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Del Mar OKs Clean Water  by Bud Emerson

Fight the Bite!  by Shirley King

It’s All About Process  Editorial

DM Home Prices Still Above Average  by Bertha Leone

Brisk Business at the Beach  by Jon Edelbrock

Council Drops TMD Stance  by Wayne Dernetz

Clean Energy Made Easier  by George Webb

Labor of Love on Stratford Court  by Sharon Hilliard

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City Council Candidates Respond to Our Questions  by Wayne Dernetz

Economic Downturn Hits City Revenue  Opinion, by Bettina Experton. 

Are We Ready, Del Mar?  by Patrick O’Neil

Shores Site Update: New Non-Profit to Aid Purchase  by Pat JaCoby

This Old Bridge  by Jacqueline Winterer

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Del Mar OKs Clean Water
by Bud Emerson

The clean water ballots have been counted, and voters approved both measures overwhelmingly.  The first measure to confirm the rates we have been paying up to this time was supported by 68.8%. That amounts to an average household payment of less than $11 per month. The second measure to approve rates for the future was supported by 62.4%. That amounts to an average household payment of less than $14 per month.


Fight the Bite!
October 2008 | by Shirley King


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City Council Candidates Respond to Our Questions
October 2008 | by Wayne Dernetz

The Sandpiper believes this year’s election offers the candidates – and the voters – a rare opportunity to focus attention on the issues facing the City without the distracting, sometimes misleading, competitive campaigning.   more>>


DM Home Prices Still Above Average
October 2008 | by Bertha Leone

The correction in the San Diego real estate market continues. North San Diego County is no exception. The median price of all homes sold in North San Diego County, in August 2008, was $390,000, a decrease of 32.76% from the same period last year. But are North County statistics representative of Del Mar?



Economic Downturn Hits City Revenue 
Opinion, by Bettina Experton. 

It was springtime when the City took the bold step of issuing a $3.5 million promissory note to allow the acquisition of the Shores property, when fundraising fell almost half way short of its goal.  



The Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley 11th Annual Art Show and Sale  Sunday, November 16, 10 am to 4 pm, at the Powerhouse    more>>


The next CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training begins Oct 28th. For more information and to sign up, please call Patrick O’Neil, at 755-1522 or e-mail at


Hometown Gold Metal winner, Rachel Buehler flaunts her much-deserved Olympic Gold Metal for US Women’s Soccer. A team fraught with internal challenges, they stood together, played as champions, and once again came home winners.


Hilliard Home Opening
To Benefit the Shores Property

If you would like to see the remodeled Hilliard home, mark your calendar for Sunday, October 19 at 1 pm.



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