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Fairgrounds Plan 2008 or 1908?   by Dawn Rawls

A Guest Editorial  by Sam Borgese

Crest Chicanes Commended  by Joel Holliday

Listen to the Red-Tailed Hawk  by Carol Mason

Fiscal Discipline, Vision Needed  by Bettina Experton | Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

Now is the Time.  Are you in?  by Barbara Mandel Pache

Cathy's Perspective: Paradise Del Mar  by Catherine D

Reducing Your Home's Vulnerability  by Dismas Abelman

Gas Station, Mission Accomplished  by Art Olson

Our Original Locavores  by Maryruth Cox

First Thursdays in the Powerhouse  by Lynn Gaylord and Liz Dernetz

All aboard!  The train's a comin'!  by Larry Brooks

An Ocean of Dreams  by Jon Edelbrock

Earthquake Likelihood Heightened  by Carol Kerridge

Glorious Grays in the Garden  by Mary Friestedt

Scavenger Hunt for Mother Nature  by Gale Bakker

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Web exclusive:  The article below is more detailed than the article which appeared in the print edition.

Fairgrounds Plan 2008 ... or 1908?  Which Century Are They Living In?
May 2008 | Dawn Rawls

The 22nd District Agricultural Association, which administers the Del Mar Fairgrounds, issued a Notice of Preparation (NOP) for their 2008 Master Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in late March. Even a quick reading of this document (available on under the “News” column) prompts a gasp and the question “Which century are they living in?”  


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Reducing Your home's vulnerability
Second in a series of articles on living with wildfires.
by Dismas Abelman

Last month I described the conditions that lead to large-scale fires in the San Diego region. Fuel, topography and weather all affect a fire but we are able to modify only the first of these factors. I described the need for a fuel-modification plan around homes living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and the benefit of minimizing combustible materials around all homes in Del Mar.


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This material did not appear in the print edition.

A Guest Editorial  by Sam Borgese

I can't resist commenting about the many anxious voices responding to the assumed collapsing financial condition of Del Mar and the “call to arms” to save the village business area with new zoning, parking ordinance and the general rush to develop. So, I (and I suggest every resident do the same) read the recently published Revitalization Plan for the City of Del Mar by The Community Land Use and Economics Group.     more>>


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