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Silent Songs  Donald Mosier


EDITORIAL:  Occupy Del Mar!


Mansions on Steroids  Bud Emerson

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Political Scuttlebutt
Dave Druker

Census Snapshot  Dave Druker

This I Believe  Anthony Corso

Kilroy plaza

Developer Pulling Out All Stops  from the website What Price Main Street?


Unmitigated Failure  Bob Fuchs


Likable Loop  Ann Gardner


Too Clever X4
Gabriele M. Prater

Supermen Speak
Anthony Corso

Village Specific Plan

Lots to Not Like  Dave Druker


Lots to Like  Ann Gardner

Mercedes Transcenz
Sherryl L. Parks

Parking Pushback  Nancy Fisher

Farewell, Marilyn  Marlene Gerber

Beyond Books  Ben Nyce

Fair Board Smokescreen  Bud Emerson

Lagoon Hosts Legislators  Jeff Barnouw

Can Can  Sherryl L. Parks


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silent Songs
Donald Mosier | Councilmember, City of Del Mar

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) is in trouble---big trouble. The aging facility 32 miles to the north, northwest of Del Mar was first commissioned in 1968, and, until recently, had 2 active pressurized water reactors (units 2 and 3; unit 1 is decommissioned but still used to store spent fuel rods). New steam generators were installed in units 2 and 3 in the last 2 years, and leaking tubes that allowed radioactive steam to vent to the atmosphere forced the closure of both units this January. The big question is, should SONGS be restarted or closed forever?  more>>

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posted 05/23/12

 Wounded Warriors Correction

In the June print issue we gave incorrect contact information for Wounded Warriors.  Unfortunately, it is too late to correct the error in print.  However, the online pdf contains the correct information: For more on Wounded Warriors go to: the Naval Medical Center Public Affairs Office at (619) 532-9380.

The Sandpiper regrets the error.

posted 05/23/12

Gone to Press

The June print issue of the Sandpiper went to press overnight on Tuesday, May 22. To view the pdf version online, please click the preview link at the top left of this page. 

We expect the print issue to appear in your mailboxes next week by Thursday the 31st, but that will depend on the USPS.  Before then, however, there will be copies of the print issue at the Library, perhaps as early as Sunday the 27th, and on Tuesday the 29th at City Hall, the TV Station, the Powerhouse, and the Gym. 

In additon, you can also find copies at the Carmel Valley Library, and in Solana Beach at City Hall and the Library.

posted 05/22/12


City Council received and approved the annual report and proposed budget for 2012 from the recently organized non-profit Visit Del Mar.  As the name implies, this group of six hoteliers in town aims to attract overnight visitors to Del Mar.


Save the Date
posted 05/16/12

Beach Safety Center
Grand Opening  

from the Friends of the Powerhouse  details>>
Coming soon!
posted 05/16/12

Wounded Warriors

Coming in the June issue of the Sandpiper.  The Naval Medical Center San Diego Surf Clinic for wounded warriors located here in Del Mar.  In the picture
Betty Michalewics-Kragh, an exercise physiologist, with
Marine Michael Spivey. Photo Sherryl Parks..
posted 05/16/12

Jerry Finnell
Memorial Walk 

in support of Del Mar Community Connections

Saturday, May 19.  We meet at the Powerhouse Park at 8:30 for a light breakfast.  The walk, to the Torrey Pines Beach and back, begins at 9:00.  Families are encouraged to walk together.

Please click here to be taken to the online event registration form.   Families: $60.  Individual: $25.  Child under 12: $15.

Save the Date
posted 05/16/12

 County Arts Council

You are invited to a series of forums to discuss the formation of a County Arts Council. 

Thursday, May 24, from 6 to 8pm at the Powerhouse

Thursday, June 28th, 6-8:00 pm at the Lyceum Theatre in Downtown San Diego at the Horton Plaza

The Council would unite cities in planning for the arts and supporting each other's offerings as well as submitting joint applications for funding future programs.  details>>

Note: There is a San Diego City Arts Council but it does not represent the rest of the county. 

posted 05/13/12

Trash Can Delivery

Week of May 14 :  New Trash Carts delivered this week 

You can expect your new trash carts to be delivered the week of May 14.  A blue cart is used for all recycle trash and the grey/black for household trash.  

If you are gone on your regularly scheduled trash day, please arrange with a neighbor to bring the carts to your property.

One Paseo Traffic ALERT!
posted 05/12/12

Kilroy Plaza Will bring 27,000 cars to  carmel Valley every day

Pipe Up ALERT!
posted 05/11/12

Kilroy Plaza

Dear Editors:

This attempt to urbanize the north county coast will be the single biggest detriment to the quality of life that Del Mar, Solana Beach and Carmel Valley have ever seen.  It won't matter what the Village Specific Plans are for our individual communities, as this kind of dense development will cement the fate of this region.....please write a letter, and please sign the petition and pass this along to others who care.

Drew Cady, Stratford Court

Sign petition    here>>
Cinco de Mayo Moon

posted 05/07/12

The Perigee Moon on Cinco de Mayo, taken through the Torrey Pines
of east Crest Canyon.  Photo Paul Haydu
posted 04/24/12

Fair Board returns to East/South Overflow Lots

The Cirque du Soleil has set up at the fairgrounds occupying all, or nearly all, of the main paved parking lot.  Grading and earth moving has also occurred on the East Overflow Lot (EOL) and South Overflow Lot (SOL) in the past few days. Can they be planning to use the EOL for Cirque du Soleil parking? 

These pictures were taken on Friday, April 20th at about 6 pm. It looks like they took the dirt that had been piled in the SOL and spread it around on the EOL in preparation for parking.  They have done significant grading and earth moving, and have once again impeded the ability of the EOL and SOL to return to wetland status. The earth they are moving looks as if it came from barns as it is full of trash and debris.

We understand the Coastal Commission enforcement staff is "looking into" the situation.  These photos show the problem activities are still ongoing.

The Cirque du Soleil has set up at the fairgrounds occupying all, or nearly all, of the main paved parking lot. 
Grading and earth moving has also occurred on the East Overflow Lot (EOL) and South Overflow Lot (SOL) in the past few days.
The earth they are moving looks as if it came from barns.
It is full of trash and debris.
Ahead of Schedule !

May Print Issue

Beach Safety Center

The Friends of the Powerhouse is proud to announce the beautiful, new Beach Safety Center (Lifeguard Tower) is ahead of schedule and will be complete before the summer rush. The project includes a new walkway, garden and seating area. Groundbreaking took place on October 3rd, 2011 and construction started October 19th.

There is still time for everyone to participate. Here are the choices: Staff Locker - $350.00; Bricks - $250.00; and Planks for the new walkway - $1000.00.
Please call 755-1641 or go online to for info.

Summit in Sight!

May Print Issue

3-Year Fundraising Goal
$ 75,000 / 80%

Donations to Date

Pipe Up: h& outs nt needed

May Print Issue

dEr Sandpiper Editors:

ICUR n d midst of fundraising. Nstead of lkn4 mor $, Y? dnt u considA cutting costs?

4 xampl, IK d Sandpiper S preoccupied W d wrd count of evryting dey prnt. dis, I imajn, S due 2 d fact dat wrds transl8 N2 column inches, n column inches r XpNsiv!

hrs w@ I propose: Nstead of printn d Sandpiper n en, as uv done sinC 1997, Y? dnt u prnt it n txtN lingo. dis w%d cut dwn d column inches n w%d av gr8r appeal 4 Del’s Mar’s yungA citizens.

Cutting dwn on column inches n @ d same tym increasn yr audience appeal, w%d clearly transl8 N2 Big $!

ll 4 cutting bk'

Percy Strings, Del Mar Terrace

Editor’s note: Thx Prc, we wl put yr sgstion whr it blngs

Pipe Up: sandpiper’s Spoof

May Print Issue

Garden Project Gets Life by Art Olson

The SANDPAPER put out this outrageous April Fool’s story. We hope most found its foolhardy fantasies amusing. In any case, here are two responses to our April Fool’s story, which may have turned the joke on us, since we’ve been unable to identify the contributors as Del Mar residents.  Original piece

Let’s Get Real

Just curious ... Is the article by Art Olson published on April 1, 2012 an April Fool’s Day joke or is it real?

Thank you. Claudia Job Kennedy

Brain #@*&

The article by Art Olson is either a travesty or a tongue-in-cheek spoof for the Del Mar business persons to ponder. Such a manifestation of a “Del Mar Correctional Center” is certainly a “brain #@*&” of huge proportions... simply ghastly!

The editor, Art Olson, should have visited some communities with such a facility and determined if that added any form of “status” to the community. The dollar signs must have blinded him or twisted his weak mind to entertain such a project. It is a very negative attribute Del Mar doesn’t need. Visit El Cajon and see all the wonderful businesses around the city’s jail, or any other jail oriented town. They’re disasters from a community’s quality of life standpoint and will always be so.

Sincerely, Richard White

Farewell, Marilyn
Marlene Gerber

May Print Issue
A long-time Del Mar resident and community activist, Marilyn Shaw died in San Francisco on March 29. She was 89 years old. Marilyn started the Del Mar school library, served on the Del Mar Elementary School Board and worked to bring about the Torrey Pines Reserve Extension, the preservation of Crest Canyon and oversee completion of the La Jolla Playhouse building on the UCSD campus.   more>>
Rich Simons

May Print Issue

Q: The whole town seems to be “all atwitter” over the plans being made to shrink Camino Del Mar into one cart-width (as you have put it) each way. Apparently part of the idea is to mitigate the effect of through traffic on our village. Isn’t there some other way of accomplishing this? - j.y.


Mansions on Steroids
Bud Emerson

May Print Issue

When the word “mansionization” was first introduced into the Del Mar development vocabulary it addressed combining two lots to allow a large FAR (floor area ratio) residence and other livable space on the enlarged property. Today mansionization is rearing its ugly bulk and mass on single lots through developments with massive basements and equally massive covered outdoor “living or entertainment” areas.  more>>

Anthony Corso

May Print Issue
..... The large, snowy- white Victorian Edelweiss house on 10th street was in my back yard with its gardens, chickens and delightful European sisters who owned it and never resisted chatting across the fence. Although as a “city boy” I found it difficult to talk “chicken talk.”


Supermen Speak
Anthony Corso

May Print Issue

The previous edition of the Del Mar Sandpiper introduced three candidates pursuing the District Three Supervisorial position in San Diego County: Dave Roberts, Carl Hilliard and Steve Danon. If one of the candidates receives over 50 percent of the votes cast on June 5th, he wins the position; otherwise the election of November 6th will yield the final determination.    more>>

Beyond Books
Ben Nyce

May Print Issue

“Avez-vous visité la France?” Oui, Oui! We replied in chorus. At least we got that right. It became more difficult after that since the entire class was conducted in French – except when frustration resulted in English.


LaGOON hOSTS Legislators
Jeff Barnouw

May Print Issue
Green Day, a celebration of the Lagoon Trail held by the San Dieguito River Park and the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy with the participation of the Friends of the SDRV and a striking number of political candidates, happily coincided with St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. Unfortunately it meant sharing a good dose of Irish weather. Still, many responded to the call “Come Show Your Green!”    more>>
Can Can
Sherryl L. Parks

May Print Issue

Deliveries of our new waste carts will begin the week of May 14. You should receive both the cart for solid waste and recycle cart, ordered last month, on your regular trash day. If you plan to be out of town please make arrangements with neighbors to bring the carts onto your property.  more>>

Parking Pushback
Nancy Fisher

May Print Issue

At the April 10th meeting of the Del Mar Planning Commission several residents, many from the North Beach area, expressed their opposition to the Traffic/Parking Advisory Committee’s (TPAC) “paid parking” proposal. Some, however, believe that these recommendations are one of the few ways that Del Mar residents and visitors can fairly share the costs of maintaining the beach for all of us.    more>>

Mercedes Transcenz
Sherryl L. Parks

May Print Issue

Mercedes Martin came to Del Mar to work for Jim Sandoval in the Planning Department in 1988. At that time her son was 2 years old and she was working full-time while going to school half-time. Early in 1994 then City Manager Lauraine Brekke-Esparza promoted her to City Clerk where she has served Del Mar for 18 years.


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readers' comments

04/08 ... Since Camino Del Mar acts as an alternative bypass when there is an accident or similar  blockage on I-5, how will the increased traffic be handled through Del Mar?   Don Coordt   more>>

04/08 ... Ostensibly, the "revitalization" of the commercial area has been relentlessly pushed over the past 10 years by various interests, many of which are not even community residents.  Ralph Reisner  more>>

03/30 ... Configure Camino del Mar as a one-lane one-way road with the direction changing every two hours  Bruce Astarita  more>>

03/30 ... I wonder why you keep publishing garbage like that “Ask Dr. Rich” column. Come on, his answers seldom seem to have anything to do with the questions.   Dick Silsby  more>>

03/30 ... I recently attended a City Council meeting where the Planning Director made a presentation on the development standards that are being proposed for the Village Specific Plan. Mark Stuckelman  more>>

03/30 ... Kudos to the Del Mar Garden Club for donating Frank Mando’s ‘Flock of Birds’ sculpture to the City.  Virginia Lawrence  more>>

02/01 ... In January 2012, the Del Mar School Board shut down a fully parent-funded Spanish program at Del Mar Heights School.  Katherine White more>>

01/14 ... Reading the Sandpiper editorial (here) you probably wonder what in the world Carl Hilliard is thinking. I certainly would from this dispatch except for one thing: The information isn’t true. ... Carl Hilliard   more>>

12/23 ... To borrow words from The Economist editorial writers, the idea is "barking mad" from their standpoint. ... Bob Ringland more>>

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