no more. The various markets that have resided there have had spotty success and acceptance over the years and this latest failure leaves a giant hole in the Plaza, eliciting genuine concern amongst residents.  more>>

March Print Issue

Real Estate Rumble
  John Wilcox & Tracy Weaver

Everyone can feel it: something has shifted big time! From Del Mar to Rancho Santa Fe and points in between and up and down the coast, the buzz is the market has made a dramatic shift. Low inventory, good prices, and some pent up demand are creating a sense of urgency and timeliness we have not seen in a number of years. There was a time during the downturn when buyers had the sense they had all the time in the world when a listing hit the market. Not so anymore.


March Print Issue

Short Takes on Film
Ben Nyce

Steven Soderberg’s “Side Effects
a twisty, complicated psychological
Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory
one of the finest anti-war films
ever made
March Print Issue

In a League of His Own

Shirley King

The City’s Resolution supporting United States Senate Bill 150, The Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 (Feinstein), introduced by Council Members Haydu and Mosier, was affirmed by a vote of 4 to 1. Mayor Sinnott was the sole nay.   more>>

Print Issue

Confusing Confucius
  Nancy Fisher

Learning to play Mah Jongg isn’t for wimps. Just ask the eight residents (two tables of four) who gathered at the Del Mar Community Building for the first session of Del Mar Community Connection’s (DMCC’s) new “Beginning Mah Jongg” class.

For newcomers to the over-two-thousand-year-old game, which originated in China when Confucius was around, just getting acquainted with the terminology is a huge accomplishment. Dots, cracks, bams, dragons, winds, flowers, hot and cold walls, and charlestons. Huh?  more>>

March Print Issue

Del Mar International:
Who should Del Mar be?

Art Olson

While some may ask who lives in Del Mar, and why, it may be more productive to ask who could live in Del Mar, and why not. Clearly the current price of a home in Del Mar makes it unaffordable for most [of] the large number of foreign scholars who study and work in our nearby academic and research institutions on the Torrey Pines Mesa.


March Print Issue

Rita Rules
  Nicole Holliday

The Del Mar Farmers Market is thrilled to welcome Rita Meier as our new Market Manager. Originally from Switzerland, Rita is a Del Mar resident who has shopped the Del Mar Farmers Market since its beginning 26 years ago. Our market and community will benefit from Rita’s unique set of skills and experience that includes being a former Board member of the Del Mar Farmer’s Market and until recently assuming the role as Market Manager, and serving as our Treasurer.  more>>

March Print Issue

Ask Dr. Rich!
  Rich Simons

Q: What do you think of the city’s attempt to get gun shows banned from the fairgrounds? – s.b.

Firearms not being “in my wheelhouse,” as the popular saying goes, I forwarded your question to my cousin in Texas, who has a fair collection of these toys. He also understands our situation here, as he spends a good part of every summer wagering his oil money on our ponies. I suspected he would have an opinion on this matter.   more>>

March Print Issue

Pickles and Pickets
Anthony Corso

A five day grand opening of a new Whole Foods Market began on February 27 at the west end of the newly remodeled Flower Hill shopping center. But not without an evolving sense of controversy.  more>>

March Print Issue

Kick Up Pick Up
Sherryl L. Parks


On a rainy Saturday morning late in January the Waste Management team hosted a recycling event at City Hall. This was the second event for residents to drop off papers to be shredded, and also get rid of fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, sharps and medications. The event organizer, Lori Somers, Community Organizer for WM, was delighted with the increased participating, up from 92 in 2012 to 122 this time.   more>>

Save the Date

March 10th Reception At the Del Mar Art Center

Journey with us in discovering the new collection of art by all 36 members of the Del Mar Art Center.  Travel on Bruce Stewarts' "Luminous Waves," enjoying "A Day at the Beach" by Libbie McMahon.  Then Mark Shermans' amazingly detailed watercolors will whisk you away via "Torry Pines Three Times" to the exotic landscapes of wood carver Malsu Paparisto where you will find "Peace."  "Tranquility" comes through the mixed media images of Pamela Fox Linton, leading the way to the fluid "Pure Dreams" of oil painter and mosaic artist Donna Klipstein.

The show runs through April 28th.   Free 2 hour parking and refreshments served.


Winston School's
25th Anniversary

March 9, from 12:00-3:00 at the Del Mar Shores Park

The Winston School will begin its 25th Anniversary celebrations with an outdoor band performance and picnic at the school, located at the Del Mar Shores Park.  March 9, from 12:00-3:00, three bands will be performing.  The first two bands will be the high school and middle school student bands from Winston.  Following the students will be the Big Band sound of the “American Fly Boys,” a new organization made up of professional, semi professional and amateur musicians.  Winston families and neighboring Del Martians are encouraged to bring a picnic and beach chair and enjoy this new venue!  Winston students will be holding a bake sale, as well - everything will be $1.00!

Save the Date

Face time with
Dave Roberts

March 15, 3-5pm

Supervisor Dave Roberts will host an open house from 3 to 5 p.m. March 15 at the Del Mar Community Building, 225 9th Street. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be provided.

Starting in March, the Supervisor or a member of his staff will receive constituents and schedule meetings from 3 to 5 p.m. on the third Friday of every month at the Del Mar location.

“District Three is a big place,” Roberts said, “so I want to make it easier for constituents to schedule face time with me.”

To RSVP for the March 15 gathering, call (619) 531-5533.

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