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Cake, and Eat It Too!  by Brian Huster and Bettina Experton

Quality Control Needed  EDITORIAL

Sunshine on Undergrounding by Don Smith

Helen Glaser
by Suzi Resnik

There's Still Time by Ann Gardner

Looking for Better Stewards by Ann Gardner

End Zone Strategies  by Dwight Worden

St. Pete's Nifty Thrifty by Sherryl L. Parks

Listening for Quiet by Jim Crouch

Water-Wise Ways by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Little Turtles Take to the Sea by Piper Underwood

The Stuff Generation by Shelly Atkinson

Back to School - But Which One? by Piper Underwood

Chicanery on Crest by Harold Feder

The New Downtown Revitalizers by Anthony Corso

Form Your Opinions by Dwight Worden

The Shape of Things to Come? by Anthony Corso

GO Capital by Jan McMillan

Watch Your Wallet, Del Mar by Karen Brust

Open Letter to Our Readers from the Editors

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Turtles take to the Sea    more>>

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Cake, and Eat It Too!  by Brian Huster and Bettina Experton

In March 2007, the City stepped in to help finance the acquisition of the Shores property with the fundraisers’ assurance that it would be reimbursed. After two and a half years of tireless fundraising efforts and the City’s securing of a $3.5 million loan, the repayment promise has fallen short. Should the City now expect a two-thirds tax payer approval of an envisioned General Obligation bond for the repayment of that debt?



So Who's the Candidate?

We felt her identity would be crystal clear.  
But you can point to double check.

The two images are from the Sandpiper archives.


Looking for Better Stewards 
Ann Gardner

Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley is asking the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Agency to get permission from the State to manage those portions of the Fairgrounds property currently identified as officially established, or delineated, wetlands.



The New Downtown Revitalizers Anthony Corso  more>>


Missing Sandpipers

A copy of the Sandpiper is mailed to every resident in the City of Del Mar. Recently however we have been getting complaints that some residents are not receiving a copy. At first we thought it was just a one time only slip up but now we know differently.  more>>

Paint the Town Yellow

In an effort to enroll another 250 Del Mar residents in the fundraising efforts for Del Mar Shores Park, the Friends of Del Mar Parks is launching a “friendly neighborhood competition” to see which of the nine neighborhoods can attain the highest participation, as demonstrated by the number of yellow yard signs posted at supporters’ homes.   more>>


The opinions expressed by individual writers in this journal are not necessarily those of the Sandpiper.  The Sandpiper invites you to send in your own ideas.
1: Cake, and Eat It Too! 
Letter to the editors from Joe Sullivan.   September 18.  here>>
2: Cake, and Eat It Too! 
Letter to the editors from Bettina Experton.   September 2.  here>>
3: Cake, and Eat It Too! 
Letter to the editors from Jan McMilllan.   August 28.  here>>
Chicanery Indeed!
Letter to the editor from Frank Chisari.  August 28.  here>>
Fairness in Renting and Water Billing
Letter to the editor from McLean Vincent.  August 21.  here>>

Del Mar Art Center’s Art Exhibit & Sale: Saturday, September 12   details
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