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Tandem Travails:
Notes from a Stoker

- Steve Tarkington

EDITORIAL: Clean Energy Compromise

- Ann Gardner

Roving Teen Reporter:
Which Wheels?

- Sammy Hallal

Believe in the Burrito
- Unknown Walker

Best Practices
- Dolores Davies

Be there! 941
- Bud Emerson

No Bark Beetles in Survey
- Jeff Barnouw

Final Leg: Two Months to the Finish Line
- Don Mosier

Happy Birthday, Crest Rim!
- Linda Chisari

Del Mar Visionary: Joel Holliday
- Betty Wheeler

Voter Registration Factoids

Bigger Building
- Don Mosier

Peak Power Partnering
- Don Mosier

Who Pays What:
Proposed Settlement for Shutdown Costs

- Don Mosier

Farmers Market:
Chocolatier Tom Evans

- Jeff Barnouw

Wall or Not
- Julie Maxey-Allison

Thin the Herd
- Bud Emerson and
- Lee Haydu

Si Si Genesee
- Julie Maxey-Allison

Barnouw Bridge:
A new footbridge in River Park

- Ann Gardner

Hummingbird Hocus-Pocus
- Virginia Lawrence

There is Still Magic in this World
- Joanne Sharp

What Can We Do?:
Gun Regulations in Del Mar

- Dwight Worden

Commentary: Gun Show Board
- Rose Ann Sharp

DMF: Foundation Welcomes New Board Members
- Bob Gans

DMCC: March 2018
- Ashley Simpkins

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anti-Gun Show Demo
Photos Dolores Davies.
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A group of a North County residents showed their solidarity with students by protesting the March 17 Crossroads of the West Gun Show held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The group says the Fairgrounds should not be hosting the gun shows on state property, and wants them to stop. Several other CA counties, including L.A., now prohibit gun shows on public property.

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Pipe Up from Ann Silber
Avenida Primavera
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March Print Issue Front Page
Tandem Travails:
Notes from a Stoker
Steve Tarkington

Living in Del Mar and riding a bicycle go together. Nice scenery. A few climbs to get the heart pounding. That’s all good.

However, there are a few scary spots that also get the heart pounding that I would like to call attention to. I’m the “stoker” in the back of the bike, so the scary spots get magnified. And, as a seasoned cyclist (having ridden bicycles around the world), I know it is no contest between a bike and any other moving object: the bike is at risk.

A frequently used danger spot is where the railroad tracks cut across Coast Boulevard, between 15th Street and the Powerhouse. In theory, a cyclist should cross tracks at 90 degrees. This is not possible because according to Google Earth the angle of the street to railroad crossing is less than 30 degrees. To accommodate riders, the existing bike lane does an “S” jog that increases the angle to 40 degrees. In my opinion, that is still too narrow an angle to comfortably and safely cross. On our tandem, we need to travel into the traffic lane. A temporary fix would be to post a warning sign to cyclists; a more permanent solution would be opening the traffic lane to bikes with a sharrow, eliminating the narrow bike lane. Long term could be a rethinking and reconfiguration of the rail/vehicle intersection.

Another troubling area is on the south end of Stratford where many cyclists ride as an alternative to Camino del Mar, at the point where the street turns into a path and then intersects CDM. The pavement there has risen above the concrete path, creating a dangerous ridge. Solutions: grinding down the pavement and filing the cracks would make for a safer, smoother transition onto CDM: improving line of sight by trimming back the foliage would make the path and the intersection safer for both cyclists and pedestrians. Also, a warning sign on CDM would alert drivers, cyclists and pedestrians traveling south to possible cyclists entering from Stratford.

Let’s do what is needed to welcome cyclists to a bike-friendly Del Mar.

Steve is a long time Del Mar resident and rides on the back of a tandem bicycle with her husband Al Tarkington.

March Print Issue

Project 941 Proposal Meeting
Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) meeting
at City Hall on Jimmy Durante Boulevard
Wednesday, March 21 at 3pm.

Plan to attend an important meeting concerning the 941 CDM project, formerly known as the Garden Project, for the site at 10th and Camino del Mar.
The 941 CDM planners will unveil new design ideas at their second public Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) meeting at City Hall on Jimmy Durante Boulevard Wednesday, March 21 at 3pm.

This is the best opportunity for public input on a project which will be subject to voter approval required by Measure B for large developments in the central commercial district.

The changes from the previous voter-approved project are significant. Instead of office condos, it now proposes condominium hotel ownership and use along with commercial uses. What we see on the ballot will be the final product, so we will be limited to two choices, yes or no. By participating now we can influence the details of the project incluidng uses, parking, setbacks, height, density, and public benefits



from Union Tribune Press Release:

Breeders’ Cup provides powerful economic stimulus to local San Diego community through extensive employment opportunities and increased visitor and local spending

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 1, 2018) – The Breeders’ Cup World Championships, which debuted at Del Mar racetrack in 2017, generated $96.8 million in direct and indirect economic benefits for San Diego County, determined by a recent economic impact study by Sports Management Research Institute (SMRI). The results are the highest recorded for any prior Breeders’ Cup event and further emphasizeBreeders’ Cup as a major economic force with the power to stimulate the Del Mar and San Diego economies through tourism, local investments and activities.

The economic benefits of the Breeders’ Cup quantified in this study include:

*   ·         $57.8 million in visitor spending, including accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and more
*   ·         $27.2 million in track improvement investments for Del Mar racetrack, including both labor and material costs
*   ·         $1.3 million in staff and sponsor spending, exposing international corporations to local businesses
*   ·         $5.3 million secured in state and local tax revenues and $8.9 million secured in federal tax revenues

This positive economic impact is equivalent to the creation of an additional 736 full-time jobs in San Diego County. In addition, the 2017 Breeders’ Cup World Championships saw a 21.4% increase in on-track wagering from 2016, with the two-day on-track handle total amounting to $25.2 million.

Click here for full Press Release

March Print Issue
Main Page

Clean Energy Compromise

In January 2018, President Trump imposed a 30 percent tariff on solar panels, his latest body blow to the U.S. clean energy sector’s fast growing solar industry. The Sandpiper rarely comments on national issues; however, this latest action will have an impact on Del Mar’s efforts to embrace a clean energy future. The President said this was necessary to stem the tide in foreign imports of solar cells and modules which pose “a substantial cause of serious injury to domestic manufacturers.” The tariff is expected to cost 23,000 installation jobs in the solar industry nationwide in exchange for 4,000 jobs added to American companies that manufacture solar panels.

In a thoroughly globalized world, it’s questionable whether tariffs can truly be effective in propping up a domestic industry (in this case, solar panel manufacturing) that’s already shrinking. More importantly, any measure that curtails growth in solar energy installations—whether here or in Beijing—will only lead to an increase in pollution, and the harmful greenhouse gases that have already undermined the well-being of countless species, including us humans. More pollution means more extreme weather patterns leading to more 90 degree+ days, unstoppable wild fires, rising tides rising even higher, and devastating floods. Unfortunately this tariff is but one more strike among a multitude of relentless attacks by the Trump administration on our clean air, renewable energy and our coasts which are now open to drilling.

This disturbing state of affairs makes our efforts to embrace a clean energy future in Del Mar and California all the more critical. The negative impacts of climate change are happening right here. In 2016, Del Mar adopted its Climate Action Plan, and is now working—through its Sustainability Advisory Board—on implementing strategies to reduce fossil fuel use and expand our consumption of renewable energy. Our region has been impacted by devastating wildfires and Del Mar is now planning for the inevitable sea level rise that will threaten not only our beaches, lagoons and bluffs but essential roads and rail as well as public structures such as the Fire Station.

Everyone can and needs to be part of the solution to ensure that climate change trends don’t accelerate. You can fight climate change and support clean energy in a variety of ways: purchase an electric car, get solar panels installed on your roof (prices are still low!), and retrofit your home to make sure it’s as energy efficient as possible. You can also walk or bike instead of driving and vote for candidates who promise to implement policies that seriously address clean energy and transportation options.

March Print Issue
Back Page

Gun Show Board
Rose Ann Sharp

How many deaths will it take till he knows
too many people have died
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind
Bob Dylan - Blowing In The Wind

We in Del Mar have a unique opportunity to make a start toward curbing gun violence by demanding that the 22nd Agricultural District which runs the Fairgrounds live up to the state mandate to fairgrounds boards: whether or not a fair rents out its facilities for gun shows is a policy decision to be made by the fair board and their community. California Department of Food and Agricultural Memorandum, May 2, 2000.

Fair Board members are appointed by the Governor. If you agree that “too many people have died,” don’t blow the answer in the wind; take action and call the candidates for California Governor now. Get their commitment to remove those who allow gun shows from the 22nd DAA Board of Directors. Do it for your kids and for all those whom you love.

On June 5, the gubernatorial candidates will be selected in the primary. Find out now where each candidate stands on gun shows at state fairgrounds. Condition your contributions, your support, your vote on a commitment to appoint to the 22nd Agricultural District Board only persons who are pledged to end the gun shows immediately and to ask for the resignations of any current members who refuse to vote to end gun shows.

This year the March 17 gun show coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland; this is our time to drive out the guns shows from Del Mar, and hopefully from the state.

Del Mar wants to be a leader in sustainability efforts. Fighting man-made climate change is a worthy long-term effort. Fighting to sustain the lives of our school children and all the people we love against man-made death machines is something all of us can do right NOW.

The 22nd Agricultural District Board trades the safety of our school children and all those you love to make $113,000 PROFIT from its gun shows four times a year. It is time for the community to demand to be consulted about the policy to continue holding gun shows at the Fairgrounds. Guns don’t kill people, some say. Evidence is that people with guns kill people much more often and in far greater numbers than people without guns.

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