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Ain’t She Sweet!
Shirley King


Leaders Listening

Count Down to Election Day
Sherryl L. Parks


Lessons from the Forums  Don Mosier


My Thoughts and TakeAways  Al Corti

ASK Dr. RICH!  Rich Simons

Faulty Towers  Don Mosier

Faulty Five

Bike To Work
Ann Gardner


Footways not Freeways  Eduardo Savigliano

Candidates Weigh Paseo Bob Fuchs

On the Road Again  Arlene Lighthall

Roving Teen Reporter: To Cheat or Not to Cheat  Leila Zein-Phillipson

Brooks Parry 1922-2012  Peter Kaye

Fair Board Futures

New Fair Face  Bud Emerson


Partnership Potential  Bud Emerson

Dorothy Newton 1921-2012  Rosanne & Joel Holliday

Classic Crossing Coming  Dave Druker

Political Scuttlebutt  Dave Druker

Del Mar’s Lone Ranger  Anthony Corso




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11/21/12  2:07pm
Fair Suit Settlement

Fairground Master Plan suit settled. According to Del Mar Council member Lee Haydu all four parties to the suit have signed off on a settlement: the Fair Board, Del Mar, Solana Beach, and the San Dieguito River Valley JPA. Terms of the settlement are yet to be disclosed to the public until final signatures are obtained from the four entitities, but Haydu says "the Del Mar Council members are quite pleased with the outcome."

Because the original suit filed against the fairgrounds cited issues concerning traffic, noise, pollution, and lagoon protection the Sandpiper presumes that the settlement will require the Fair Board to re-open the Master Plan and EIR to address these concerns.

In another development, on the same day, the Sandpiper learns that the Fair Board has decided to cancel the Valitar horse event.


Election 2012

We Show Up

Del Mar citizens can proudly boast that we take our democratic participation more seriously than most. We consistently rack up voter turnout at the highest level regionally and statewide. Given the high level of education and accomplishment in our town this is not surprising. And we welcome the often-heard snarks that Delmarians find more issues to wrangle over than most communities. We feel a strong sense of ownership of our community so we are not bashful about participating and voting.
Prop J is exhibit A for this thesis. There is no way to have lived in this town for the last several weeks without hearing a variety of strongly held opinions about the pros and cons of Prop J’s Village Specific Plan. The Sandpiper has tried to do its part by giving voice to strong voices on both sides in the past few issues.

We will not be printing any more pieces on J in this issue but invite you to read numerous letters that have been submitted on our website, While there you might consider signing up for our occasional EBlasts to send readers timely news about Del Mar.

Hopefully, you all will pay attention to the other ballot decisions that affect our community. We published two pieces on Prop H in last month’s issue which may help you make a decision.
We trust that you will look carefully at Propositions AA, CC, and EE. Voting in favor will enable us to continue our fine record of academic excellence in our high schools, elementary schools, and Mira Costa Community College.

We hope you will pay attention to both State propositions 30 and 38 which provide vital support to California schools.

Please be wary of another key state proposition, number 32 which will cause a serious imbalance in campaign contributions in favor of special interests.

Another important ballot decision concerns a Tea Party attempt to politicize classroom decisions in the high schools of the San Dieguito District. Incumbents Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer deserve our support for their leadership in achieving an extraordinary record of student accomplishment.

Finally, we ask you to pay close attention to the County Supervisor race between Dave Roberts and Steve Danon. Del Mar voters favored Roberts in the primary even when there was a Del Mar candidate. Danon’s career has been attached to the extreme right positions of our former Congressman Brian Bilbray. Roberts has been a bipartisan leader in Solana Beach and regional issues.

Whatever you decide, please do your part to keep Del Mar among the leaders in voter turnout.

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Fair Board Cancels Valitar
Reported in the November Sandpiper:  Temporary structure at Fairgrounds for VALITAR’S “humanity and horses” event running through the end of year.
Photo Art Olson

Update on 11/21/12: The Fair Board has posted a notice on their website that Valitar has been cancelled because of poor ticket sales, and refunds will be issued through Ticketmaster for those who have tickets.   contributed by Don Mosier, Del Mar City Council.

Train Horn Decibel Levels

A Public-Private Partnership Gone Right

The Quiet Zone Committee; Hershell Price and Lee Stein, co-chairs Pete Glaser, Don Coordt, Larry Richards, Bryce Rhodes, Jim Benedict, Casey Sullivan

Private Citizens and public organizations can work together and accomplish the impossible, and that is what resulted when the North County Transit District worked with a group of residents from Del Mar to reduce the train horn noise.

The Federal Railroad Act dictates train horn decibel levels at railroad crossings. In Del Mar, local residents decided to look into options to minimize the noise that pervaded the community. The group approached the city of Del Mar and formally requested to be recognized as a community group. Del Mar advised that the issue had been explored in the past, but welcomed the community involvement so long as the city would not incur any financial obligation in any outcome.

continuation in pdf format>>

Peters to Retire From Public Works

Thanks, Danny!

After eighteen years of service with Del Mar’s Public Works Department, Dan Peters will be retiring on Friday, December 28th.
He will be missed by his co-workers, especially during “Public Works Week,” where he was a big hit at the barbeque, and by residents who appreciated his competence, great attitude, and quick smile.

We wish Dan the very best as he shifts his attention from keeping Del Mar running smoothly to fishing, attending Padres games, and spending time with his large and beloved family, and we hope he won’t be a stranger!

For more on Dan Peters, please see our March 2012 profile here.

Florence Stevens


Florence Stevens, fifty-two year resident of Del Mar, died in her home on November 17, 2012.  She was 97.  Florence was born in Idaho and moved to Los Angeles at age 13 to attend the Marlborough School.  She graduated from Pomona College where she met her husband Bob.  They settled in Los Angeles, had three children, and moved to Del Mar in 1960 when Bob got a job at Nonlinear Systems.  After renting a home for a year on Stratford Court, they moved up the hill to Sea View.   more>>

 USMC Reserves
Toys for Tots

For our 14th holiday season, State Farm Insurance is proud to be an official
drop-off station for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s “Toys for Tots” campaign.


Save the DAte
posted 11/18/12

Home style aspecs of the holiday season—carols,  lovingly-made delicacies, an appearance by St. Nick-- will mark the annual Holiday Tea to be held Dec. 10 by Del Mar Community Connections at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Del Mar.

Free parking is available for the 2 to 4 p.m. event.

Mary Ann Emerson, chair, said pianist Lori Ritman will accompany the carol singing. The tea sandwiches and cookies will be made by committee members, she noted.

Reservations are requested by calling Del Mar Community Connections at 858 792-7565 or Emerson at 858 755-6040

posted 11/15/12
Dave Roberts Chosen
Dave Roberts to be County Supervisor

Quoted from the Union Tribune:

"Congressional aide Steve Danon on Thursday conceded his loss to Solana Beach City Councilman Dave Roberts for the District 3 seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

"I spoke to Dave this morning and wished him the very best,” said Danon, a Republican who trails Roberts by 2,796 votes in the latest count of remaining absentee and provisional ballots. “I wish Dave the best and hope he uses the office for positive change." " 


Save the DAte
posted 11/15/12
Holiday Party
December 2nd from 5-8 PM

Join us for our Annual Holiday Reception and Silent Auction.  Like the gifts inside your stocking, we have compiled a bag of goodies including goods and services by local merchants that are up for grabs during our silent auction.  It could be a massage, it could be dinner or a gift basket of wine and cheese.

Come  meet the artists and enjoy live music as you wander through the paintings, sculpture, glass, ceramics, jewelry and "stocking" possibilities.    Proceeds from the event help to fund our community events including our young student art exhibitions and scholarship programs for high school art students.  Come join us December 2nd from 5-8 PM and see what could be inside your stocking this holiday season.  Refreshments and free parking validation.
Apolonia Virginia Igonda
March 10, 1935 -
November 7, 2012

A palette of color has drained from the world.
The flash of a rare bird no longer seen
. ...

Click here for a Remembrance of Virginia.

Note: There will be a different article about Virginia in the December print issue.

above:  Virginia sipping mate in the garden of her home in Monte Sueños, Vilcabamba, Ecuador (poem and text by Sheri Ritchlin; photo by Sergio Lub)
Post-Election Pipe up
Brooke  Eisenberg-Pike

Dear Editor:

Kudos to both YES and NO on J for their rapid sign removal. I cannot remember another political campaign in Del Mar that removed all their signs in what seemed like a nanosecond of the end of the campaign. Thank you for that.

Brooke Eisenberg-Pike, Hoska Drive

Post-Election Pipe up
John Kerridge

Dear Editor:

The voters have spoken. Downtown revitalization has lost the battle, but could it still win the war?

Of the numerous letters to the Sandpiper in opposition to Prop. J, one third explicitly made the point that revitalization is desirable:  “[D]owntown Del Mar needs revitalizing”, and “what Del Mar requires [is] a viable and enforceable village revitalization that projects and protects the essence of Del Mar”. Add in those who actually supported Prop. J and revitalization could well enjoy majority approval. 


John Kerridge, El Amigo Road

Post-Election Pipe up
George Conkwright

Dear Editor:

The VSP has been defeated, but Del Mar residents still want change. I’ve submitted a speaker slip for the November 19 City Council Hearing.  I invite concerned residents to attend this hearing and voice your ideas about how to promote downtown re-vitalization


George Conkwright, Camino del Mar

November Print Issue

Fair Board Futures

New Fair Face 
Bud Emerson

Stephen Shewmaker, 62, of San Diego, has been appointed to the 22nd District Agricultural Association, San Diego County Fair Board. Shewmaker has been president at Cubic Transportation Systems since 2006. He was senior vice president at Thales Transportation Business from 2003 to 2006 and senior vice president of business development at Cubic Transportation Systems from 1982 to 2003. Shewmaker was a marketing representative at Honeywell Training and Control Systems from 1972 to 1982.


Partnership Potential 
Bud Emerson

The Fair Board has made a dramatic proposal to the Board of Supervisors “for some form of partnership for the operational oversight of the San Diego County Fairgrounds. This association would bring enhanced local control to the Fairgrounds while serving to protect the interests of all the communities of San Diego County.”

In an October 12 letter to Chairman Roberts, Board President Adam Day says they have “had preliminary discussions with the Governor’s Office and it is our joint desire to see a partnershp” between the Fair Board and the County, “the ideal model for leadership.”


Temporary structure at Fairgrounds for VALITAR’S “humanity and horses” event running through the end of year. Photo Art Olson
November Print Issue

Ain’t She Sweet!
Shirley King

“Everybody wants a box of chocolates … everybody knows that” so professes Leonard Cohen, truthsayer and singer/songwriter. And now that box of chocolates is waiting to be hand-selected at the Del Mar Chocolate Bar, 1416 Camino del Mar. As of July, storeowner Laura Reyer expanded her retail confectionary business from her five-year old Carlsbad Village store that has defied the downward pull of the continuing recession. Not a surprise that sweet delectables such as milk or dark chocolate hazelnut truffles, chocolate-covered Oreos, rocky road fudge, peanut butter cups, sea salt caramels, turtles with almonds, pecans and cashews, and holiday specials like chocolate-covered cranberries, gingerbread malt balls and peppermint bark can be the cure for austerity.   more>>

November Print Issue

Rich Simons | 11th Street

Q: Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Do you have any special remembrances of Thanksgiving from your past? – J.C.

At my age, if I didn’t have tons of recollections of Thanksgivings past we would have to blame it on the Alzheimer’s.


November Print Issue

Faulty Towers
Don Mosier

Southern California Edison (Edison) applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for permission to restart damaged Unit 2 of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) on October 4th, 2012. Lee Haydu and I attended an NRC public meeting in Dana Point on October 9th, where I participated as a panelist and stated my opposition to the restart without a full, license amendment hearing with public participation and review by independent experts, many of whom are against the restart. My comments were in line with Del Mar City Council action taken on September 24th.


November Print Issue

Bike To Work
Ann Gardner

Pushed to pay closer attention to impacts on coastal wetlands and to provide more public transit options, CALTRANS has made some changes to the Draft Environmental Impact Report for its proposed widening of I-5 as it crosses six waterways from La Jolla Village Drive to Oceanside.

Based on hydraulic studies, some bridges would be lengthened to enhance lagoon functioning; the widening of San Dieguito Bridge would be reduced to infringe less on the adjacent Coast to Crest trail, and bikeways would be added along the freeway right of way. At Del Mar, the bikeway would be suspended on the west side of the bridge over the San Dieguito River.

plus: video: Bike to Work Day by Tom Lawrence


November Print Issue

Footways not Freeways
Eduardo Savigliano

According to SANDAG, our North Coast Corridor vehicle traffic will grow from 700,000 to 1,000,000 along the 30 mile Oceanside-San Diego I-5 by 2030, a 43% percent increase. CALTRANS response is to increase highway lanes either 50% to more than 75%. Worse yet, at the I-5 / I-56 intersection (Exhibit 5), lanes grow from 8 to 18, or 125%! Is this the best our engineers can do?


November Print Issue

Roving Teen Reporter
To Cheat or Not to Cheat
Leila Zein-Phillipson


“I like to think if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying and by this I mean if you want it more you’re willing to risk it,” was a response a sophomore girl from Torrey Pines high school gave as a reply to an accusation of cheating made by a classmate. The TPHS student was referring to academic as well as athletic cheating.    more>>

November Print Issue

Brooks Parry 1922-2012
Peter Kaye

Gloria (Brooks) Parry, a community activist for 60 years, died Sept. 21 at the age of 90.  Brooks and her husband, Bill, a reporter and editor for The San Diego Union, built their home on Ocean View Ave. in 1953, reared three daughters and contributed consistently to the development of the area. Bill died in 1992.


November Print Issue

Dorothy Newton 1921-2012
Rosanne & Joel Holliday

Our beloved friend and neighbor Dorothy Newton passed away peacefully on September 30, 2012, at her assisted living residence in Solana Beach. She was recovering from a hospitalization for pneumonia. Dorothy was 91 one years old and survived by exactly two years, the death of her husband of 67 years, Charles (“Chuck”) Newton.    more>>

November Print Issue

Classic Crossing Coming
Dave Druker

The North Torrey Pines Bridge Retrofit project is at the halfway point and is on budget and on schedule. The project started in December 2010 with mobilization of the construction company and crew. Grouting and ground stabilization was completed in Spring 2011 and a temporary structure adjacent to the eastside of the bridge was completed in Summer 2011.


November Print Issue

Anthony Corso

I recently met the Del Mar Park Ranger, Adam Chase. His title immediately recalled childhood memories of a similar famous individual—the Lone Ranger.

Adam is somewhat a “lone ranger” as the only sworn peace officer in the Park Ranger Division. As a law enforcement and emergency response officer he is dedicated and committed to the safety and wellbeing of the Del Mar Community and engaged in an immense number of activities.   more>>

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