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Plastique Chihuly Charms  Mary Freistedt

Give Them a Chance!  EDITORIAL

Gridlock@Kilroy  Bob Fuchs

This I believe  Sam Borgese

Ask Dr. Rich!  Rich Simons

Losing a Lot  Sherryl L. Parks

New Bird in Town  Ed Mirsky

Bolder Brushstrokes  Anthony Corso

A Fairer Board?  Bud Emerson

More Dates for Fair?  Jim Benedict

Revitalization: Lessons Learned  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar, Planning and Community Development Director

Staff Tackles Specifics  Dave Druker

What is FOR for?
Al Corti, on behalf of FOR

Farmers Market Photos

Guard Your Nest Egg  Nancy Fisher

New Supervisor. But who?  Dave Druker

Get On Top Of Your Trash!   Mark Delin, Assistant City Manager



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posted 10/20/11

Ride at the fairgrounds will be bumpy

Union-Tribune Editorial Board

midnight, Oct. 19, 2011

posted 10/13/11

Fair Board Confronts Serious Audit and Management Reports

State Auditors document $244,000 in Alleged Improper 22nd DAA Payouts as additional audit Surfaces. 

A Sandpiper Exclusive
by Bud Emerson & Sherryl L.Parks

At its November meeting the Fair Board will confront a new audit report, along with reports for prior years, characterized by new Board member Tom Chino, in a written statement distributed to the Board at its October 11 meeting, as "caus[ing] me great concern over allegations that the district has not complied with governing laws and regulations ... and that large amounts of money are at issue."

The Audit Office of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has previously documented a number of alleged improper actions by the 22nd District Agricultural Association, including improper payment of over $244,000 as of August 31, 2008 to managers and other employees. 


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Save the Date posted 10/25/11

Canines, Costumes and Calendars at Halloween Pet Parade - October 30, 5pm, Powerhouse Park

Can you imagine getting over one hundred dogs to cooperate for various photo shots ranging from the cliffs of Del Mar to dog beach?  Or what it would be like to coordinate dogs with the ferris wheel at the Fairgrounds, flags flying just the right way in Seagrove Park, or just getting four dogs to look at the camera at the same time!  What a project Susan Schelling undertook when she said yes to the Del Mar Foundation’s idea to raise funds with a Dogs of Del Mar Calendar.

The calendar is ready for its big debut at Powerhouse Park on October 30 at 5 PM when the Del Mar Foundation will hold a Halloween Pet Parade.  All pets must be on a leash.  Only 500 calendars are being printed so if you would like to ensure your copy, go to for a copy to be held.  They will make wonderful holiday gifts.  The calendars include week by week pages plus tide charts.  Mark your calendars now for this really fun afternoon of “Canines, Costumes, and Calendars.”



"Red Tide" Bluuuuuuuuuuuues

A “red tide” is an accumulation of plankton so concentrated that it colors the water. Many different types of plankton can create red tides, and they can have little in common with each other. Some of these organisms are relatively big, some are tiny. Some are photosynthetic, some are not. Some swim, some can’t. Some produce toxins, some don’t. Areas where the red waters are observed during the day can bioluminesce at night, producing a striking blue color when agitated from breaking waves, swimming fishes and even the movement of your hands and feet. 
Photo taken 10:30 pm on October 13, at the foot of 28th Street, posted 10/14/11, by Larry Brooks
Video Clip  

The Opening of the Beach Safety Center
posted 10/14/11


Save the Dates  

Community Conversations
posted 10/13/11

Please join the City Council for a stimulating community discussion about Village revitalization efforts and the Village Specific Plan. A workshop and open house have been organized to discuss alternatives. Please feel free to attend either the workshop, open house or both. The workshop and open house will occur in City Council Chambers, 240 10th Street.

City Council Workshop:

  • Thursday, October 20, 2011 / 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm /City Council Chambers

Open House (staffed with Planning Department staff):

  • Friday, October 21, 2011 / 10:00 am to 4:00 pm / City Council Chambers
  • Saturday, October 22, 2011 / 10:00 am to 4:00 pm / City Council Chambers
Del Mar City Council members join Barbara Harper,
Friends of the Powerhouse, to bury Head Lifeguard, Patrick Vergne, at groundbreaking ceremony for the new Beach Safety Center.  Photo Sherryl Parks


posted 10/03/11 at 2:15pm

Groundbreaking Ceremony for
the Beach Safety Center,
October 3, 1pm.

see the video clip here



Grand Opening of
the Lagoon

posted 10/01/11

photos Paul Haydu

October Print Issue  

Revitilization Perspectives

Revitalization: Lessons Learned  Kathy Garcia, City of Del Mar, Planning and Community Development Director

Staff Tackles Specifics  Dave Druker

What is FOR for?
Al Corti, on behalf of FOR

October Print Issue  



Plastique Chihuly Charms 
Mary Freistedt

Many people travel thousands of miles to see an exhibit of Dale Chihuly’s incredible blown glass art. But Del Mar was recently lucky to have its very own “Plastique Chihuly” installation at the Del Mar Post Office.


October Print Issue  

Bob Fuchs

The controversy surrounding Kilroy Realty Corp.’s proposed One Paseo/Main Street project in the heart of Carmel Valley at the southwest corner of Del Mar Heights Rd. and El Camino Real is heating up.  more>>


October Print Issue  

A two-for-one opportunity—a flu shot while visiting with friends and neighbors—is being offered by Del Mar Community Connections October 26.

The clinic will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Del Mar City Hall Annex. The inoculations are free with Medicare B cards; the charge otherwise is $30. No appointments are necessary. Light refreshments will be served.

While nurses will administer the flu shots, members of Del Mar Community Connections will handle paper work. “It’s an opportunity for local residents to visit with their neighbors while taking care of their yearly inoculation,” said Mary Ann Emerson, Chair. For further information call Emerson at 858 755-6040 after Oct. 13.

October Print Issue  


Losing a Lot 
Sherryl L. Parks

Beach visitors may find surprises if the property at 1601 Coast Highway is sold.


October Print Issue  

New Bird in Town 
Ed Mirsky

Thre are new birds in town. I don’t know when they got here or where they came from, but they’re here. And I think they’re here to stay. They look different and they sound different, too.   more>>


October Print Issue  


Bolder Brushstrokes  Anthony Corso

Del Mar’s capacity for creativity and inventiveness was once again officially recognized. For the second year in a row the Del Mar Art Center Gallery was awarded a gold prize as the “Best Art Gallery in North County.” more>>

October Print Issue  

A Fairer Board?  Bud Emerson

September brought the swearing in of five new Fair Board members appointed by Governor Brown. The Sandpiper attempted to interview all five, got responses from three: David Lizerbram, Fred Schenk, and David Watson.  more>>

October Print Issue  


Farmers Market Photos  Art Olson

Del Mar Farmers Market, open every Saturday 1-4pm, in the City Hall Parking Lot. Established in 1986, the DMFM is the second oldest market in the county behind Vista, and is the only farmers market in the county to donate 100% of net profits.


October Print Issue  


Guard Your Nest Egg  Nancy Fisher

Unless the victim is a celebrity, financial abuse of the elderly rarely makes the news – and yet it’s sadly on the rise.  According to the National Council on Aging, elder financial abuse is the third most commonly substantiated type of elder abuse, following neglect and emotional/psychological abuse, and takes many forms.  more>>

October Print Issue  

Get On Top Of Your Trash!  
Mark Delin, Assistant City Manager

The City of Del Mar is about to enter a new era in its solid waste and recycling management system! The City will be joining a select few other forward thinking cities in San Diego County, and over 7,100 communities nationwide, in a pay-as-you-throw waste management system.



October Print Issue  

An Evening in Casablanca

Benefit Gala Sat, October 15, 6 to 10 pm
Wine, dine and dance the night away at the Kasbah! Cocktails, Moroccan-inspired dinner, Live Auction and Dancing to Randy Fontaine and the Swingers. This is our big fundraiser for the year! We hope you will join us! Seats are limited, so reserve now. Tickets $125 each. It’s not too late to be an Honorary Committee member! Corporate sponsorship also available. 858-792-7565 for more information or visit to purchase tickets online.

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08/23 ... At first, I thought it was a neighbor throwing a raging party ... Piper Underwood  more>>

08/23 ...  On the hill where views are good and the neighborhood tranquil, we have been – almost literally – stunned by the noise levels of the amplified entertainment at the Fairgrounds this year... Roger Reynolds   more>>

07/12 ...  I certainly agree with Sam Borgese’s comments that now is the time to move on to implementation, not more studies.  Hershell Price  more>>

07/06 ...  KUDOS!  Congratulations on yet another great edition of the Sandpiper. You consistently put out a quality journal, with well-written, accurate and timely articles.  Adam Birnbaum  more>>

07/01 ...  We should not rush into building a new city hall while in the next few years the post office building will be available, a perfect location.  Marcel Van Boxtel   more>>

07/01 ... [My neighbor], like some others, feels that with the arrival of summer they are confronted with the clamor, din, and roar of what seems to be “unending noise.”   Anthony Corso  more>>

05/09 ...   The following comments are not about Pot.  They're about the reckless use of computer technology in the name of creativity.   David Arnold  more>>

04/28 ...  I am requesting the “Sandpiper” alter the letter I sent to you [ on April 8, 2011 ] for publication.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>

04/09 ... My intent in the upcoming city council meeting is not to detract from the sense of place or pedestrian flow.   Dr. Paul Chasan  more>>


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