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A Undergrounding Buried pics by Art Olson

Sale on Solar
Dan Nore and Greg Hibbard

EDITORIAL Don’t Be Left Out! Act Now!

Greenway Clears Hurdle
John Graybill

Walking the Good Walk
Julian Littleford

Proposition J, TOT, & VRBO  Don Mosier

Don’t Make Our Homes Hotels  Hershell Price

Bridging the Pass  Dave Druker

Del Mar Dollars Down
Bud Emerson

Ready for the Big One?
Carol Kerridge

It's All About Shopping  Ann Gardner

It’s All About the Environment  Ann Gardner

You Say Goodbye. I Say Hello.  Piper Underwood

Daunting Obstacle Course: Let’s talk  Dwight Worden

A Path - The Arts!!
Anthony Corso

Del Mar: In Search of Utopia  Pam Slater-Price

Appealing Design  Art Olson

Slater Slams Split

Nays on Eyes  Bud Emerson

Racing To Finish Line
Carl Hilliard

How Observant are You? 

Coastal Commission Says Whoa!  Jan McMillan






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Solar-Powered Machines
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latest update May 16, 2010

The city is about to start the “charrette” process in adopting the new Form Based Code for planning Del Mar’s revitalization.  ...

... Why didn't we have such robust discussion BEFORE spending over a year of time and money on whether the community even wanted to redevelop downtown, or not?  ...

Recent potshots at the Fair Board taken by Helen and Richard Eckfield and supported by the Sandpiper are off the mark.  ...

... Thinker Things did not go out of business. The owners chose to relocate to Solana Beach because, they told me, of the uncertainty of mall redevelopment plans. ...


Hershell Price, the author of "Don't Make our Homes Hotels" on page 6 of the May print issue, pointed out that the sign in the photo showed his own rental properties which he says are already covered by TOT. 

The Sandpiper regrets the error.

The Challenge: Revitalization

Daunting Obstacle Course: Let’s talk  Dwight Worden
A PATH —THE ARTS!!  Anthony Corso
Del Mar: In Search of Utopia  Pam Slater-Price
Nays on Eyes Bud Emerson
Sandpiper scoops the dailies.
posted: April 27, at 3:40pm
Undergrounding Buried!
Homeowner voters reject both proposed undergrounding projects in Del Mar.
Sunset district: 48.7% yes, 51.3% no
North Hills district: 42.9% yes, 57.1% no
pictures and report by Art Olson
Shroom Gloom
Helen and Richard Eckfield reported by Bud Emerson

The Eckfields have coined a phrase for the Fair Board’s communication style called “ Mushroom Management--to raise a mushroom you keep it in the dark and feed it steer manure.”



Pro & Con: Visitor Taxes

Proposition J, TOT, VRBO
Don Mosier  more>>

Don't Make Our Homes Hotels
Hershell Price  more>>

Ready for the Big One?
Carol Kerridge

When YOU feel an earthquake do you run for a doorway or leap under a table? Do YOU know how to use a fire extinguisher if you need to or do you fumble around a lot? Do YOU know when to evacuate, and where to?




Bridging the Pass
Dave Druker

The final chapter of the retrofit of the North Torrey Pines Bridge is about to begin. Construction is expected to start in September 2010 and will last about 18 months.



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