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September 2015
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We Can Step Up!
Shirley King

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EDITORIAL: DRB Quality Control

Keep It
Dolores Davies Jamison

Start Over
Linda Rock

Dr. Rich
Rich Simons

Changing Spaces: Del Mar Community Building Park Site in Crossfire
Art Olson

4th Quarter Independence:  Changing Places 
Nancy Fisher

Bye Bye OMA 
Jeff Barnouw

News Updates
Bud Emerson

Coastal Commission Creator Honored 
Jeff Barnouw

Countdown to Civic Center Construction 
Bud Emerson

The Pole Story 
Jeff Barnouw

Abandon Ship Drill: Jumping Into History  Christopher Marsh and Larry Brooks

Locavores’ Delight: You say tomato, I say ..... Valerie Fanning

Mary Ruth Cox

DMTV Presents: Being Waterwise 
Luana Karr

Winston’s 20-20 Vision 
Dave Druker

Lightning Action Saves Cres
Carol Kerridge

Back to the Drawing Board: Too Little About Too Much 
Ann Gardner

Extra copies of the Sandpiper are available at: City Hall, the Library, the Del Mar Community Buildiing, the Powerhouse, and the Carmel Valley Library; at The Gym in Del Mar on Jimmy Durante Blvd; at the  Solana Beach Library and the Solana Beach Community Center.


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october print issue

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moon shots over del mar
Blood Moon Last Evening
Taken from Crest and Amphitheater. 
Click to enlarge.  Photos Bill Morris.

The earth's shadow is much bigger than the moon, so this wasn't one of those eclipses where something is 99% covered, then 100% covered, then 99%. The moon was completely covered for at least 1/2 hour. The timing was bad for us. The moon appeared to be getting brighter in the 7:20 - 8:00 time frame because the sky was still getting darker!

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09/26 - Dwight Worden
Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

09/23 - Library
Pipe Up: Kaaboo
09/21 - Bob Jellison
Climate Action PLan Fair
09/21 - City of Del Mar
Kaaboo Alert
09/17 City of Del Mar
Water Waste App

09/16 - City of Del Mar
City Hall DEIR

09/11 - City of Del Mar
Pipe Up: Goodbye Old Friend
09/06 - Gail Williams
San Dieguito Trestle
09/04 - Sandpiper
Torrey Trestle
09/02 - Sandpiper
Final Summer Twilight Concert

09/13 - The DMF
Plan Your Park Save the Date
10/18 - The City of Del Mar
Beach Cleanup after Kaaboo
09/20 DMF Special Events

Councilmember Captures Kaaboo
Shot on last evening of festival
Dwight Worden with Samsung Smartphone

The video was shot from, in order:
1. The top of David Way at Seaview
2. Balboa (2 locations)
3. Entry to Crest Canyon
4. Dog Beach
5. Del Mar tennis courts
6. East end of 27th (can't see stage, but can sure hear it!)
Not seeing the video?  Click here  .
READ more here.
The Prize Winner of
Defiance, Ohio

Print Goes to the Movies Matinee
Fri, Oct 2, 2pm - at the DM Library

Print Goes to the Movies Club.  Watch the movie on October 2; discuss it a week later on Fri, Oct 9, at 2pm. 

This title is a biography - how my mother raised 10 kids on 25 words or less, by Terry Ryan.  The movie stars Julianne Moore.

Print and dvd copies available for check-out.


KAABOO Unsuitable for Del Mar
Bob Jellison, Mira Montana Drive

Dear Sandpiper

Thank  you for providing a number to report noise issues - but since the calls simply went to an answering machine it is not clear how that could possibly help.

Admittedly a Kaaboo like event worked well in the desert community of Indio, but why anyone thought a similar event could possibly be suitable for Del Mar is completely beyond my understanding.

Sustainable Lifestyle Resource Fair: climate Action plan Open House
City of Del Mar
Thursday, September 24 6-8pm at the Powerhouse
Reporting Noise Issues this Weekend
City of Del Mar
To report noise issues this weekend on the Fairgrounds’ property during KAABOO, here is the correct number:
This number is only for noise issues related to noise
coming from the Fairgrounds’ property.
Water Waste Whistleblowers
Free App for Smartphones
City of Del Mar
The San Diego County Water Authority launched a smartphone app that enables users across the region to report water waste such as broken sprinklers, excess irrigation, and potential violations of local water-use rules with the option of including a photo or video. When a report is submitted for a location in Del Mar, the app will automatically send an email with all the details to which is the City’s email address for reporting water waste situations. A Code Enforcement Officer will follow up on these reports and work with the property owner to correct any issues. The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices through their respective app stores.
City Hall / Town Hall DEIR
Available for Review
City of Del Mar

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed Del Mar City Hall/Town Hall Project (1050 Camino del Mar) is available for its 45-day public review period starting today, Friday, September 11, 2015. 

Copies are available to download on the City’s website or available for viewing in print form at City Hall or the Del Mar Library.

Written comments are due to the City of Del Mar by 5:00 PM, October 26, 2015 and can be delivered to 1050 Camino del Mar, Del Mar, CA  92014 or emailed to

SAVE THE DATE:  A community workshop will take place on Monday, September 28 at 6:00 PM in the Del Mar Communications Center (240 10th Street) that will discuss the project’s design evolution and DEIR comments.

opportunities for feedback

goodbye old Torry pine Friend
Gail Miller, Stratford Way
Click on photo to enlarge.

This is the Gaylen Pavelko property at 1661 Luneta/Stratford Way.  The charming structure was leveled to make way for a large house.  Even more sad is that they also cut down the magestic old Torry Pine in the picture.  Just think of all the life that went with it.

Drive by... It's gone.......
City Hall input
You're not too late!
City of Del Mar

Some incorrect information is being spread around that the design for the City Hall project is “done.”  Actually, there are 8 meetings where you can still provide input prior to the DRB hearing in November. 

Mon, Sept 28 – Workshop - 6:00 PM @ DM Communications Center

Mon, Oct 12 – Citizens Participation Program (CPP) meeting.  Time and location to be confirmed

PLUS: Six Council forums on design input - 6:30 p.m. time certain, DM Communications Center

Tues, Sept 8, Mon, Sept 21
Mon, Oct 5, Mon, Oct 19
Mon, Nov 2, Mon, Nov 16

You can also submit input at Engage Del Mar chat room:
Email the architects:"

Rip Rap for Timber Trestle
Backfilling at San Dieguito Lagoon

Photo Bill Morris.  Click on image to enlarge.
The North County Transit District (NCTD) began work on July 27 to repair a timber train trestle that crosses the San Dieguito Lagoon and is adjacent to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The work generally involves excavating portions of the channel and backfilling it with larger rocks (riprap) in order to armor the bottom of the channel surrounding the bridge pilings.  Once the riprap has been installed, native sand and silt will be used to cover the rocks and void spaces
Torrey Trestle
Los Peñasquitos Lagoon
Bridges Replacement Project


Photos Bill Morris.  Click on images to enlarge.
The Los Peñasquitos Lagoon Bridges Replacement Project, part of an effort to improve rail infrastructure along the Los Angeles San Diego (LOSSAN) coastal rail corridor, began 24/7 about two weeks ago.

The $31 million project will replace four aging, wooden trestle bridges that cross the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon with modern, single-track, concrete structures.

Right now they're building a truck trail with orange plastic fencing where brush has been cleared on the east side of the railroad elevation that starts at the entrance to Torrey Pines State Beach. It looks as if the TPSB access to the trestle road is going to have K-rails on its eastern edge for the entire length.

Final Summer Twilight Concert
The Soul Persuaders
sponsored by the DMF

The Soul Persuaders
Sun, September 13, 4:00PM

The Zel’s Opening Act,
the Nate Donnis Trio
starts at 3:00PM

September Print Issue


Possible New Look for Print Issue
The Story Behind the Cover

Click on cover to enlarge.
The Editorial board decided to test out a different format with a redesigned cover for the print issue that highlights a featured story inside its pages.

What do you think?

Is this a welcome change?  Or should we revert to the more familiar format? Send us your feedback.

September Print Issue

Top Story

Climate Action Plan
We Can Step Up!
Shirley King
Click on photo to enlarge
Can the people in such a small city as Del Mar have any effect on something as large as our climate? Is a Del Mar Climate Action Plan a futile gesture with no perceptible impact? Or, can Del Mar, through the individual and collective actions of its residents and businesses have influence on the broader region? While we are a small community, we have a high density of people and businesses whose words and actions reverberate widely – a CEO who uses public transportation to commute to work, or a University Professor who has a solar water heater in her home or bikes to campus, or a restaurant that recycles food waste, can have significant impact on a large number of people.
September Print Issue


DRB Quality Control
+ Ad Hoc Redo - Pro and Con

It is important to know why so many citizens are aroused about the potential revision of Del Mar’s Design Review Ordinance (DRO). The DRO has been the most important quality control process in the development of our town’s character since the adoption of the Community Plan in the ‘70s. These quality controls not only result in our enjoyment of a unique quality of living but increasing property values that validate our careful review process.  more

Some pros and cons for the Ad Hoc redo:

Keep It - Dolores Davies Jamison
Start Over - Linda Rock

September Print Issue

Back Page

Back to the Drawing Board
Too Little About Too Much
Ann Gardner

Click on photo to enlarge
Draft plans for “The New One Paseo” got angry feedback from the almost 200 residents attending the August 19 Carmel Valley Planning Board workshop.
“I left my red (No On This One Paseo) shirt in the car. I wish I had worn it,” one said. Most expressed their frustration that the project was still “too large” (1.1 million square feet scaled back from 1.4 million) and still generated burdensome traffic (14,000 daily trips compared to 26,000 in the original) and no public transit. The successful referendum drive that derailed the San Diego City Council’s February 23 approval of the controversial development went unacknowledged in the swelling criticism. Only comments by Board members seemed to bring the dialogue back to providing input on what residents want.  more
September Print Issue
City of Del Mar
Means of Transportation to Work
   Number of Workers 16 years and over 2,340
   Car, truck, or van 71.4%
   Drove alone 66.0%
   Carpooled 5.4%
   In 2-person carpool 5.4%
   In 3-person carpool 0.0%
   Workers per car, truck or van 1.04%
   Public transportation (excluding taxi) 1.3%
   Walked 2.7%
   Bicycle 0.9%
   Taxicab, motorcycle, or other 0.0%
   Worked at home 23.6%

              American Community Survey 2013 U.S.Census

September Print Issue
Del Mar’s Sustainable Lifestyle
Resource Fair and Climate Action Plan
Open House

Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the Powerhouse - Resource Fair 6 to 8 p.m. - Presentation 6:30 p.m. - Light Refreshments Served

Resource Fair Participants: City of Del Mar - Coast Waste Management - San Diego Water Authority - San Diego Gas and Electric - Center for Sustainable Energy - The San Diego Foundation - Climate Action

Financing Energy & Water Efficiency Investments

September Print Issue
City of Del Mar
Recipient of Bronze Tier Award
in the 2015 iCommute Diamond Award

Click on photo to enlarge
The iCommute Diamond Awards recognize employers in the San Diego region who have made strides to promote alternative commute choices in the workplace. The program is based on a points system tied to employer involvement and shifts in employee commute choices.

Congratulations Del Mar
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Save the Date
Beach Cleanup
Scheduled for KAABOO Closing Day
DMF Special Events Committee

Sunday, September 20
1 to 3pm, Powerhouse
DM Foundation - Special Events Beach Cleanup with
the Del Mar Rotary, and L'Auberge

Kaaboo had also planned to partifcipate, but due to their other work schedules
has dropped out.
Save the date

"Plan Your Park” workshop
Sunday, October 18 from 2-4 pm
City of Del Mar
The second phase of the Shores Park Master Plan process will get underway with a “Plan Your Park” workshop on Sunday October 18 from 2-4 p.m.  The event will be held at the Winston School Auditorium at 215 Ninth Street.
Residents are encouraged to review the summary of public input gathered in phase one by going to the City’s website at  The website also has information about the Shores Advisory Committee (SAC), its agendas and minutes and an opportunity to sign up for all future notices regarding planning for the 5.3 acre site purchased by the City in 2008.  At the Workshop residents will get together to envision how and where potential park amenities could fit on the site.  Sample park designs that feature concepts favored in Phase One will be provided.  Preferences will be complied by the City’s Park Consultant Schmidt Design to develop three concepts for the next step.  The Master Plan is expected to be completed in winter 2016. 


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