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Changing of the Guard
Bud Emerson

EDITORIAL: Use the Del Mar Way

Who Can Make It Work?  Mary Farrell

Smash Smells  Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Let’s Get Serious  Mark Whitehead

I-5 Concerns Widening Ann Gardner

Why Go Downtown?  John Kerridge

What’s in a Name?  Don Instone and Dan Nore

Tide In Tide Out
Jacqueline Winterer and Freda Reid

Stop! Sign!  Bud Emerson

All Fired Up!  Carol Kerridge

Government by Hotel
Bud Emerson

Parsing Pension Parts  Dave Druker

Crest Canyon Rescue  photos by T. Pat Stubbs

Financial Stars Aligned - Fair Value  Sam Borgese

Fairgrounds in the Zone Dwight Worden

Coast Watch: Sand Chronicles  Jon Edelbrock

Adults Mismanaging Money  Shelley Atkinson

Bummer Summer Zoey ZoBell

DM Gets BigBellys
But Hopes to Reduce!
  Dan Nore

Prime Prop on Block
Art Olson, Avenida Primavera

Herb Turner
A Del Mar Original
  Sam Borgese

Come Blow Your Horn!  Hershell Price

New In-Home Senior Services  Terry Sinnott

Holy Meters  Sherryl L. Parks

REEEvitalization!  Are We Vital Yet?  Rich Simons








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Notice posted September 24

The I-5 North Coast Corridor Draft Environmental Document public comment period has been extended to November 22, 2010.

ALERT  September 13


Jim Tucker revealed in an interview with the Sandpiper yesterday that he is suspending his campaign for the Del Mar City Council. He belatedly learned that his employment status with the federal government would be in jeopardy should he win the election. Federal employees are restricted under the Hatch Act which tightly regulates political activity. Tucker was told that if elected he would have to "resign his position or decline the office." Tucker said " I really enjoy my work conducting surveys for the Census Bureau so I am not willing to risk my job."

Tucker's name cannot be removed from the ballot at this stage, but he will make public his decision that he "will not be going to campaign" and urge voters not to check his name on the ballot.
Tucker said he was attracted to politics in Del Mar because of his previous work with the County Registrar of Voters and his interest in making a difference in this community. He intends to seek appointment to one of Del Mar's citizen committees.
The other two candidates, Lee Haydu and Terry Sinnott, both expressed interest in continuing their efforts to communicate with Del Mar residents so they can better understand their issues and preferences.

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Candidates for City Council


Changing of the Guard by Bud Emerson

Let’s Get Serious  by Mark Whitehead

Tucker's name will remain on the ballot. 
But he is no longer a candidate.


Prime Prop on Block
by Art Olson



Public Auction Update 09/01/10

September 29, noon, in Powerhouse Park


Smash Smells
by Brooke Eisenberg-Pike

Now that this is a fait accompli we will not know whether there were other alternatives that were less visible or more attractive.



Financial Stars Aligned - Fair Value by Sam Borgese

Fairgrounds in the Zone by Dwight Worden





latest update September 2, 2010

09/02 ... Burning the candle at both ends can have potentially disastrous results if one does not pay close attention to one's actions.  more>>

08/29 ... I did not select the headline for the article I wrote about the lack of review of the venting ducts on the wall of the Plaza.  more>>

08/29 ...  I find it ironic that the City claims to have "green goals" (as Waste Management put it in their letter) yet appears to have deregulated trash collection.  more>>

08/28 ...  Why is such a massive vent required for hamburger cooking?  more>>

08/28 ...  I am very unhappy that the council has decided to OK the closing of a city “Land Mark”!   more>>

08/16 ...  I applaud you for your emphasis on "revitalization" and the DRB's role.  I especially appreciate your survey ...  more>>

07/15 ... The November elections can be a very pivotal election for Del Martians.  The city is running on financial fumes and there ARE solutions to make our city more fiscally sound.  ...  more>>


Crest Canyon Rescue
photos by T. Pat Stubbs



DM Gets BigBellys
But Hopes to Reduce!
by Don Nore

You may notice a couple of BigBellys hanging out at Powerhouse Park and near the 17th Street Lifeguard Tower.



Bummer Summer
by Zoey ZoBell

...  The angry sky above tormented and churned in a horrific storm of what can only be described as “partially cloudy.” The dismal fate of the city went remarkably unnoticed by tourists. However, the pale-skinned and grim-faced teenagers refused to comply. Where were the teenagers this summer?



Herb Turner: A Del Mar Original
Sam Borgese

Editor's note:  This piece is longer than what appeared in the print edition.

Herb Turner was a highly accomplished person in a community of notably accomplished people.  For me he defined the description as a genuine "human being." Gene Schwartz, past Del Mar resident, professional publisher  and writer for over 20 years of various local news papers, described it best in his notice of Herb's death to friends in Del Mar:

Herb had a marvelous story to tell -- and he could take you on a walk through Del Mar and surrounds and illustrate it with his works


Sat, Sept 25
from 5pm
Shores Park
  Del Mar Shores Cinema Series Debuts with 189 South 
Friends of Del Mar Parks
Sun, Sept 26
1:00 - 3:30
Crest Canyon
  Habitat Restoration
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy 
Sun, Sept 26
from 1:00pm
  Bye, Y’all /Take Back the Beach Party 
Del Mar Foundation
Sat, Oct 2
10:00 - 5:00
Del Mar
  Taste and Art Stroll in Del Mar
Del Mar Village Association
Fri, Oct 17
2:00 to sunset
Racho Santa Fe
  River Valley Fest Fall Fundraiser
San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

Thur, Oct 14
DM Library


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