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EDITORIAL: Del Mar Decides

Affordable Housing: Cracking the Conundrum: Part One: Where We Stand
Dwight Worden

Affordable Housing: Cracking the Conundrum
Part Two: What to Do

Dwight Worden

COMMENTARY: R a Measure Too Far
Dwight Worden
Note: Initiative supporters declined Sandpiper invitation to submit for this issue. They have promised a commentary for October.

Short Term Rentals Still Up In The Air
Ann Gardner

Recording Relief?
Shirley King

Multi-Faceted Gem:
Ashley Jones

Jeff Barnouw

A Fond Farewell and Thanks to Del Mar

Alan Rubin

Trolley Tripping
Arlene Lighthall

Family Gun Fun?
Gun Safety Group Questions Fair Board’s Aim

Rose Ann Sharp

WOOF: Tails from the Shores
Barley Gaylord

NCTD Not Bluffing
Nancy Fisher


Access to the Bluff

Drew Cady

Roving Teen Reporter:
Deciphering Dad

Leah Gans

Roving Teen reporter:
Humanities vs STEM

Lily Nilipour

What the Kids are Saying: Qualities of a Leader
James (10) and Liam (9)

Jim Benedict

Al Corti

Dave Druker

Ellen Haviland

Sherryl Parks

T. Pat Stubbs

Coffee, Music, Life

Shirley King

Commentary: Q UP
Claire McGreal

Commentary: Q Down
KC Vafiadis

DMF Column
Robert Gans

DMCC Column
Pat JaCoby


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September 2016

inside the October 2016 Election
Print Issue

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Readers' page

STRs: What are the goals?
Glenn Warren, 27th Street

I sympathize with Scott Renner’s views on short-term rentals published in The Sandpiper on September 21. The issue has been discussed extensively in workshops and Council Meetings and has been the subject of numerous letters to the Council. I believe Council inaction is due to the fact that while there is a consensus on the part of the Council that a problem exists, there is no agreement as to what the ultimate goal is. If it is to minimize the nuisance effects of short-term rentals such as noise, shortage of parking spaces, and littering, then effective regulation—to the extent regulation can be successful--is important. But if the goal is to maintain and enhance the “fabric” of neighborhoods and lessen the “intensity” of home use, regulation is not nearly as important as adhering to the spirit and, I would argue, the letter of the Community Plan and enforcing a ban on short-term rentals. This will more effectively deal with noise, parking, and trash issues.

I’m skeptical that this Council, despite the good will and collaboration among Council members that appear to exist, can come to a fundamental agreement as to goals. The Council election in November may serve as a referendum as to what the greater Del Mar community wants and allow the new Council to more effectively address the issue. I suspect, however, that on an issue of this significance, a community vote will be necessary. In the interim, I question the value of further discussion by this Council and the expenditure of taxpayer funds to obtain more information.
Candidate Forum

The City Council Chambers was THE place to be on Sept 30th at 6pm, as candidates for City Council fielded questions in a forum moderated by the League of Women's Voters, and sponsored by the City of Del Mar and the Del Mar Foundation.

The Sandpiper sent all City Council candidates a questionnaire designed to provide residents with specific answers to six key issues: 

  • Short Term Rental Businesses
  • Measure Q (1% sales tax increase)
  • The Citizen's Ad Hoc Development Review Committee
  • Measure R (voter approval required for certain developments)
  • The Del Mar Gun Shows
  • Augmenting Police Services
Questionnaire + Candidate Responses (PDF)
Click here
Pipe Up
Groundhog Day
Scott Renner and Family, Via Alta

First, let it be stated that I respect the individuals on the Del Mar City Council regardless of whether or not they agree with my position regarding STRs. I assume each council member serves out of a genuine desire to make Del Mar a better place. As I stated at last night’s meeting, they are up there, and I am not, doing the hard work in navigating this city forward during a time of community change. That said, I left last night’s discussion early (10pm) utterly frustrated that numerous previous council meetings, public input, a draft STRs ordinance based on this public input, a public workshop that was from my point of view indicative of the overall community feeling that STRs are an issue in our city, the implementation of a moratorium of new STRs in Del Mar, and a recommendation offering two options authored by Mr. Worden and Mr. Sinnott offering viable (albeit potentially difficult) paths for our city to implement, have  all occurred in an absolute time vacuum. It was as if none of the hard ground work had been done, and the council was meeting for the first time on this issue. In short, respectfully, there was no backbone demonstrated by our city council.

Discourse became the excuse for non-action. The threat of legal action (which will take place regardless) all of sudden became a flash point as if it had not been previously considered. The lack of statistics became a rallying cry for inaction; something to hide behind preventing any movement on this issue. I distinctly remember statistics being shared at the public workshop in June. In short, my council let me, and I believe our city, down Monday night by not acting on an issue that needs action. I can only hope that our future council will act, and act in such a manner that pays tribute to the past involvement, action, and public debate centered on STRs in Del Mar.

Del Mar Civic Center Groundbreaking Ceremony Monday, September 19th
To celebrate the next step of the construction of a new Del Mar Civic Center (City Hall/Town Hall), the City of Del Mar hosted a groundbreaking ceremony, on September 19 at 3:30 p.m. at 1050 Camino Del Mar.     details
Wearing hard hats the Del Mar City Council breaks ground for the new City Hall with golden shovels.  from left: Dwight Worden, Terry Sinnott, Don Mosier, Mayor Sherryl Parks, and Al Corti. 
Photo Bill Morris. 
Click on image to enlarge.
Deter Voter Fraud in Election
The Sandpiper urges residents to attend the Sept. 19 Council meeting, where we anticipate this will be on the agenda, to voice their support for strong Council action to deter voter fraud in our election.
If You Don’t Live Here,
You Can’t Vote Here!

Integrity of Del Mar’s Election at Stake

The Sandpiper has recently received copies of an email sent by the Share Del Mar Alliance, a special-interest group of owners and operators of short-term rentals (STRs) in Del Mar, urging non-residents who own STR properties to change their voter registration to Del Mar. The Alliance’s email walks non-residents step-by-step through the process for doing so online, listing their STR property address as their home address, and then listing their actual residence as their mailing address, so that these non-residents will receive a Del Mar mail ballot at their non-Del Mar home.

This recommended change in voter registration is not only illegal – voters are required to register in the precinct where they are actually domiciled – it is also indefensible. It is nothing less than a scheme to nullify residents’ votes. It creates an atmosphere of distrust and undermines faith in our election process. In a city as small as Del Mar, a small number of votes can alter the outcome of an election, as cited in the Red Dot submitted for the Sept. 6 Council meeting.

Red Dot + Retraction in pdf format

Can't Vote Here Text continued below

Pipe Up
Serious Tax Consequence
if you change your voter registration
to rental property
Larry Brooks, 9th Street

fyi - there is also a serious tax consequence for the non-residents changing their voter registration to their rental property.  The IRS requires that an owner not use rental property for their own purposes for more than 10% of the tax year.  Otherwise they lose the rental tax write-off.

I am not an attorney (thank God ;-) and not a tax person, but have to answer this question every year on my 1040 for a time share that I own and rent out.

Japanese Art of Bokashi Fermentation and Composting
A food scrap recycling workshop
LOCATION: Solana Center’s Eco Container at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on
Saturday, October 29th from 10am to 12pm.
$35 per person. Register at or (760) 436-7986 x700
DATE: Saturday, October 29, 2016
TIME: 10 AM-12 PM
FEE: $35 per person

Can't Vote here continued from above

The motivation behind this “voter fraud drive” is clearly spelled out in the Alliance’s email, which labels individual Del Mar Council members as STR “opponents” (Mayor Sherryl Parks; Councilmember Dwight Worden); “our guy” (Councilmember Terry Sinnott), and “swing vote in our corner, for now” (Councilmember Al Corti). The email states, “We’re losing one supporter (Don Mosier, who chose not to run again),” but reports as “good news” that two Council candidates “are more like-minded” and “open to our message” (T. Pat Stubbs and Jim Benedict). Under the heading “We Need Your Vote,” the email states, “The opposition is counting on the fact that many [short term rental] owners live (and vote elsewhere and we need to change this. We can. And it’s pretty easy.” It then (mis)informs Del Mar property owners that they can change their registration to vote in Del Mar elections, and adds, “This applies to out of state, out of county and out of country as well.” The Sandpiper calls foul on this advice, which is contradicted by California’s Election Code and is a clear call for voter fraud.

Voters can legally register to vote ONLY where they are domiciled, which California law defines as “the place where a person’s family is domiciled,” and not where he or she does business. The Red Dot cites other key sections of the Elections Code that give clear guidance as to what does and does not constitute a person’s domicile. We encourage careful review of those provisions by those tempted to change their voter registration to Del Mar without actually being domiciled here, along with careful consideration of the fact that voter registration applications are signed under penalty of perjury.

After the Alliance’s email received wide circulation in Del Mar and resulted in the Red Dot and public comment by former Mayor Jan McMillan at Tuesday’s Council meeting, the author of the Alliance’s email apparently recognized the legal precariousness of the call for non-residents to change their voter registration to Del Mar. On Sept. 8, the author sent out a follow-up email to “rescind and retract” the original email, further stating: “If you took any action in response to my email, please immediately take action to reverse, undo and rescind your action.” (This 2nd email is reproduced at the end of the Red Dot.)

This retraction is a welcome action, and the Sandpiper hopes it goes some distance to undoing the damage of the original email. However, since it doesn’t point recipients to accurate information about the domicile requirements for voter registration, we believe this issue needs wide publicity as we move toward the first contested Council election in years. Key ballot measures, such as the 1% sales tax

You Can't Vote Here in printable pdf format
September Print Issue
The Issues

The Issues

Editorial: Del Mar Decides - here
Affordable Housing: Cracking the Conundrum:
Part One: Where We Stand - Dwight Worden - here
Affordable Housing: Cracking the Conundrum:
Part Two: What To Do Dwight Worden - here
Affordable Housing: COMMENTARY:
R a Measure Too Far - Dwight Worden  
(Note:  Initiative supporters declined Sandpiper invitation to submit for this issue.  They have promised a commentary for October.)
Short Term Rentals:  Still Up In The Air - Ann Gardner - here
Gun Safety Gun Safety Group Questions Fair Board’s Aim
Rose Ann Sharp - here
Access to the Bluff   NCTD Not Bluffing - Nancy Fisher - here
Access to the Bluff Pipe Up - Drew Cady - here
Sales Tax Increase Commentary: Q UP - Claire McGreal - here
Sales Tax Increase Commentary: Q Down - KC Vafiadis - here

Candidate Forum
Thursday, September 29

City Council Chambers

Measure Forum
Wednesday, October 5

City Council Chambers

The City of Del Mar and the Del Mar Foundation will co-sponsor two upcoming forums moderated by the League of Women Voters of North County San Diego. A Candidate Forum, which will be held Thursday, September 29, 2016, will provide voters with an opportunity to ask questions of the City Council candidates. There will also be a forum on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, regarding the two ballot measures for consideration this year -- the “Del Mar Transaction & Use Tax” measure and the “Voter Approval Requirement for Certain Development Projects” measure.

The deadline to register to vote in any election is 15 days prior to the election (October 24, 2016 for the upcoming election). Persons interested in voting for these candidates in the November 8, 2016, General Municipal Election must be a resident of the City of Del Mar and appropriately registered to vote. You can register to vote at


September Print Issue
Affordable Housing Conundrum
Where We Are

Dwight Worden

Click on table to enlarge.
September Print Issue
What the Kids are Saying
Qualities of a Leader
James (9) and Liam (10)

Liam (on left) and James working as a team for this article.
Photo Carol Kerridge.
Click on image to enlarge.
As election time approaches, here are some qualities we think a good leader should have:

First, a leader should always be open-minded and know how to handle difficult situations. For example, he or she needs to know how to thoughtfully solve a problem. Some ways to thoughtfully solve a problem are to ask community members what they need or what they can do to help instead of just telling them what to do. This is a nice way to be open-minded because it gets a lot of ideas from a lot of people.

Next, a leader needs to look out for the whole town and be considerate of people’s needs, and should not tolerate bad sportsmanship. A leader should learn about what all members of the community want, and be kind and respectful in situations where people will be disappointed because they can’t get what they want. The rules should be good and fair.

Finally, a leader needs to be comfortable working together as a team. This way, instead of working alone, a leader could feel comfortable going to people’s houses to ask their opinion. Also, he or she would feel comfortable working with the whole City Council.

We hope that each of our elected leaders has all of these qualities.

September Print Issue
Six Candidates
In Their Own Words

Click on images to go to Candidate Statements
Jim Benedict
  All Corti    
Dave Druker   Ellen Haviland
Sherryl Parks   T. Pat Stubbs    
September Print Issue

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September Print Issue
Farmers Market turning 30!
Valerie Fanning | Forest Way

The Del Mar Farmers Market has been enhancing the lives of the Del Mar community by promoting a sustainable, healthful source of food and supporting the livelihoods of small acreage growers and local food producers for 30 years. This milestone will be celebrated during the month of September. Come and join in the celebration and enjoy the beautiful view and cool ocean breezes at the new location, 225 9th Street, Del Mar, CA. Saturdays, 1-4 PM.
Schedule of activities:

Saturdays, September 10th, 17th and 24th there will be a drawing for shoppers to win (1) a basket of market products, (2) a market shopping cart, and (3) mesh produce bags.

In addition:
Saturday, September 17th,
there will be a free “Pot a Plant” for the children from 1:30-2:30pm.

Saturday, September 24th, there will be a celebration with cake from the French baker.

New Vendors:
The Market has made a nice transition in the new location at the Shores. There are more tables and chairs for enjoying lunch, new vendors like Noodled – serving zucchini and sweet potato noodles with different sauces, Bistro Blends – providing olive oils and vinegars with orange, fig and many other flavors and lastly, The Cookie Lady – a sure favorite, and don’t forget the ocean view! Hope to see you in September!

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