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Talk the Walk
Kathleen Garcia

Chasing Concessions  EDITORIAL

Let's Be Pot Smart!
OPINION - Dave Druker

One of SOHO's Top 10
OPINION - Save Our Heritage Organization

Rich Simons

EIRy Decision
Dwight Worden

Parking Perplex
Bill Michalsky

CERTain Plans
Piper Underwood

Gardeners Flock to Art Arline Paa

Council Prioritizes ...
Don Mosier

... And Reaches Out
Lee Haydu

Why Waste Water?
Hershell Price

Weeds Be Gone!
Robert Scott

Drive or Driven? 
Dave Druker

Cosmetic Concessions
Sherryl L. Parks

Farm Fresh
Sam Borgese

Sam’s View
Anthony Corso

Flower Hill Finale
Ann Gardner

Community Videos
Virginia Lawrence

Reach the Beach
Stu Smith

Fairbucks  Bud Emerson

Countdown  Dave Druker



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posted 05/18/11

On June 1st, June 2nd, and June 5th, Del Mar TV is airing a film commissioned by the California Water Resources Control Board called Slow the Flow: Make your Landscape Act More Like a Sponge. 

This film was also mentioned at a recent Del Mar City Council meeting as being very educational and interesting to the community.



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posted 05/11/11

REVITALIZATION: Your Voice Counts!

Plans for revitalizing downtown will be based on community input being gathered now at various neighborhood meetings. Don't be left out.  Your
input is important.  If you haven't already, please RSVP at or by phone at (858) 755-9313 X160 with your
name, address, email and preferred time and location at one the remaining three meetings:

Sunday, May 15
3 TO 5 p.m.  Hills south of 15th Street

Thursday, May 26
7 to 9 p.m.  15th Street and Crest area

Sunday, June 5
3 to 5 p.m.  City Hall Annex

Meetings are being hosted in private residences.  When you RSVP you will be sent the exact location.  And look for ongoing information on the City of Del Mar website


posted 05/10/11

Karen Brust to Leave Del Mar

The City of Del Mar announces that City Manager Karen Brust has been named new City Manager for the City of San Juan Capistrano.

Press release

May print issue

Cosmetic Concessions
Sherryl L. Parks

The revised plan by architect Dean Meredith for Chasan's requested changes  Click here to see  the plans in pdf format (8MB)

On Monday, May 9, the Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery Center at 1431 Camino del Mar will bring before the City Council a proposal to alter their original plans for this critical property in our small town. Their need to altar their original plans are a result of changes they discovered while remodeling.  more>>

Chasing Concessions  EDITORIAL

posted April 28, 2011

Chasan Corrections

I am requesting the “Sandpiper” alter the letter I sent to you [ on April 8, 2011 ] for publication. The proposed site plan now shows the elevation difference between Starbucks and our clinic to be 16-18” (not 18”) and the height of the fence between these properties is proposed for 2 feet (not 3.5 feet).

Dr. Paul Chasan, Surgery Center, April 25, 2011

Original letter sent on April 8, posted on April 9

posted April 13, 2011

Surgery Center proposed Changes Continued to May 9

Dr. Chasan’s request to modify the previously approved plan for his new surgery center adjacent to Starbuck’s is continued to the May 9, 2011 City Council meeting.  The continuance is the result of Dr. Chasan submitting a new plan at the April 11 meeting before it could be reviewed by staff, or made available to the public.  Feedback given at the meeting from both speakers and the Council was to follow “the spirit” of the original plan, recognizing that the zoning concession granted was in exchange for enhanced pedestrian continuity between the Union Bank Building and the surgery center and additional public seating.

posted May 5, 2011

Your photo attached to the article, "Reach the Beach" by Stu Smith, was misidentified. Not a jockey, Charlie Whittingham (not Wittingham)
was one of our finest Thoroughbred trainers of his time.

Constance E. Gonczy
(raised at Arlin/gton Park, Chicago; retired at Del Mar)

The Sandpiper regrets the error.

Talk the Walk
by Kathleen Garcia

How do we maintain and enhance our commercial core so we have an attractive, economically viable and pedestrian oriented Village Center? That was the question that attracted me to Del Mar a few months ago and I am enjoying figuring out the challenges and opportunities and developing an inclusive process to move forward.   more>>

May print issue

May print issue

Del Mar lost a very highly respected community leader on April 23, Garry Shirts. Because it was after our print deadline this month, the Sandpiper will celebrate Garry’s life, his extraordinary talents, and his significant contributions to Del Mar’s history in our next issue.

May print issue

Countdown  by Dave Druker

The census has arrived, the census has arrived! And again Del Mar has lost population. The usual explanation for this loss is due to more people making Del Mar their second, third or fourth home. But I am sure that Dr. Rich will have a better explanation based upon black holes and alien abduction.  more>>

Parking Perplex
Here There Everywhere
by Bill Michalsky

Parking… Downtown revitalization… so intertwined. We’ve been here before and it appears we are returning. In 1999 an Ad Hoc Parking Committee was formed by the City Council. Much time was spent by a group of residents and a consultant to study parking in the Downtown Central Commercial district including the immediate residential zone and North Beach areas.   more>>

May print issue

May print issue

CERTain Plans
by Piper Underwood

If the “Big One” struck, do you know where you would go? What you would do? This was precisely the question CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained facilitator Carol Kerridge asked a small group of neighbors gathered in my living room. To tell you the truth there weren’t a lot of options. Certainly we couldn’t all fit under my coffee table.   more>>

Farm Fresh by Sam Borgese - May print issue

If you haven’t been to the De Mar Farmers Market in a while you are missing a revitalization that will make the market a weekly must shop.  more>>


Let’s Be Pot Smart!  by Dave Druker

A medical marijuana dispensary has opened at 1105 Camino del Mar. This should not be a surprise to the City Council as the county and the City of San Diego have been grappling with the issue of permitting such dispensaries.

more>>  May print issue

May print issue

Community Videos
by Virginia Lawrence

How would you like to watch a San Diego County Superior Court session in which jurors, attorneys, bailiffs, clerks and the defendant are in their teens? What about a licensed nurse training her horse for Search and Rescue in the Sheriff’s SAR program, or a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel being interviewed for the nightly news by a Del Mar teenager?  more>>

Civic Role Models

Claire and Tom McGreal received the Henry Auerbach Leadership Award from the San Diego County Democratic Party at its annual Roosevelt Dinner on April 16. The McGreals are volunteers with Organizing For America (OFA), and have organized OFA Teams throughout the 50th Congressional District from Escondido to Clairemont to Carlsbad. OFA works to advocate the President’s legislative agenda, and to help elect candidates who support that agenda. The McGreals accepted the award on behalf of all the hundreds of local OFA volunteers, and recognize that the award honors all those volunteers.   May print issue

May print issue

Sam’s View
by Anthony Corso

As noted in the last issue of the Sandpiper, Del Mar resident, Sam Borgese, was recently appointed to the Del Mar Design Review Board. This is perhaps one of the City’s most critical volunteer positions -- challenged as it is to ensure that development or redevelopment proposals respect the quality of life defined in the Del Mar Community Plan and legislated in the City’s numerous codes and ordinances.   more>>


DMCC Jerry Finnell Annual Memorial Beach Walk:
Saturday, May 21st beginning at 8:30 a.m. with a 2-mile beach walk from Powerhouse Park to San Dieguito Rivermouth and back; check-in at the North end of Powerhouse Park. Continental breakfast at 9:00 a.m. -Del Mar Lemon Cake will be served at the end of the walk. $25/adults, $15/child. #858.792.7565


Reach the Beach
by Stu Smith

Will it be possible to continue the 55-mile long Coast to Crest trail from Jimmy Durante Blvd. west to the beach? Del Mar residents are meeting with San Dieguito River Park staff trying to come up with an answer.  more>>

May print issue

His Cups Runneth Over
May print issue

Del Mar resident Steve Fisher continues to pile up awards for his team’s spectacular 33-3 basketball season.
San Diego State men’s basketball head coach Steve Fisher was named the 2011 Naismith Men’s College Basketball Coach of the Year. Fisher edged out finalists Mike Brey (Notre Dame), Dave Rose (Brigham Young) and Thad Matta (Ohio State) to win the most prestigious national award presented annually to the top men’s college basketball coach. Fisher earned his second major coaching honor named the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Division I Coach of the Year. Coach Fisher was also named the 2011 recipient of the Adolph Rupp Cup as the coach of the year.

Fisher’s cups runneth over.

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readers' comments

05/09 ....   The following comments are not about Pot.  They're about the reckless use of computer technology in the name of creativity.   David Arnold  more>>

04/28 ...  I am requesting the “Sandpiper” alter the letter I sent to you [ on April 8, 2011 ] for publication.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

04/09 ... My intent in the upcoming city council meeting is not to detract from the sense of place or pedestrian flow.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

03/27 ... Read your article “ASSEMBLYMAN GARRICK’S FAIRGROUND SURVEY DISCREDITED BY EXPERT” with interest. I’m shocked to hear that a politician is being deceptive!  Preston Vorlicek  more>>

03/06 ... It was noted in a recent news article that our new Planning Director was gearing up to proceed with the possible change to Form Based Code zoning for the revitalization of the Del Mar commercial district.   Ralph Peck   more>>

03/06 ... I wish she would buy a new iPad and continue writing about her e-reading experience.  Julia Ponomarenko  more>>

02/25 ...  Nice article in the Sandpiper about roofs. However, the photo shown is a composite roof that was installed a year ago or so?  Jill Coughlin  more>>

02/25 ...  I read your "Fair Market Value" article with interest. I wonder if you will have the editorial courage to publish a quick reply?  Preston Vorlicek  more>>

02/11 ...  The picture of the paper bin has “trash” underneath it.  Just to clarify, it is really a picture of our mixed paper collection bin we send to be recycled.  Nancy Strauss  more>>

01/29 ...   It was truly gratifying to have a Council member publicly recognize the value of and show appreciation for the work done by Del Mar volunteers.  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike  more>>

12/20 ...   I’m surprised that no one in the press or City Council has mentioned that the 22nd DAA (Fairgrounds) has been losing money for the past 3 years.
Preston Vorlicek.


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