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Meet the Candidates
Dwight Worden

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My roots in Del Mar are deep, reflecting decades of work protecting Del Mar as a special place to live. As a Del Mar resident since 1981, former City Attorney, city committee and nonprofit volunteer, lawyer, and most recently as your councilmember and Mayor, I have championed resident priorities: honoring our Community Plan; lagoon restoration; a public vote on major downtown developments; downtown vibrancy; protecting our environment and open space; and removal of stored nuclear waste from San Onofre. I authored the Beach Preservation Initiative (BPI) which has protected our most valuable environmental asset for three decades. I support and am committed to our Climate Action Plan.
I have a proven track record finding practical solutions while respecting divergent viewpoints. I championed short term rental regulations that allow unlimited STRs in visitor zones and limited STR uses in residential zones to protect residential neighborhoods; improving our DRB process; completing our Civic Center on time and on budget; implementing streetscape; a balanced budget and strong financial condition; and fostering civility and respect in our decision-making.

My priorities include: Shores Park; safe, legal beach access across the tracks and ultimate removal of the tracks from the bluff; responsibly addressing sea level rise; fostering sustainability; mitigating fairgrounds impacts including traffic; meeting affordable housing mandates consistent with community goals; maintaining infrastructure through street paving and the like; and strong public participation in review of major development projects. I bring a “deep dive” approach to complex issues, will listen to all viewpoints, and remain committed to preserving the special residential character of our neighborhoods in everything we do.

I ask for your vote. In turn, I pledge to listen, be civil to all, and work hard for Del Mar every day of the four year term you entrust to me.


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